You’re King, But I AM! (2 Kings 9:6)


So Jehu got up and went inside.  Then the prophet
poured the oil on his head and said to him,
“This is what the LORD God of Israel says,
I have designated you as king
over the LORD’s people Israel.’
2 Kings 9:6

I am continually inspired by the 9 Chapter of 2 Kings, which features Jehu, an eventual King receiving instructions and taking action.  In the 6th verse, we find key words for Jehu, ones that have been spoken in some way to each of God’s servants in some form or fashion.  The young Prophet (who is nameless) tells Jehu, “I have designated you as king over the Lord’s people Israel.”  

worship-fastYes, carefully crafted in the message delivered to Jehu is information that is key to not just becoming king, but remaining king and being effective as king.  But I fear Jehu as many before him, and many to follow, hear the first portion and not the last.  The portion that often unseats those God has chosen is forgetting who the people belong too.  Though given authority and leadership, we must all remember, “You are King, But He is God!”  Better stated,  You are king, But He I AM!  He is the one in control!  The ever existent one who places people in authority, and removes them without consultation or permission is the one that has sent to message to uninstall Ahab and install  Jehu as though they were APPs on a smart phone.  It’s just that simple!

We learn to much from the order spoken to Jehu in his calling to be King from the Prophet.  Our submission as ones in authority first comes from the one who placed us in authority, and allows us to act with authority.  Even a King is Submitted to God.  Everyone is subject to authority.  We are placed over and called to lead that which does not belong to us.  It’s not even ours on loan!  It’s not on layaway.  It’s not lead to own!  It’s not even a partnership, it’s an assignment. 

Not only do the people belong to the LORD, the King does.  Not just in title and deed, but in designation from lineage.  The King is not a contract worker waiting for a 1099.   He is an employee that God has raised from the ranks to lead His people.  Furthermore, though called out from them to be King, Jehu was one of the LORD’s people. Sometimes this is lost in the translation.  As leaders and position holders, we forget that we too are sheep (often operating without a Shepherd)!  We are just as imperfect as the people we lead, but have the responsibility of being the eyes and ears that keep the people headed towards God.  We are watchman, that feed, and protect those God has chosen, keeping them not only from danger, but in pastures that allow them go grow closer to Him.  Thus our relationship and our discipline must remain focal points, and while others might stray, it is our responsibility to remain fully submitted and obedient.

And a reminder to Jehu, and all of us; just as quick as authority is given, it can be taken.  The length of his reign, as with others, would be determined by his obedience to the LORD, not his networking with others.  As he had seen, Ahab and Jezebel had the network of networks, and were being removed from office because of their lack of dedication to the LORD and by leading the people of God astray having them worship other gods.





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