My Sunrise


This morning

I looked into the sunrise and thought of you
It reminded me of how I felt when I first held you
It was an honor, one not deserved 
One I wasn’t sure I was prepared for 
But one reserved for me
Thus I gave praise
Tears vacated by ducts
As love courses through my veins 
Your presence connected my existence with purpose My Sunrise
And like the aqueducts of Rome brought life 
My love flowed to you

My Princess

and became a prosperous Land 
With pride I see you as developed field 
Filled with vegetation
A plentiful harvest 
With plush trees that offer shade
To those overwhelmed by life
As the sun retreats behind the clouds
I think on this time you are away
And smile because I know it will emerge
And when it does, it will again provide light to all open to receive it 
Spiritual Sunglasses ’16

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