“Is Everything Ok? (pt. 3)


He looked up at the window and said,
“Who is on my side? Who?”
Two or three eunuchs looked down at him.
2 Kings 9:32

Probably favorite part of this passage!  Jezebel has player her hand, and quite well I might add.  She has placed all her cards on the table, and waited for Jehu to make a move!  The adversary is bold.  He plays a game, leveraging odds, often placing us in positions calling for a quick decision that will determine the match.

Jehu now knows that Kingship is within his grasp, but from Jezebels statement, understands that the Kingdom might only be his for a short spell.  Her plan is to convince him that she will work with him to control and lead the kingdom, solidifying his throne through the combination of his assignment and her influence.

Jehu pushes all his chips in the center and calls her bluff.  He says, “Who is on my side?”  Later, he might have stated, “If God be for me…” or maybe, “What God has for me..”, but in this moment he simply says, “Who is on my side?”  A question for us, “Who is on our side?”

This is something we often get confused.  Confusion is a killer of Covenant!  Clarity is key to Keeping Covenant!  The adversary, through words and appealing to our flesh is able to convince us that the one on our side is him.  And while it is true that the adversary is willing to stand by your side each step of the way, we must understand that he does not have our best interest at heart.  He is only positioning himself to steal, kill and destroy.

Queen-JezebelJehu says, “Who is on my side?”, and before Jezebel could answer, as though she would, he followed up with “Who?”  Yes, this is a rhetorical questions.  Jehu affirms to her that he is well aware that the throne is his not because she offered to help him rule in it, but because God had already given it to him.  He was King the moment God declared it to be, not the moment man acknowledged him to be what God had declared him to be!  The power to take the throne was given to him by the Lord, and not a lord!

We too must understand that God is with us.  He has sectioned off a place for you to rule, but you must walk with him into the thrones of life, and not offer the right and the left to those who will take from you the ability to rule as righteous, bringing glory and honor to the Lord.  Obtaining the throne isn’t enough, the goal is to restore the Kingdom of God to holiness and pure worship.  Too many of us are settling for the throne, and forgetting the Kingdom mission we have be assigned to!  It’s time to reset the Kingdom, and to remove the influence of Jezebel from the throne! Tear up the deals!  Break the covenants!  Walk away from the contracts!  Realign with the Lord and don’t look back!  Jehu would not look back as we will discover.

Lastly, I love that the King has placed around Jezebel, Eunuchs.  And while the goal was to keep people from accessing the resources of Jezebel, he aided the Kingdom and Jehu by having men around her that could not and would not fall for her manipulation. Her charm and physical appeal would not get a response.  And though the text says the looked down upon Jehu, it was only their physical position, because they would respond to the commands he would issue.  God placed them in position to watch Jezebel in action, without encountering her resources, so that when it was time to act, they were able to aid Jehu in his cause. We can rest assured that God will provide all of our needs.  He will place people in position that will acknowledge us, and will receive us as the man or woman of God He has called us top be.





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