Undercover Boss


Our focus for today was drawn from Hebrews 2:16-18.  It highlights the purpose and method out Lord used in restoring a right relationship with Him his being the perfect sacrifice. Though this is the focus, important things are highlighted int the passage that are helpful to us as both believers and leaders.

Verse 16 informs us that He came to aid us, and etched into verse 17 is how and why!  


17 Therefore, in all things He had to be made like His brethren, that He might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God, to make propitiation for the sins of the people. 

Jesus became like us, wrapping himself in flesh.  His aim, to be merciful and faithful!  The One filled with mercy, the One who honors His covenant and His Word.  The One who is the definition of mercy and faithfulness enters the world in flesh not only to die for our sins, but that He might continue and become even more merciful and faithful!  Yes; He went undercover!  Much like the television show, God left His throne and but on flesh to experience the world like His creation.  He walked among us to gain a better understanding of His product , it’s flaws and its lack of performance.  He allowed himself to be tempted not to show only how we can avoid and overcome, but that He might gain a better understanding as to why we fall short.  He understood that He needed to experience life from our vantage point and through our lenses to help Him get closer to us, and to better see how to serve us.  He walked among us that He would be even more understanding and sensitive when speaking on our behalf.  He didn’t want to be a standard court appointed attorney, but wanted to intimately know the case of mankind as He interceded on our behalf.  Verse 18 continues:

18 For in that He Himself has suffered, being tempted, He is able to aid those who are tempted

Yes, Jesus was tempted!  He suffered!  He denied himself!  He experienced life!  And was without sin!!  This qualifies Him not only to judge, but to give further direction and guidance to us.  

This it is amazing how many of us in effort to distance ourselves from sin become judgmental and solitary from the sinner (as though we are without sin).  If God who was perfect could humble himself and walk amoung flawed man, I’m confused as to how we are different are better than He.  It is amazing how we have not only been tempted but have yielded and experience the poison of sin, and the. Claim not to have been bitten once Christ has extracted the poison and saved our life!  
It was His walk among us and His victory over sin that makes Him not only the perfect sacrifice but the perfect High Priest!   And likewise, our lives (our failures and out victories) make us the perfect sacrifice.  The perfect testimony.  The perfect intercession.  The perfect accountability partner.  The perfect counselor.  The perfect teacher and the perfect preacher!  The our our life, we wrapped in this flesh can identify with all others who have the challenge and privilege of living in this flesh!  

If God worked to be more merciful and faithful, shouldn’t we.  Here He is honoring Hos covenant and just to judge us, and He is seeking a way to understand and serve us better.  He’s not only working to restore the covenant, but is working to help us carry out our covenant responsibilities.  He’s perfecting the covenant by dying for our sins, and making himself the perfect high priest to intercede for us.  He dies for our sins and then positions himself to defend us when we disqualify ourselves!  Who keeps their end of the covenant and then defends the one who breaks the covenant!  Only God!  Thank God he went undercover! 


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