Love is Kind


This is from a blog my wife and I write together:

“…Love is Kind…” 1 Corinthians 13 says in the 4th verse.

This descriptive word actually seemed pointless to a dialogue about love, but in the course of time, one can find that it is key to survival, and doesn’t always exist in the covenant relationships.

Though love itself is kind, relationships themselves experience trials of many kinds. Kindness is easy when it’s roots are firmly planted in the ground, and drinking from a generous water source, but might prove challenging when denied sunlight and facing a drying water source.

When streams have dried and resources are scarce conditions emerge, relationships face desperate times and often enter survival mode. Absence of resources force the plant to extend its roots and redirect its stem in search of water and sunlight. Stems slowly slump, and blooms close and wither away.jnq2018

Love, once fueled by sacrifice and selflessness is slowly spoon fed by offense and fear. Offense and fear begins to dictate our actions and responses; and too often, these interactions move from kindness to “kindless”.   Kindless is the diminishing administering of Kindness towards each other.

Amidst our pain, it is easy to forget the love and sacrifices one has made and to focus on the pain caused by the offense.  Offense is like an irritating sibling, untying your shoe laces, and tying them together while you sleep, offense has caused many to trip, stumble and fall.

Though the disappointment is real, and offense is inevitable, “…Love is Kind…”, and must so.  Kind is a benevolent or generous disposition.  It is a way of being.  It is to be unwavering, and consistent in nature despite circumstances.  Being Kind does not mean that all situations are to the liking of the one experiencing them, but that the person responding to them is consistent in choosing to respond generously. 

This generosity is not always drawn from excess, but is sometimes drawn from sacrifice.In all relationships, sacrifice will be needed to promote and restore relationship.  Being Kind is not to be subjective, but is reflective of the Love we receive from God.  Its His love that allows us to look past what one deserves, and administer to them what we have received ourselves.



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