Discussion Time!


Please excuse the language in the video posted, but I wanted to display it and also for discussion hear the voice of those who watch.  Agree or Disagree, I would like to hear your thoughts to bring about a discussion for healing.

For those who want to participate but do not want to listen to the language in the video, the summary of what is communicated in the video is that the victim shot was killed because he resisted arrest.  And that those complaining about the incident are somehow race batting. Etc….  I am posting below a portion of the conversation generated with a very good officer (personal friend of mines) so that people can have a perspective and join the dialogue (His comments were deleted from his timeline, thus will not be included on the post.  From reading my dialogue, the general direction can be summed up).

(This is all unedited.  It’s cut and paste).

Videos like this are tough to watch. He is right in that we can not assume that this is racism. But it does bring to light, regardless of the color of the victim, that the laws must be reviewed. The hurt that is felt from families and communities that have lost someone is over the death initially but is complicated by the fact that from these act of violence, many which lack good judgment, there is no repercussion for the one that has taken that life. This is why people are outraged. It’s not that police are constantly killing people or black people for that matter, but that when it does happen, people expect justice to truly be blind, and its not.

As one that knows lots of good cops, I know that many have the right heart, and are great police officers, but we also have to acknowledge that some do not bring honor to the badge. Every profession faces the same problem. There are those who are abusive and are very loose and lack proper judgement. In these professions, people are prosecuted and loose their license. The serve jail time and pay restitution. Not to mention that the acts of these few officers cost the tax payers money (money that we are short of, resulting in a lack of officers, which has forced many to remain in uniform and others to fear loosing or not getting their full pension).

Abusing power is not a race issue, its an issue! Regardless of our positions, we must never excuse the abuse of power as a right, but must hold those accountable to the oaths and law that they require others to adhere too.

I agree with you. In many incidents there are refusals to obey officers. This is wrong, but officers are still trained and have to follow protocol. Being able to make judgement calls or bypass training is good when the officer is a good officer, but backfires when they are not a good officer.

You are also right on the Monday morning QB. We all do it. Doesn’t make it right, but we all do. Having said that, there are professionals that are QB’s that have an issue with what these bad officers are doing. It is frustrating when the ones that can critique (Former or Current QB) excuses or justifies bad behavior. Citizens can not take the perspective, hey, it was in the moment. Don’t judge me because I was afraid for my life or you would have done the same thing and neither should others.

I also think it good to acknowledge that everyone should not be in that profession. It takes a special individual to be a Police officer. It could be that some of the individuals that are on our streets are the ones that should be at home with me and the many others who don’t have what it takes to be an officer. When those people are discovered, they should be removed from their positions and take a seat on the couch with me.


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