Private Question Shared


Today I have enjoyed a good dialogue with a friend of mines. The question was asked, why are black people so angry?  I will share my expression with you.  Your comments and thoughts are very welcome.

As a black male, I was silent, but upset  last year.

A video was posted where Cops, who were serving a warrant to arrest an alleged Criminal (apparent bank robbers I believe), arrest a Citizen (black man) who was filming things with his cell phone.  The Cops handcuffs the Citizen and lightly touch him up a bit.

The dog barks first, and then hops out the car.   The dog charges; is called off by the Citizen (and is obedient), but lunges one last time.  The Cop, in fear for his life, unloads into the dog, killing him in front of his owner.  The owner is heartbroken as his dog dies before his eyes (while he is still in handcuffs and unable to comfort his beloved pet).


The video was posted over and over and the comments were so many that I had to un-follow the post.  People were outraged and pulled up police protocol, and were critical of the Cops that showed a lack of understanding of the dogs perspective and tendencies.   Some expressed their sympathy for the dog owner who lost his pet, and who would forever be traumatized by seeing his friend perish.   The conversation went on for hours!  Though I felt sad for the dog too, I wondering if anyone was bothered that the man was handcuffed for video taping the encounter.

So to my friend, I asked the question:
“why is the Cops explanation “I was in fear for my life?” not acceptable when it comes to the dog shooting, and understandable when it comes to the shooting of an unarmed black man?”

He was unable to answer.  So the question is now posed to you.    People of all races.  Please respond!!!!

And I know my Police Officer friends are going to say “He should have walked away when the cops told him to leave.” Then he wouldn’t have been arrested and his dog would still be alive.  And you are right.  He should have left as opposed to standing upon what he believed to be his rights as a citizen.




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