It’s Within Reach


Now Joram had been in Ramoth Gilead with
the whole Israelite army, guarding against
an invasion by King Hazael of Syria. 2 Kings 9:14

The powerful accounts of verses 14 and 15 leave us with much to consider.  The passage shows the first focal point of Jehu’s journey to king.  Joram; fresh from the battle front in Ramoth Gilead is now retreating to Jezreel.  The fight with Syria has left him injured and needing a place to heal from the battle front.

God Placed Joram in Position

Though Joram may believe that his journey to Jezreel is to heal from his wounds, God has placed Jezreel in reach so that it is an option for him to retreat to.  While he sat with his team trying to figure out how to gain access, and how to carry our his assignment, God was responding to his obedience and the support of his team by aligning things in his favor.pointgun

Jezreel is important not just because of the prophecy, but because it pulls the king away from the army.  Furthermore, it removed Joram from the city, thus while the trumpet was sounded and the shouts of Jehu as king were declared, they would not be heard by Joram.  Jehu was left with the entire army, and thus was able to amass support from the soldiers present.  This because the entire army was in position defending the land against Syria, thus the King retreated to heal in a safe place with a small number of soldiers and officials.  An assignment for Jehu that possible seemed out of reach or impossible, with the wave of Gods hand, now become likely and achievable.

God Place Jehu in Position

I love this in that Jehu was an officer.  While others might be unaware that Joram has moved from the camp to a private local to recover, Jehu’s position gives him access!  God will place you in position to pursue your destiny!  He had insider information that allowed him to plan effectively and to position his team to accomplish the assignment.

We must understand that we are all playing our role in God’s plan.  Syria is used to injure Joram, and now serves as a distraction to hold the soldiers in position to make Joram visible for Jehu!  Can you see Joram?  God uses those called by His Name to bring about His will, all while directing and allowing others to participate in bringing about His purpose.  They need his permission, and the granting of his permission means that it is a component of His mission.

Changing the Odd

Sometime the calculating of the odds can cause us to delay what God has spoken!  If He spoke it, it is done, but must be accomplished.  It would seem that we can wait for it to come to past, but it coming to past requires us to move towards what is to come.  We must be obedient to the Lord despite the odds, knowing that God is working on our behalf.

Moving Closer to Jezreel is closer to Joram

As you move closer to Jezreel, Joram will move closer to you!  By putting together a plan, and by executing the plan, Jehu was able to walk right into his destiny.  Much of why our dreams remain out of reach is that we are either not willing or not confident enough to execute the plan for our future.  Knowing God is with us should give us the confidence to not only start our journey but to complete our assignment.

We must believe that it is within reach.  You can do greater things that you imagine.






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