Dermal Pain


 So if you are offering your gift at the altar and there
remember that your brother has something against you,
leave your gift there before the altar and go. First be
reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer
your gift.
Matthew 5:23-24


I am honored to be in relationship with some pretty amazing people.  One of these great individuals is a spiritual daughter of mines who has pierced in a tattoo parlor.  In an effort to learn more about her, I did some research on not only tattoos, but piercings. dermal-post-1 To say the least, it was fascinating (and no I will not be getting any tats or piercings).  So many techniques and different intricacies in the craft, that I decided to ask more about the Dermal Process.

Once the process was explained, there were many things that came to mind.

  1.  There is always something beneath the surface!

First, to keep the jewelry in place, an anchor is placed under the skin.  It is a piece that is actually parallel to the skin and appropriately wider than the entry point, which is secured via their own technique or best practices.   Once in place, the jewelry is attached, and the patron is ready to display their artwork.

While we all see the jewelry displayed on top of the skin, we are oblivious to the fact that it is secured by a plate that lays beneath the surface.  This truth parallels what happens in our daily lives with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  When we interact with one another, we must be constantly aware that the person we are interacting with has things that are beneath the surface.  These things are often anchors that display not offense but the pretty jewelry that covers the hole that exists.

Our interaction with those wounded can be like walking through an abandoned minefield.   Thus in our speech and interaction, we can’t haphazardly walk or wander through territory.  And once discovered, we must do our best to avoid what could cause explosions, leading to harm for both the offended and offender.

2.  Healed Wounds Can Cause Pain During Restoration

When discussing the plate, it was revealed that the plate contains 3 holes.  The center hole is for the Rhinestone of choice, and the outer two serve as support.   Support?  Yes!  As the Body recovers from the procedure, the skin tightens, and the flesh grows around and through the plate, fastening it into place. dermal-post-extension-215x182

The plate is considered permanent by piercers in that it become a part of the body.  In this, it is more painful to remove it than it is to place it.  As she spoke, I though once again about the many injuries we have incurred over the years.  These encounters often leave wounds, scars and have categorized many as disabled.  Things that have wounded us have been covered up in many ways, leaving us with unaddressed and mishandled pain and suffering.

And we know that restoration is possible.  The plate can be removed.  In this, we acknowledge that it will take more than stretching the skin to remove the plate.  Flesh will be cut and or torn in addition to skin being broken.  Furthermore, the healing process from the healed wound will be longer and more painful than the original injury itself.

Which brings us to the text that came to mind as she spoke.  Jesus said,

…remember that your brother has something against you,
leave…..First be reconciled to your brother   Mark 5:23-24

He advises us to be aggressive in reconciling our relationships with each other.  While God can and will heal and forgive, it seems that He understands the damage that is done while situations go unaddressed.  Throughout the Word, He is constantly telling us to forgive one another, not let the sun go down, love one another, do unto others and to live at peace with one another.

In this, Jesus places a time frame called immediate into play.  He says, when you “remember something…leave!”  Don’t spend time worshiping me, offering sacrifices to me, repenting and asking for forgiveness when you have harmed one of my children.  I wonder what damage has been done by not acting to correct our harmful actions?  How many words spoken have been woven into the fabric of individuals?  How many are staying away from the house of God to avoid contact with His children and in this keeping them from worshiping Him in His home?  How many hurting people are there, in need of an apology, and working actions to demonstrate our sincerity?

We must place the reconciliation of relationships as a premium.   Let’s remove the plate before the wound heals and anchors deep within.