Fight For Him; He will Fight for You!


You will destroy the family of your master Ahab.
I will get revenge against Jezebel for the shed
blood of my servants the prophets and for
the shed blood of all the LORD’s servants.
Ahab entire family will die.  I will cut off every
last male belonging to Ahab in Israel, including
even the weak and incapacitated.
2 Kings 9:7-8

We continue journeying through the 9th Chapter of 2 Kings.  The 7th & 8th verse feeds us with a powerful message from the Lord’s Prophet.  He instructs Jehu to “destroy the family” and then continues that He (Yahweh) would “..get revenge,” concluding that He would remove any trace of Ahab from the face of the earth.

It is first amazing that God would use Jehu in such a capacity.  The initial battle we see for Good and evil is a show down of prophets, Yahweh against Baal, with God emerging victorious for all the world to see.  Yet in still, Jezebel and Ahab stay the course of disobedience, while God’s prophets, though victorious regroup.  We find Elisha now at the helm, but not squaring off with King and Queen.  This time, God sends a soldier!  A man of War!

Point One:
Listen to the Prophet & Be Obedient His message.

Ahab and Jezebel had a change!  Yes, the first attempt was to bring peace through his prophet, by a word of correction and redirection.  Though many false prophets lost their lives, they King and Queen were left in place with a choice to make.  But once the two remained in rebellion, God prepares a bold warrior to walk into the face of disgrace and restore honor to the throne. justice

Has God sent you a message?  I dare say that God is constantly speaking to us.  Be is a song, a sermon, a stranger, a servant or even a blog; God is delivering His Word to His people.  This word is designed not to destroy us, but to aide us on our journey, steering us from the wide path to the narrow path.  The question to us all, “Why remain in rebellion?”  Surely we understand that the message is not a coincident!  Ahab and Jezebel not only heard a message but had the power of God displayed and their lives spared by the eternal one, and still chose to continue in rebellion!  ARE WE NOT SIMILAR?  It is not just enough to hear the word of the prophet, we must head the word of the prophet.  It was specifically crafted for us.  Filled with medicine to open our ears that we might be able to return to favor and fruitfulness in the Kingdom.  We must Be Obedient to His Message.

I felt for Elisha after reading this.  After all his labor and sacrifice, the two targets remained with hardened hearts.  Maybe this was the back drop of the source of his depression and discouragement?    I thought of the many true prophets that stand each Sunday and reading about the rash of suicides we have seen over the last few years and felt compassion for the true warrior of the Lord.  Those whose deliver the Word as given, not catering to the tingling ears of the people or falling into this entertainment driven culture designed to make stars and disciples.  After calling fire from heaven, outrunning a chariot and slaying almost 500 false prophets, the results of his labor was continued rebellion!

Point Two
Since rebellion was there choice, God wrote and issued a resolution!  

Be it resolved, that the continued disobedience of Ahab via
corrupted by Jezebell has led to the loss of life at the hands of my
servant Jehu.  Ahab’s offspring will be removed from the earth,
while his wife will be devoured by dog’s, receiving a burial
worthy of her life on this earth.

You like I probably thought, “The Whole Family!”  As a matter of fact, he said even the “weak and incapacitated” ones.  The ones that are no threat.  The ones that can’t defend themselves.  The ones that are a non factor.  He instructs Jehu to rid the nation of any existing family members of Ahab.  They would no longer have access or be an option for the throne, nor would they be poison to the camp by spreading discord and encouraging disobedience from the people of God.

They were completely removed because they were openly disrespectful and resistant to the Lord their God!  Even as family members, we are responsible to know the God we serve.   This serves as notice to us!  We are eager to look at how God favors those who are obedient, but rob ourselves by not acknowledging that this same God is able to carry out wrath on all that choose to challenge and to mislead.  This God says that it is better to tie a millstone around your neck if you mislead his children.Jehu

Point Three:
Thy Shall Know the Lord Thy God!

This just in, you Shall Have no Other God!  That includes Kings!  His choice to disrespect and be disobedient is not justification for doing like wise.  Baal is not an option, even if Ahab and Jezebel decide to follow him.  We must declare, “As for me and my house!”  We must study to show ourselves approved!  We should try the Spirit by the Spirit.  We must hide the word in our hearts!

Each man shall be held accountable for his own actions!   Daniel highlights this clearly!  As we see with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, we are held responsible first to our God and not to please our earthly Kings.  This is a pit many of us fall into.  Somehow we believe that the rule and laws placed on earth out weight what God spoken.  God’s law supersedes all rule, laws and regulations, holding us to a standard far higher than the ones set in any environment.  This standard of God should make all of us compliant, seeing as though the standard we seek is one of perfection to bring glory and honor to our Lord!

Point Four:
Remember Your Assignment

All that to conclude something very important.  God says, “You will destroy” and “I will get revenge!”  God is very detailed in this assignment, informing Jehu that his portion was not to get revenge or to act as one taking revenge, fighting the battle for, or bringing to justice Ahab or Jezebel!  That Job was the Lords!  Remember your Assignment!

Many times we can get drawn into a battle that doesn’t belong to us, immersing ourselves into circumstances, and making personal a fight that is not our own.  In these cases, we can find yourself acting or responding in the flesh; taking something that is righteous and tainting  it with our humanity.  What we consider to be just will always be marred by our emotions, flawed judgement and personal desires.

Point Five:
All In Due Time

I love that God specifies why Jezebel will reap her reward!  He says, for My Prophets & My Servants!  Anyone who stood up for righteousness!  Anyone who wouldn’t bow!  Anyone who wouldn’t compromise!  Anyone whom she devoured with her evil and wickedness!  Anyone she mistreated…….   Anyone who was for me!  If there blood was shed, I will ensure that her blood is spilled, and that she might not be matre or honored, I will deny to her a proper burial.  And as dog’s eat the scraps from the masters table, I will serve Jezebel as scraps to the dogs.

Still thinking about the person that wronged you?  All in Due Time!  God has not forgotten.  He will restore you and repay to them for making the mistake of touching the one God has laid His hands on.  You are!  We are in covenant with the Lord.  The one that touches the hair on your head without an permission will suffer at the hands of the Lord and not at your hands or even at your own expense!  God allows you to trust Him as one that carries out justice, so you don’t have to fight or lash out at those that have offended.  Smile and move on.  Know that Jehu is on the way!  If you fight for Him, He will fight for you!



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