Is Everything Ok? (pt.2)


When Jehu came through the gate,
she said, “Is everything okay, Zimri,
murderer of his master?”
2 Kings 9:31

After finishing the previous verses, it culminates with one last question from Jezebel, the power behind the power. “Is Everything okay?” Jezebel asks?  She question, more a statement, in that she knew the havoc she had caused, and had heard the word of the prophet Elijah, and now Elisha as well as the reports of the messengers about the death of Joram and Ahaziah.

Testing the waters with her lips, which had been prepared for this next strategic battle with another man of God, she questions like the serpent, as if to ask, “did God really say?”  Her words are staged to cause him have doubt about following through with God’s instructions.

What I love about the passage is that she encounters him not when he gets in the same room with her, but she leans out the window and catches him as he comes through the gate!  Queen-Jezebel

This lead me to ask the question “when does warfare begin?   Many of us don’t realize that the war has begun.  We are waiting to stand face to face with the adversary, building up to a mighty showdown, and we are unaware that the adversary began undressing us at the gate.  Small aggression’s, designed to disarm us, peeling off our armor and weakening us before the face to face confrontation occurs.  We enter the gate filled with His power, determined to carry our His purpose and to fulfill the assignment given to us, and little by little, one word at a time, we are disarmed.  Where did you loose the battle?  At the gate!  I think of the students testing, the boxer in the ring, the saint chasing righteousness and realize that the battle is often lost before is ever fought.  It’s the small piece of doubt that is able to topple the mission.  

“Is everything ok?” she asks?  Looking innocent I  would assume.  Presenting herself as harmless, her words soft and sweet, lacking the edge the contained with Elijah.  She spoke to him in a melodious tone, grabbing his ear in an effort to bridle the passion in his heart.  And then took her first jab to keep him at bay, “Zimri, murderer of his master?” she says.  Jezebel, the crafty one shows that she is more than her physical appearance, revealing knowledge and whit to position herself for power.  Zimri was only King for 7 days, after taking the life of the King Elah from the instructions of Jehu.  Jezebel wanted to plant a seed of doubt in Jehu, letting him know that becoming King and remaining King was not contingent on killing the King or his family.

Her words offer him an alliance with one who has been in power and has influence; Jezebel.  As the sitting leader, Jezebel as a partner could prove a powerful tool and partner in maintaining his new position as King.  This is a trick of the adversary.  The assignment of Jehu is not to become King, but to restore the Kingdom to holiness through returning to worshiping only Yahweh and not Baal.  She wants to take his mind off the purpose of God placing him in the position and get him consumed with getting and maintaining himself in the position.  Yes, if Jezebel can get him focused on the power of the position instead of the power of the Lord, the adversary wins, even if her life is taken.

It is funny how the influence of the adversary works!  Eager to call out the actions of another, but not willing to own up to their own actions.  “Is everything ok?” she ask in reference to herself, but is eager to vocalize the actions of Zimri.  Crafty she is.  What will Jehu do?  What will you do?  What have you done?  Win the battle at the gate!  And remember, the power in the position and the time spent in the position is not dictated by man, but by God who places rulers in authority, and allows longevity those who continue to serve and worship him and determine not to lead God’s people astray.




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