Is Everything Ok? 2 Kings 9:30-33 (Pt. 1)


Jehu approached Jezreel.  When Jezebel heard the news,
she put on some eye liner, fixed up her hair,
and leaned out the window.
2 Kings 9:30

It is interesting following the statements in the 9th Chapter, as Jehu encounters those whom the Lord has sent him to confront.  The family of Ahab is suffering from the influence of a marriage into an unholy alliance, forcing God instruct Jehu to remove the entire line.  Joram begins our dialogue, asking on 3 occasions, twice through messenger and one in person, “Is everything ok?”, and now we find Jezebel saying the same statement.

But first, Jezebel prepares herself to encounter the next King.  She goes through her routine, fixing her eyes, and hair, an then poses herself to catch the eye and hopefully the heart of the new King!  How convenient and how common.  See, Jezebel has no authority other than that which she is able to attach to.  Her real power lay in the power of her ability to control the one in control by her resourcefulness.   Queen-Jezebel

Yes, resourcefulness!  She used what she had!  Though using her resources improperly, she understood what she had to offer, and used it to control and entire kingdom, leading them away from the Lord.  Her influence so great, that the father and sons were under her control, repeating and reciting what she spoke, unaware they were not the ones in control.  Her plan was not to sleep herself to the top, but to sleep to keep herself as the top.  After all, it had worked before!

First, lets us acknowledge that the adversary has heard about you!  She knew about Jehu, what he had accomplished and what he had come into.  Long before he arrived, word had traveled through the kingdom.  Messengers had informed her that Jehu was on the rise, and was coming to take his place as King.

So, while he was approaching, she was preparing for him.  Yes, the adversary is preparing for you.  She dressed and prepared herself to look just like she believed Jehu would respond to. She was determined to seduce him into choosing flesh over spirit, unholiness over righteousness.  She offered him a different temple in which to worship, an alternate courts to enter with praise.

As he got closer, the rushed to get in position for him.  Yes, the adversary is in position waiting for you!  She leaned from the window, positioning herself to be seen by her new King, hoping that her angelic presentation would win his heart and cause him to be smitten by her looks, and thus vulnerable to her true intentions.

She was not interested in Jehu, only the power he had come into.  It might seem like Jezebel wants you because she has to interface with your flesh, to control you through your desires.  Oh the shame!  Too many of us (men and women) have fallen prey to the Jezebels in our path.  The adversary doesn’t want you, they want your position, and your power!  They stand prepared and positioned to keep us from carrying out the will of God, thus sacrificing His truth and purpose for a moment of pleasure.  What has Jezebel kept you from achieving?  Are you carrying out your purpose, or Jezebels purpose?






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