“Is Everything Ok?” (Pt. 4)


He said, “Throw her down!”
So they threw her down and,
when she hit the ground, her blood
sprayed against the wall and he horses,
and Jehu drove his chariot over her.
2 Kings 9:33

Jehu, restates to Jezebel in verse 32, I’m already a partner, under covenant agreement!  God is on my side, thus my need for you to help me obtain the throne and maintain the throne is none!  He looks not the hills, but to the window Jezebel seductively leans from and speaks not to her but the Eunuch!  I love this!  There were no more words for Jezebel!  I don’t need you!  We don’t belong together!  You will not use me!  You will not manipulate me!  I know who I am!  He is certain that He is in God’s will, and that He is working all things for His good!

He tells the Eunuchs, “Throw her down!”  Not “Bring her down!”  “Throw her down!”  I thought to myself, we need a Throw Down Spirit in our lives and in our churches!  We escort the devil around too much!  We involve ourselves with dialogue with the devil too much and allow ourselves to be convinced and persuaded by his arguments, but not Jehu!  Jehu said, “Throw her down!”  We aren’t going to play with her!  She has destroyed our church and harmed our people and our prophets!  “Throw her down!”  We must stand tall and walk in the authority that God has given us and realized, there are something we can cast out with our tongues, and others we will have to physically cast out with our strength!   There are some mountains you can cast with your faith, and others you are going to have to extend your hands and push aside!

What is great about his command to the Eunuchs is that they not only heard but they listened!  They were obedient!  He said “Throw” and the word says, “So they threw!”  Where would you be if you listened to the instructions of the Prophet?  That Word that was given to you years ago that you received as advice and not a direct order.  God said throw, and you couldn’t bring yourself the cast out the thing that was harming you!  Where would you be if you had just “threw?”   Obedience is everything!  Not only were they obedient, but they didn’t ask questions.  It is amazing how we ask a million questions when God instructs, and have immediate action when the flesh beacons!

Queen-JezebelThis was no push or even a toss!  They picked her up and with force launched her to her death!  After they “threw” her, “she hit the ground” and “her blood sprayed against the wall and the horses”  Though the focal point is the hitting and the spraying, I first thought about the fall.  When she was falling from her position, I considered all the things that need to fall in my life and those around me.  What in your life needs to be cast to the ground?  We are eager to cast our cares, but are slow on release with our strongholds!  When you “throw”, you must fully release the things in your life that are harming you so they can die!  They must fall!  And not only fall, but there blood must be spilled!  They must be sacrificed!  The life must be drained from them so they can no longer have power in God’s Kingdom!  We allow things to hang around to much, and thus we find ourselves always on the boarder of bondage!

But not Jehu!  Jehu not only watched her fall, hit, spill, but “drove his chariot over her!”  He made sure she was dead in her trespasses!  What do you need to drive over?  What is it that you have such respect for, that even in its deceased state, you hold it in high enough regard to treat it as holy or sacred?  When you identify and deal with the Jezebel in your life, don’t pay it honor, render to it what it is due!  Roll over it and display your victory and walk on in authority!  The word says after rolling over her, he sat down to eat!  And while he ate, the dogs and scavengers had their way with her body!   Praise God!  The things that God deliver us don’t deserve a proper burial, their broken strong hold should be displayed for the world to see that they might have victory and walk in power!




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