Wrote this thinking about a son in ministry going through medical challenges:

I talked to God about you this morning.

I started to ask Him why His children experience hardship, but in frustration, I dropped the “p” and a used a “t”.

I’m not sure He was pleased, but I’m sure He understood.

Why we are allowed to encounter challenges?
And yes the scripture comes to mind.
I believe it,
But some of us love you and live for you,
Read of you
Depend on you,
Desire to be like you,
And point others to you!

Are we that hard headed, that we have to experience pain?

Are we that stubborn that we must face struggles?

Are we that unfaithful that we must feel hopeless?

It’s still quiet!

I guess I’m talking to myself?

Even amidst my thoughts,
I know He’s there and listening,
Compassionate and not just Concerned.

He is God!

And while we understand in part,
He understand in total.

I prayed that God would speak to you in a flow
Like you displayed (he was an excellent freestyle rapper).

I saw Him taking memories and holding them up one by one,
Just like you used to freestyle,
Displaying random things,
And sticking together verse after verse,


Creating a hook by accident,
Making verses out of nothing,
Adjusting His cadence to life’s beat,
While we sit eyes and ears open
Waiting for what’s next,
Knowing that the verse that had been spoken,
He’s not spitting off the dome,
But recounting pages of lines in one breath.

I breath in
And asked Him to not only fill your lungs,
But to fill you with the hope
And the faith that allowed you to pursue your passion to inspire others!

Love you!