We know Who’s behind it! Now Who will get in Front of It?


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities,
against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, 
against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:12 

Another shooting!  As we worshiped, someone we missed hatched a plan to further  carry out their anger, frustration and displeasure by attacking Police Officers in Baton Rouge.  As our praise made a sweet smell in the nostrils of our God, the powerful aroma from the spark of gun powder rested upon a community.  As our cries for mercy, deliverance and favor reached the ears of our Lord, civilians and family members of officers wailed as their greatest fears manifested.   Our hands waiving, as tears crawled down our face, mirrored the tears of spouses, children, parents and siblings, as God counted each one.  His heart broken, as He watched His creation commit a sin against its own kind. 32495_all_007_13-sharing

We are ministered to by Media Ministries (divided into two denominations {Democratic & Republican}), one of the most powerful ministries, supported by a full cast of preachers and prophets, whom encourage confusion, support and repeat ignorance, placing before us calls towards unholy action, then standing while hiding its hand as un-moral acts are committed.  Our frustration further stirred by its members, Public Perception, who are armed only with the twisted messages from Media Ministries pulpit.    Gossiping in the Facebook parking lots, and spreading distorted messages of hate and intolerance as learned from its teachers.

Now we stand, suffering from the poisoning and perversion of modern day super apostles, who have taken once again what was given to bring peace, leveraged to breed hate and bigotry.

So now what?

Either we will listen and follow the Gospel of Jesus, or continue to soak in the Gospel of Media!

And right now, I’m afraid of what the masses have developed a taste for.

What is scary?  The world and believers seem to have a taste for the same thing!  A friend spoke of his disappointment of society, to which I responded, “There’s nothing wrong with the world!  They are supposed to behave like this!”  We are the disappointment!  

witnessesI began stating, “As we worshiped, someone we missed hatched a plan!”  Yes, we missed! This was someone’s neighbor!  Blindly, I would guess that a believer stayed within 4 doors of Him, with the message of Love, Peace, Justice and Forgiveness that could have prevented today’s tragedy.  Shamefully, that person probably attended worship (hence the beginning dialogue) as this man and possibly others armed themselves with the wrong weapon and took lives of those serving the public.

Our focus scripture gives us a truth.  One that must remain our focus as we fight and to remain; rather fight to come together as one body.  There is a spiritual battle going on, not a battle of races, or of citizen verses Police Officers.  This battle is good verses evil.  It pits the will of the prince of the air, verses the will of the LORD!   Soldiers are a masses to bring about the desires of their kingdoms King, and by visual, it seems that we have (believers) lost our focus.  We are expanding the Kingdom with acquisitions, and not with salvation, shifting members like manipulated corporate numbers, and being satisfied with smiling fooled investors! 

There you have it!  This is an earthly battle, fought between two Kingdoms.  And many of us are Prisoners of War, either unable to fight or unwilling to advance, ignoring direct orders.  Worthy of a dishonorable discharge, we remain enlisted through His covenant of love, trained and retrained by His long suffering! baptism

He beacons to us, via His true Prophets, Bishops, Apostles, Teachers and Pastors to face the adversary, knowing that we are victorious and able to do all things through the power works within us, leaving us void of fear, and organized via a sound mind, and temple that has been set aside to give him glory with our existence.  We are called not to stand for something, but to stand for Him!

Church, it’s time!  We know who’s behind this!  Now we must ask, Who will get in front of this?

Private Question Shared Pt. 2


I was told I would have to write a part two to Private Question Shared, and this was correct.

To make the point of the question clearer,

1. How can one identify with an owner who has lost a dog, and not identify with a person that has lost their loved one?

In the recent case of Mr. Castille, both the girlfriend and the daughter watched their loved one, not only shot, but die in their presence, while still being addressed with the same weapon that took his life.   Why is it difficult for one to have sympathy for them, as they would the dog owner? 

In the case of Mr. Sterling, a mother and children faced their worst fears.  Breaking down after seeing video footage played over and over again as he too was shot and bled to death (for those keeping score, he had a gun in his pocket).   Why is it possible to make comments about her statements that he was a good man, husband and father by posting his criminal record; basically calling her a liar and or poking fun of her situation and circumstances?

And honestly, don’t we all have a relative or friend who we would describe the same with all their flaws?  Haven’t we all sat at funerals and listened to people describe the best of a human being and not mention a flaw or dwell upon their mistakes?  And don’t we listen and shed tears and even agree with them?

In the case of Mr. Braziel, whos family stood feet away from his lifeless body after he was shot.  Filled with pain and disbelief, they stood trying to make sense of the situation and dealing with the knowledge that their loved one was gone.  How is it possible to not identify and feel remorse for his family, despite your thoughts on his actions? 

2.  How can one not be outraged when watching a
video of a human being bleeding to death
(innocent or guilty) and be ready to protest when a dog is killed?

As an animal lover, I get it.  We love our pets.  They become a part of the family and bring lots of love and purpose to our lives.  Having said this, we are human beings.  Our lives are all valuable.  We are all a part of the same world, and if you don’t care for that specific human, much like a fellow owner, you still have remorse and sympathy for the person that is grieving their loss.

3.  If saying I felt threatened wasn’t a good enough
excuse when the officer shot the dog, why was it
good enough after shooting a human being?

When reading the comments, people were able to identify with the dog.  This is most likely because they have spent time with dogs and thus felt they understand them (which is another but good conversation).  Those commenting understood why the dog was angry and became hostile, and though showing aggression, was still seen as harmless and with good intentions.  Why was this not possible when watching a video of a man selling cds or a man who was a licensed carrier who reached for his identification?

And in this video story, the department actually apologized, even though no wrong was committed, by sending a representative out to the family.  Why aren’t people outraged when there is no apology or sympathy to these families, but justification of the actions of the perpetrator?

I know all the facts aren’t in on the cases, so innocence or guilt can not be determined.

What I am asking is about your views and thoughts on the sanctity of life in general.

Are there some that believe that a dogs life is more valuable than a black life?
or are we: Are we void of compassion?
Blinded by Racist teachings?
Entrenched in Politics to deep?
Void of respect for Human Life?
Measuring the value of ones life by their past?







Private Question Shared


Today I have enjoyed a good dialogue with a friend of mines. The question was asked, why are black people so angry?  I will share my expression with you.  Your comments and thoughts are very welcome.

As a black male, I was silent, but upset  last year.

A video was posted where Cops, who were serving a warrant to arrest an alleged Criminal (apparent bank robbers I believe), arrest a Citizen (black man) who was filming things with his cell phone.  The Cops handcuffs the Citizen and lightly touch him up a bit.

The dog barks first, and then hops out the car.   The dog charges; is called off by the Citizen (and is obedient), but lunges one last time.  The Cop, in fear for his life, unloads into the dog, killing him in front of his owner.  The owner is heartbroken as his dog dies before his eyes (while he is still in handcuffs and unable to comfort his beloved pet).


The video was posted over and over and the comments were so many that I had to un-follow the post.  People were outraged and pulled up police protocol, and were critical of the Cops that showed a lack of understanding of the dogs perspective and tendencies.   Some expressed their sympathy for the dog owner who lost his pet, and who would forever be traumatized by seeing his friend perish.   The conversation went on for hours!  Though I felt sad for the dog too, I wondering if anyone was bothered that the man was handcuffed for video taping the encounter.

So to my friend, I asked the question:
“why is the Cops explanation “I was in fear for my life?” not acceptable when it comes to the dog shooting, and understandable when it comes to the shooting of an unarmed black man?”

He was unable to answer.  So the question is now posed to you.    People of all races.  Please respond!!!!

And I know my Police Officer friends are going to say “He should have walked away when the cops told him to leave.” Then he wouldn’t have been arrested and his dog would still be alive.  And you are right.  He should have left as opposed to standing upon what he believed to be his rights as a citizen.



No Lives Matter


What is a life worth?

Nothing by the response it seems.

I cringed at how many plays videos have received and cried at the comments they received.  Watching the blood of humans (both citizen and officers) spilled as people justified and found agreement with the offender.  Be it innocent or guilty, lives were taken, and the audience seems to cry out for more.

Comments like:
He was a Criminal!
Obey the officer and this wont happen!
This was bound to happen!
It’s not fun when the rabbit has the fun!
….have flooded our screen, causing further anger and frustration.

Its as though they have taken one of my child hood shows to the next level.  Yes, American Gladiators.  We have the Red Team and the Blue Team; but this time, they have real weapons, and lives are lost.  Each side is racking up points and in the end, the only winner is the ones benefiting from the ratings, and maybe those at home smiling as lucid individuals carry out their anger and hatred which mirrors their viewing public sitting at home.  AmGladiators_BattleBgns

Soon the show went off the air because people stopped watching it.  The story line was the same, and the competition was bland.  People needed more.

And we have more.  Facebook Live and Periscope serve as Go-Cams, giving blood thirsty fans a front row seat to violence.  This allows them to live out their frustrations through a screen, satisfying their hunger, finding peace in the midst of what should cause outrage.

As though we are back in Rome!  Watching Ancient Gladiators fight.  Taking Criminals and pitting them against the Warriors  and Animals.  People watched, many cheering for the Criminal and others Rooting for the Warrior as the fought to the death for the amusement of the wealthy elite who could care less which made it out of the arena alive.

After a grueling battle, the with life on the line, the Gladiator with the upper hand would wait for a signal from above to either take the life or to spare it.  He would listen to the demands of the crowd, and upon crescendo, give the signal.  For years now, we have been watching the signal.  The signal has been a thumbs down!

black_ops_by_thyrring-d325v1uYes, we have crescendo people!  And our viewership have lead to ratings, and for that, we will continue seeing the justification of the taking of life of both Civilian and Officer.  Our culture views videos as though they are watching a Black Ops Battle, critiquing the techniques of those in battle, oblivious to the blood that has been spilled, and def to the last breaths of a human beings life.  Media has served as an Anesthesiologist.  We are sleep.  We are unaware.  We justify evil.  We okay law breakers.  We support wickedness.  We are entertained by foolishness.

We can only imagine what’s next. Soon we will have virtual tours of crime scenes. Able to put on our Virtual Glasses and our IPhone or Samsung Devices and download the Crime Scene Investigator App to get a closer look at the carnage. Maybe if we could touch the blood, and not mute the sounds of the mother, wife of child crying?  Maybe kicking a stiff body like an old tire laying on the street will jump start us?

Nah, No Lives Matter!    People would simply wait for the next upload and tour it.  Maybe even take selfies on the set standing next to the deceased and post it as their Profile Picture.  We would make songs from the last breaths of the victim.  Poke fun at the clothes they are wearing.  Further tarnish their reputation by casting judgment from what is exposed from their life.




Don’t Open the Door!


As we mourned the loss of civilian lives, our hearts were further taxed by an attack on our officers.  Numb is not the word, in that our hearts are heavy, our fingers and voices warm and eager to not only speak out about injustice, but to declare God’s truth to a hurting and loss world.

Last night we saw a mirror of what we studied two weeks ago.  As Cain sat in frustration, anger stewed in him.  God saw that he was reaching a boiling point and issued a warning to him.  “Sin is crouching at your door” God declared to him.  Brothers and Sisters, today, “Sin is crouching at our door!”  In our Anger and Frustration, we must listen to the voice and instructions of our Lord and “sin not.”

The prince of this world enjoys these moments.  He is active, stirring up contention, working hard to influence people to react to their emotions, making a situation worse by piecing together a series of un-Godly decisions. 

What bothers me in this is that God has spoken.  He warned Cain, much like He has spoken to us.  He has informed us that there is a war, not with “…flesh and blood but with rulers, world forces, spiritual forces, and wickedness”, yet we seem to forget His Words, and respond rather to the words of Media Forces, which hold the honor and task of reporting “news” while “creating stories.” sinatdoor

The more blood shed, the more there is to write and talk about.  The more blood shed, the more politicians jockeying for power have to leverage to win votes.  The truth is, the true value placed on the blood shed is that it draws viewers, which translates to ratings and leads lead to sponsors, that line the pockets of those who desire wealth and fame. The lives of those slain are objectified, and the peace and privacy of their family stripped, as they become public figures not by choice, but by circumstance.  Cameras and Microphones document the cries the blood shed has caused, but the reports on the incidents cause for further blood shed, leaving the “sin crouching at our doors.”

“It desires to have you” God told Cain!  It wants to control you God warned him.  This moment is going to change your life.  If you respond the wrong way, you will move from rejection to curse.  And while the hurt of rejection sting, the weight of your actions to your brother and God’s response to you will pale in comparison to the hurt you have now.

“…you must master it” God told him!  You can not let this moment have you!   Do not succumb to the moment!  It will master you, but you can “master it” by not allowing you to have it.  If it controls you, your course will be further altered.  God informs him that his sin will not go unpunished.

God tells Cain not to open the door!  On the other side of your thoughts and emotions are more pain and tears.  Don’t open that door!  It will sentence you!  Don’t open that door Cain.  You think you are in control, but you are not thinking rationally!

I know God thought to Himself, here we go again.  See, God had issued a warning to Cain’s parents.  Their warning was not to eat the fruit from the tree.  “You must not eat the fruit…”  He warned them.  And though I am sure Adam at some point shared his story with His sons, it is sad to say he learned nothing from it.  Or maybe he wasn’t wise enough to make the parallel?

It’s sad to say, we too have seen the results of violence as well as witnessed the power of efforts of peace, and yet we continue to see those that are eager to open the door!  We know from our ancestors story.  We suffer from the poison of hatred and greed.  We are marked like Cain, but with the ignorance of racism.  We all suffer from the decisions of a few that chose to value their wealth over the life of people.  And now we walk around as God’s creation with our eyes exposed to a nakedness that should not exist.  This because of the sins of our forefathers!  Yet, many of us haven’t learned!

“Listen!  Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground” God tells Cain!  The God that counts every tear, values the blood of His creation!



Modern Day Pharisees


As we studied the word Wednesday, we looked at Paul, a former Pharisee addressing the church at Rome. Verses 1 through 5 of chapter 2 warn of the dangers of casting judgment and reminds those present to consider themselves first before declaring ones worth or eternal destination.
Paul’s life as a Pharisee came into play, in that He once was one. He was an interpreter and an enforcer of the law. His life was to be held to the strict observance of the law, presenting himself as a blameless follower of Gods’ word! Though important to the Kingdom, the group became corrupted, bending the law, abusing the law, interpreter the law for their benefit, and or ignoring aspects of the law for comfort and convenience while holding people to the stick observance.

Their title, Pharisee, eventually took a negative connotation,
and they were seen more as hypocrisy than righteous.

police-badge.jpgAs our conversation ensued, I asked myself: “Are our Police Officers following this same trend?”

Not that all officers are bad!

Paul himself was righteous and devote as a Pharisee. He was a true keeper of truth and one that fought to preserve what was right in God’s sight. Yet in still, he was paired with those who were abuser of the honor of holding the position, leaving a position of honor a title that eventually became synonymous with being a hypocrite.

As clergy, Pastors and Priest have faced this same challenge. The actions of a few abusers have affected the view towards the whole causing the carrying out of ones’ duties very challenging and in many cases, the product less productive and positive.  As a card carrying member, one finds themselves caught between addressing the truth of ones failing ignoring and dismissing the actions of a peer.  While we are called not to cast judgment, we are able to make judgments.  In this, one can align what should be with what appears to have happened without sentencing a person.  A Biblical perspective can be shared without condemnation and without disowning.  Because of our silence, we have all been placed in the same pot, and have suffered as it has reached its boiling point!
Jesus was clearly bothered by the Pharisees. There enforcement of the law, coupled with their taking privileged became a source of tension while He carried out His mission. They saw Him representing change, and shedding true light upon the law which was not being used to protect and serve the people, but was being used to strangle and place badgeofshameshackles upon the feet of those who were God’s children. The Pharisees, as Jesus helped us to discover, knew the letter of the law, and had taken the few laws and created an entire system of laws to promulgate prosperity and purpose. In their administering of the law, they lacked the Spirit of the laws intent, because their relationship to the law was not based upon helping the people, but protecting their own personal interest.
Whenever you are more concerned about the law and loose sight of the purpose of the law you will find yourself in trouble.  The law was for the people, not for the Pharisees.  The law was not to protect the Pharisees, it was to protect the people!  They were not created to create jobs, but rather to keep the people safe, giving them rules to abide by that would keep harmony.  The administration is there for those who break the law, so that justice can be carried out, and order restored.

Being unjust while carrying out justice does not restore order,
it causes further unrest.

The Pharisees had allowed a position of honor to become a badge of shame. They were abusive and arrogant, and the community interacted with them out of fear, not respect and admiration.  This seems to be the problem at hand today.

It’s not the whole or the majority,
but its the few who took the oath
with their fingers and toes crossed.

So what must be done?
Jesus made a whip! He raised His voice and raised His hands. He would not stand to see the Kingdom suffer at the hands of corruption and the name of the Lord made to be a laughing stock. He reached out to the community, and became a beacon of light speaking up for those who had been treated unjustly. He also took the risk. His life was on the line. He traveled from place to place, strategically of course, speaking out and sharing the light in the midst of darkness.
JesusWhipSomeAss-425x509We too must make a whip!
We must make laws and remove people from office and positions that are abusive. We must confront those few that are abusive and making shame of the temple and causing unrest and stress in God’s Kingdom. We must raise our voice and stop swallowing the whistle. We must address wrong and ignorance by raising our voice to speak up for those who are powerless or being treated unjustly. We must raise our hands to vote and too must take the position of the law makers who are foolishly causing further tension and calamity by not being people of integrity. We must come together, both Jew and Gentile, Black and White, Protestant and Atheist (yes I said it), Christian and Muslim (Yep, I said it) and must take a stand for what is right!

Discussion Time!


Please excuse the language in the video posted, but I wanted to display it and also for discussion hear the voice of those who watch.  Agree or Disagree, I would like to hear your thoughts to bring about a discussion for healing.

For those who want to participate but do not want to listen to the language in the video, the summary of what is communicated in the video is that the victim shot was killed because he resisted arrest.  And that those complaining about the incident are somehow race batting. Etc….  I am posting below a portion of the conversation generated with a very good officer (personal friend of mines) so that people can have a perspective and join the dialogue (His comments were deleted from his timeline, thus will not be included on the post.  From reading my dialogue, the general direction can be summed up).

(This is all unedited.  It’s cut and paste).

Videos like this are tough to watch. He is right in that we can not assume that this is racism. But it does bring to light, regardless of the color of the victim, that the laws must be reviewed. The hurt that is felt from families and communities that have lost someone is over the death initially but is complicated by the fact that from these act of violence, many which lack good judgment, there is no repercussion for the one that has taken that life. This is why people are outraged. It’s not that police are constantly killing people or black people for that matter, but that when it does happen, people expect justice to truly be blind, and its not.

As one that knows lots of good cops, I know that many have the right heart, and are great police officers, but we also have to acknowledge that some do not bring honor to the badge. Every profession faces the same problem. There are those who are abusive and are very loose and lack proper judgement. In these professions, people are prosecuted and loose their license. The serve jail time and pay restitution. Not to mention that the acts of these few officers cost the tax payers money (money that we are short of, resulting in a lack of officers, which has forced many to remain in uniform and others to fear loosing or not getting their full pension).

Abusing power is not a race issue, its an issue! Regardless of our positions, we must never excuse the abuse of power as a right, but must hold those accountable to the oaths and law that they require others to adhere too.

I agree with you. In many incidents there are refusals to obey officers. This is wrong, but officers are still trained and have to follow protocol. Being able to make judgement calls or bypass training is good when the officer is a good officer, but backfires when they are not a good officer.

You are also right on the Monday morning QB. We all do it. Doesn’t make it right, but we all do. Having said that, there are professionals that are QB’s that have an issue with what these bad officers are doing. It is frustrating when the ones that can critique (Former or Current QB) excuses or justifies bad behavior. Citizens can not take the perspective, hey, it was in the moment. Don’t judge me because I was afraid for my life or you would have done the same thing and neither should others.

I also think it good to acknowledge that everyone should not be in that profession. It takes a special individual to be a Police officer. It could be that some of the individuals that are on our streets are the ones that should be at home with me and the many others who don’t have what it takes to be an officer. When those people are discovered, they should be removed from their positions and take a seat on the couch with me.