Don’t Open the Door!


As we mourned the loss of civilian lives, our hearts were further taxed by an attack on our officers.  Numb is not the word, in that our hearts are heavy, our fingers and voices warm and eager to not only speak out about injustice, but to declare God’s truth to a hurting and loss world.

Last night we saw a mirror of what we studied two weeks ago.  As Cain sat in frustration, anger stewed in him.  God saw that he was reaching a boiling point and issued a warning to him.  “Sin is crouching at your door” God declared to him.  Brothers and Sisters, today, “Sin is crouching at our door!”  In our Anger and Frustration, we must listen to the voice and instructions of our Lord and “sin not.”

The prince of this world enjoys these moments.  He is active, stirring up contention, working hard to influence people to react to their emotions, making a situation worse by piecing together a series of un-Godly decisions. 

What bothers me in this is that God has spoken.  He warned Cain, much like He has spoken to us.  He has informed us that there is a war, not with “…flesh and blood but with rulers, world forces, spiritual forces, and wickedness”, yet we seem to forget His Words, and respond rather to the words of Media Forces, which hold the honor and task of reporting “news” while “creating stories.” sinatdoor

The more blood shed, the more there is to write and talk about.  The more blood shed, the more politicians jockeying for power have to leverage to win votes.  The truth is, the true value placed on the blood shed is that it draws viewers, which translates to ratings and leads lead to sponsors, that line the pockets of those who desire wealth and fame. The lives of those slain are objectified, and the peace and privacy of their family stripped, as they become public figures not by choice, but by circumstance.  Cameras and Microphones document the cries the blood shed has caused, but the reports on the incidents cause for further blood shed, leaving the “sin crouching at our doors.”

“It desires to have you” God told Cain!  It wants to control you God warned him.  This moment is going to change your life.  If you respond the wrong way, you will move from rejection to curse.  And while the hurt of rejection sting, the weight of your actions to your brother and God’s response to you will pale in comparison to the hurt you have now.

“…you must master it” God told him!  You can not let this moment have you!   Do not succumb to the moment!  It will master you, but you can “master it” by not allowing you to have it.  If it controls you, your course will be further altered.  God informs him that his sin will not go unpunished.

God tells Cain not to open the door!  On the other side of your thoughts and emotions are more pain and tears.  Don’t open that door!  It will sentence you!  Don’t open that door Cain.  You think you are in control, but you are not thinking rationally!

I know God thought to Himself, here we go again.  See, God had issued a warning to Cain’s parents.  Their warning was not to eat the fruit from the tree.  “You must not eat the fruit…”  He warned them.  And though I am sure Adam at some point shared his story with His sons, it is sad to say he learned nothing from it.  Or maybe he wasn’t wise enough to make the parallel?

It’s sad to say, we too have seen the results of violence as well as witnessed the power of efforts of peace, and yet we continue to see those that are eager to open the door!  We know from our ancestors story.  We suffer from the poison of hatred and greed.  We are marked like Cain, but with the ignorance of racism.  We all suffer from the decisions of a few that chose to value their wealth over the life of people.  And now we walk around as God’s creation with our eyes exposed to a nakedness that should not exist.  This because of the sins of our forefathers!  Yet, many of us haven’t learned!

“Listen!  Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground” God tells Cain!  The God that counts every tear, values the blood of His creation!




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