Private Question Shared Pt. 2


I was told I would have to write a part two to Private Question Shared, and this was correct.

To make the point of the question clearer,

1. How can one identify with an owner who has lost a dog, and not identify with a person that has lost their loved one?

In the recent case of Mr. Castille, both the girlfriend and the daughter watched their loved one, not only shot, but die in their presence, while still being addressed with the same weapon that took his life.   Why is it difficult for one to have sympathy for them, as they would the dog owner? 

In the case of Mr. Sterling, a mother and children faced their worst fears.  Breaking down after seeing video footage played over and over again as he too was shot and bled to death (for those keeping score, he had a gun in his pocket).   Why is it possible to make comments about her statements that he was a good man, husband and father by posting his criminal record; basically calling her a liar and or poking fun of her situation and circumstances?

And honestly, don’t we all have a relative or friend who we would describe the same with all their flaws?  Haven’t we all sat at funerals and listened to people describe the best of a human being and not mention a flaw or dwell upon their mistakes?  And don’t we listen and shed tears and even agree with them?

In the case of Mr. Braziel, whos family stood feet away from his lifeless body after he was shot.  Filled with pain and disbelief, they stood trying to make sense of the situation and dealing with the knowledge that their loved one was gone.  How is it possible to not identify and feel remorse for his family, despite your thoughts on his actions? 

2.  How can one not be outraged when watching a
video of a human being bleeding to death
(innocent or guilty) and be ready to protest when a dog is killed?

As an animal lover, I get it.  We love our pets.  They become a part of the family and bring lots of love and purpose to our lives.  Having said this, we are human beings.  Our lives are all valuable.  We are all a part of the same world, and if you don’t care for that specific human, much like a fellow owner, you still have remorse and sympathy for the person that is grieving their loss.

3.  If saying I felt threatened wasn’t a good enough
excuse when the officer shot the dog, why was it
good enough after shooting a human being?

When reading the comments, people were able to identify with the dog.  This is most likely because they have spent time with dogs and thus felt they understand them (which is another but good conversation).  Those commenting understood why the dog was angry and became hostile, and though showing aggression, was still seen as harmless and with good intentions.  Why was this not possible when watching a video of a man selling cds or a man who was a licensed carrier who reached for his identification?

And in this video story, the department actually apologized, even though no wrong was committed, by sending a representative out to the family.  Why aren’t people outraged when there is no apology or sympathy to these families, but justification of the actions of the perpetrator?

I know all the facts aren’t in on the cases, so innocence or guilt can not be determined.

What I am asking is about your views and thoughts on the sanctity of life in general.

Are there some that believe that a dogs life is more valuable than a black life?
or are we: Are we void of compassion?
Blinded by Racist teachings?
Entrenched in Politics to deep?
Void of respect for Human Life?
Measuring the value of ones life by their past?








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