Keep Your Throne! John 6:15


Then Jesus, because he knew they were going to
come and seize him by force to make him king,
withdrew again up the mountainside alone.
John 6:15

As your gift peaks its head above the surface, many of us are confronted with offers designed to delay and or destroy our destiny.  Here we find Jesus, walking in His purpose, being admired by those watching.  They are so impressed with His gift and or ability, that they want to make Him their King.

Of course the irony being, He is their King!  He is the King of Kings! The Lord of Lords!  He has a Kingdom, and He has a throne, but those watching and following have seen enough and want to anoint Him to be their King.

First, it is interesting that they scripture says they were going to “seize him by force.”  Though this seems impossible, many have found themselves seized and forced to do something that is against their will and better judgement.  How does this happen?  It occurs when one lacks a sound understanding of their purpose and calling.

Every Throne offered to you is not from the Lord!

Understanding His purpose allowed Him to flee the plans of man that would have taken Him from the course and purpose that God has willed for His life! I wondered to myself as reading, how many of us are sitting in “King’s Chairs” not willed for our life? In our quest for significance, could we be so determined to find a chair, that we are vulnerable to the custom made chair of the adversary, designed to make you comfortable and to keep you from your purpose?  If we are not careful, people will assign and reassign our gifts to suit their purpose.

Why do you Want to make Me King?

Jesus wasn’t just looking at “What”, but was asking “Why?”  He knew their purpose for Him as King, was one of personal interest, not love and respect. We like Christ must take a step back to gander a fuller perspective of the situation.  We must maintain awareness that people will cross our paths that do not love nor respect us, but see purpose and potential in the gift and power that is with us. Their attempt to place us in the Kings chair is not to follow us, but to harness what has been given to us in a way that allows them to benefit from what has been entrusted to us.  It’s hard to see a Throne as a place of harness, but when we are outside of God’s will, earthly Thrones will limit what we are capable of doing in God.

Man Made Thrones are Not a Promotion!

Jesus understood that the earthly promotion was actually a demotion that would keep Him from exaltation. See, God places people in power, and assign to each person a desired path and perfect will for their life. Oddly enough, sometimes that path ends in death, that leads to life, and personal sacrifice. Too many of us are eager for promotion, and seek it in such a way, that the adversary is able to use our ambition and desires against us.   Our goal of reaching the top can cause us to make mistakes along the way from a blurry set of lenses.  In that, our ambition can cause us to take the short cut to the top, as opposed to walking the prescribed path to significance.  There are no shortcuts!  Our commitment to God’s will must be such that we are willing to walk away and wait on the Lord to bring us into our promise.  We must fight the lion and the bear, slay Goliath, and spare Saul while waiting on our promise, trusting that the oil poured on us stems from the hands of one who will keep His covenant.

Flee from the Throne to the Throne Room!

kingschair2Before they could spring their plan into motion, Jesus headed for the mountains.  He wouldn’t allow the offer of Kingship to occur.  He wouldn’t bask in the moment, or bathe himself in the pageantry.  He wouldn’t allow it to get to a vote.  He wouldn’t allow Himself to have to say No!  He wouldn’t allow His ego to be stroked or stimulated.  He walked away from the crowds alone. 

What about you?  Would at least heard the offer?  Entertain the discussion?  Allow your egos to be massaged a bit, just a wee tiny bit?  Maybe negotiate the package?  Try on the clothes?  Sit in the chair?  Jesus would not!

He retreated to a quiet place to allow the moment to pass, and focused on the journey ahead.  He sought the Father and verified His course, determined to sit only on the Throne reserved for Him.  His benefit to the crowd was not remaining on earth, but returning to heaven.

What is our purpose?  Do you know who you are?  Are you sitting on a Man Made Throne?  Are you looking for Shortcuts?  Has Ambition caused your Vision to become Blurry?  Has Ego Taken control?

Sadly, alone is the best company on the journey towards purpose.  Following the path from God while Fighting the plans from others can lead to earthly success and heavenly failure.  Too many of us have neglected the plan God has for our life, chasing money and things, rewarding ourselves with prominence and misusing our gifts and talents to gain influence and positions.  Not Jesus!  He knew along the way, even His disciples would attempt to reroute Him.  But He remained on course!

Will you?  It might be a lonely journey, but fulfilling your purpose will being about peace and satisfaction that will surpass any earthly award offered. Close your ears to the crowd.  Listen to the Lord.   Stay in purpose. Walk in your calling.  Fulfill your destiny.



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