The Dialogue Pt. 1


I am blessed to be connected to some very powerful and true men of God.  Not perfect men, but true men, whom God has strategically placed to change the hearts of men, and to turn over the course of mankind.

I thought it beneficial to share exerts from a conversation, not identifying the speaker or speakers, but the pure sincerity and truth of the prophets God has waiting in the hills to rise up and take the stance for the Kingdom of God.  Come Holy Spirit on me

The original context of the dialogue steamed from a keen awareness that the community, not just the African American Community, but the Kingdom needing a developing and emerging wave of generals to pick up the mantle and also affect change in the course of our existence!

Speaker 1:  “We need a Prophet!”
Speaker 2:  “One that understand His call is to God first and the people second.”
Speaker 3:  “God has already sent a prophet, and a savior. We need to embrace the power  of what He’s already sent”
Speaker 1: “Yes!”
Speaker 3: “GOD said we have EVERYTHING we need to be successful in life and religion. He already gave it to us, we have to activate it.
Speaker 2: “In that, we must walk in the power of the Holy Spirit to defeat the establishment like Jesus”
Speaker 1:  “But the Holy Spirit is taboo, “mystical” at best!”
Speaker 3:  “By increasing our faith and an understanding of agape love the way God demonstrates it
Speaker 1: “activate” I say “surrender to” The Holy Spirit hasn’t been our guide for ages! We have the backpack and never call for the map (Dora)
Speaker 3: The Holy Spirit is fact. We are just scared to embrace it’s power
Speaker 1: “We want it’s power, but don’t have an appetite for righteousness!
Speaker 2: But the power lies in our faith and righteousness
Speaker 1: The Holy Spirit will give us wisdom, power and confidence to defeat the enemy, but it will also cause us to defeat and deny our flesh.
Speaker 3: We’re powerless without it
Speaker 1: It’s the combination of being selected through faith and seeking righteousness that will shine a light that is different and attractive.
Speaker 2: If the woman with the issue of blood was healed by her faith, why can’t a community with an issue of shedding blood be healed by our faith?
Speaker 1:  We have sunk into is masking and medicating problems.
Our country is not build on finding solutions, just dealing with the symptoms, and this has flowed over into our faith. We mask the problem by prescribing and taking things that make us seem healed as opposed to working to become well
Speaker 2: The symptoms cause the problems in our life but the cause (sin) is the only real cure.
Speaker 1: Wellness is faith, but it is also a decision to trust and to work towards what you believe to be true, applying the power and walking in discipline while you wait upon manifestation to occur!

(Discussion Continued)…

Join the discussion!  What are your thoughts and perceptions?  How can we Heal and Avoid Medicating?  Even more, when we will start taking what the Word prescribes, and not Self Medicating and Using Home Remedies?





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