That Was so 5 minutes ago!


36 “And behold, even your relative Elizabeth
has also conceived a son in her old age;
and she who was called barren is now
in her sixth month. 37 For nothing will
be impossible with God.” 38 And Mary said,
“Behold the bondslave of the Lord; be it done
to me according to me your word.”  And the
angel departed from her.  Luke 1:36-38


This story is so powerful.  We looked first at how God restored the public reputation/perception of Elizabeth.  Her barren state was well documented in the community.  It started as a diagnosis, became a association, and then became a label.

writingAs she ages, the community learns more about her.  God  reveals His power through her barrenness, and shows His compassion in her conception with Zechariah.  We all learn as a community and as readers of her story, that God had saved her womb to deliver to the world a gift named John.

Your Label is given by from Man;
Your Purpose is revealed by God.

Like his mother, he would be known to the community, labeled and suffer from association, while finding power and freedom in serving God and living in his reality.  The word assigned to Elizabeth is barren, which is defined by Google as: “too poor to produce much or any vegetation”.  Her label of not able to produce, is changed in an instance, when she emerges from her home 5 month pregnant, baby bump emerging.

This bump hit the reset button in the minds of the community members, but would also serve a larger purpose than displaying that she was pregnant.  The age of both she and her husband, would confirm to those who labeled her, that a miracle was taken place.  Furthermore, the pregnancy would serve as confirmation to her relative Mary that God was getting ready to do something great in the earth.  It shows us that God has a purpose for every situation.

confused person

That was Yesterday!

Her barrenness was now 6 months in her past, her fertile state was her present, and her fruitfulness was only 4 months away.  I celebrate, much like Mary and Elizabeth did.  Your past is simply moments way, and your future is a breath away.  Your present is only a moment, and as walk with God, we learn that the present is the now that connect yesterday and tomorrow.   I hope you will stand up with me and say, that was yesterday.  May kids used to say, “That was so 5 minutes ago!” And what happened 5 minutes ago, does not dictate what will happen 5 minutes from now.

God Can Peel Off Labels!

I’m not fighting yesterdays label, I’m just walking forward to tomorrows purpose.  The label of man is temporary.  It is based on what they see, and believe.  Remember, man sees in part.  They see a moment, and make judgements on the past, but only God sees past, present and future at once.  It is God’s thoughts and words over your live that matter, not the word understanding and thoughts about you!   Go ahead with your label, God can peel it off with ONE Word!

I love that both Mary and Elizabeth were enjoying today.  Though giving thought about tomorrow, they walked with God daily, cherishing each moment of the journey.  They waited for His direction, lived on every word, and protected the gift He had given them, ensuring that both they and their gifts would bring honor to God.

Don’t let your Past Experience with God,
Discourage your Future Experiences with God.

wisdomThough they had lived for God, they hadn’t experienced the powerful move of God in their lives.  God, though for them, had previously not revealed His purpose for their lives, and they now walked in the moment of His revelation.  They served him publicly by carrying his revelation, but worshiped Him privately for allowing them to carry and bring forth his creation.  Others only saw part of what God was doing through them.  They saw they were blessed with child, but didn’t know the true gift they carried, and the true significance of them being chosen to birth forth Prophet and Messiah that would be for them and all mankind.

I am excited meditating on this text, because I know that both my and your futures are just a breath away.  Some of us have had to live down the shame of our past, while others have lived for God, but have yet to feel the joy of walking in purpose.  May of us have worked our best to find favor with God, eager to receive our unique calling, and passionate about building for Him.

Imagine, how quickly life changed for Mary and Elizabeth.  One word from the angle, and what was once prophecy became reality.  I am excited because God has spoken a word over each of us.  We wake each day with expectation, and sometimes sleep in disappointment or frustration; but God.  You can not outrun His Word.  Can not overlook His promise.  God will bring it to past!

chesskingMary and Elizabeth, found as we will, that walking with God is its own reward.  Reserving your self and preparing yourself  will result in the freedom to walk in favor, and to bring forth the miraculous!  The less we have to shed, the quicker we can align our will with His will and flourish in purpose.  I love that Mary was able to say, “…be it done to me…”  She didn’t ask for time, she asked for his will to be done.  She had lived for him before, and would continue to live for Him.   So too was Elizabeth.  Learning from Sarah, she didn’t seek to make provision for herself, she waited on God, and walked with God.

We can learn a lot from them both.  It is my prayer that we will continue living each day for the Lord, anticipating what He will say and do tomorrow.  Not living in the past, but hungry and thirsty for the outpouring of tomorrow.  This moment for some of us has been uneventful, while others are coasting from the success of the past, but we should all be aware that God is constantly doing new and greater things.  And it is our dedication and discipline to day that allow us to find favor and and deliver to the World the gift that will change the face of  our community and the world.


You like me, You REALLY like me!


24 After some time his wife Elizabeth
became pregnant, and for five months she kept
herself in seclusion.  She said, 25 “This is what the
Lord has done for me at the time when he has been
gracious to me, to take away my disgrace among
people.  Luke 1:24-25


Imagine living a righteous life, but being considered unrighteous by all your peers.  Now, this is not considered unrighteous by God, but unrighteous by some flawed people who are unrighteous themselves.  Some of them are even more reckless and lawless then you are, but have been deemed blessed because they were able to birth a child who is just like their mom and dad!

innerbeautyHaving a community of people looking down upon you, and speaking about you as one who lacks discipline and commitment to the Lord.  People questioning your every move, thinking your public and private lives to be two islands without a bridge.  This is Elizabeth!

The Father Who See’s Privately, will Reward Publicly

Elizabeth, whom was barren, was aging in years and having to bare the disgrace of not being able to conceive a child in front of her family and peers.  At that time, a woman that could not conceive was considered to be punished by God because of her sin, or the sin of her ancestors.  Thus, each time people saw her without child, they would associate her with sin, considering themselves blessed and favored, while thinking her cursed and  punished.

She had most likely accepted that she would live and die with the shame of not having an offspring, when her husband went into worship and received a Word from God!  That Word was different than any thing ever spoken, more joyous than any promise every given, more rewarding than any gift ever received; God’s promise!

justiceThe reality was, Zechariah’s seed had the power to impregnate her the entire time, but didn’t have permission from God to unite with her seed.  Elizabeth was capable of conceiving and carrying, but God had yet to speak to her eggs; releasing them to be fertilized.   He then orchestrated a harmony with one seed to break through and produce the one that would make the path straight.

John the Baptist would just make crooked path straight, but would also straighten out  the misconception about his mother.  His birth would be proof to all those that she was not being punished, but was purposed to bring forth a special child who would more than a gift to her, but a gift to the kingdom of God.  Which is why the next verse to me was so powerful.

…and for five months she kept
herself in seclusion…. Luke 1:24

After living all these years barren, she finds herself now with child, and chooses to live the first five months in seclusion.  Yep, you guessed it!  I would have been most social in this time, eager to erase the stain and stigma she had publicly, but she found pleasure in watching John grow and worshiping God for allowing her to conceive.

While the rest of us would have been eager to show ourselves to the crowd, she reserved the joy of the gift of John as a moment between her and God.  I imagine she has a moment like Sally Fields, who uttered the words “…you like me!  You REALLY Like me!”  Elizabeth gave the first moments of praise and adoration to God.  She was not controlled or influenced by the the crowd, nor was she eager to impress them with her new found status.  She secluded herself, reserving the first moments of joy to spend with the Lord, who is the only one that matters.

While others teased her and judged her, she continued to find satisfaction and peace from the one that had always given it to her.  While others showered her with condemnation, God had always showered her with love, and instilled in her a sense of self worth that allowed her to survive the judgement and ridicule of those watching and enjoying her shame.

sallylfieldsIf only we were the same!  “You Like me!  You really like me,” Sally exclaimed, excited to received her second award.  It was received as validation.  It took what she suspected and made it something she knew.  I suspect these early moments were the same for Elizabeth.  Once the Words of the Lord comforted her, but her growing belly now erased any doubt she had lingering. 

I am encouraged that the death on a cross was the confirmation of God’s love for us.  It’s not just that He allowed us to be created, but that He made an allowance for us to reconnect with Him beyond the barrier sin creates.  He then places His Holy Spirit in us, and allows us to walk before man as someone chosen, beyond the shame of our prior actions and reputation.



If you don’t Have Anything Faith to Say…


 20 And now, because you did not believe my words,
which will be fulfilled in their time,
you will be silent, unable to speak,
until the day these things take place…
23 When his time of service was ended, he went to
his home. Luke
1:20, 23


The story of the birth of Christ is amazing.  He was born of the Holy Spirit through Mary, His mother, and Joseph his father.  In the midst of moving with Mary, God had already begun working with her cousin Elizabeth.

The Long Quiet Walk Home!

doubt-confidenceHe left the house of God!  We are unaware of the thoughts of Zechariah and or the distance he had to his home.  What we do know is that he had just encountered an angel from the Lord, and heard a promise from the Lord that answered his life long prayer.  I would like to argue that his faith was increased because God took his voice away, but as one who has left the altar in unbelief, I will argue that he went home anticipating that things would be the same, and would not change.

Going through the Motions!

I am sure he lay with his wife for recreation and not with expectation, and was forced to watch God work and not express thanksgiving and or gratitude to His maker.  Zechariah like many of us have simply gone through the motions. 

Some of us know this very well.  Outwardly, his performance/actions seemed as though he believed, but he was merely enjoying a moments of pleasure, and while harboring the disbelief that God would produce anything from his loins and her womb.  We are not sure if it was the first time, or the fifth time, but I will assume it was the first time he touched her.  Despite his disbelief, God worked through her belief to fulfill His promise to bring about His prophet.  The scripture says, “after some time” (without a word), she conceived a son named John.

downloadBecause Zechariah’s silent was the result of his doubt, I wondered if God was not just silencing Zechariah for expressing doubt to God, but so he wouldn’t speak forth doubt to Elizabeth.  This was my consideration because of his destination.  After completing his assignment, he left the house of God and returned to his home, where he was also priest.  We know he did his job, because “after some time” she conceived.

It was like God said,
“Do your job and keep your mouth shut!” (He did not say this!!!!)

Just Keep Swimming! 

I wonder how many of us hear the Word of God, have doubts about it, and take our doubt home like a virus to our family?  Ask yourself, how many times have you infected your family with doubt?  Husband, Wife and Children walking in faith, excited about God’s promises, and our voice overshadows and smothers the fire that burns within them, so just in case, he is silenced.

If you don’t Have Anything Faith to Say,
Don’t Say Anything at All!

I wonder:  What have you destroyed with your tongue?

confused personGod is busy building things, and our perspective, attitude and lack of belief are determining factors as to what God can manifest through us.  Much like the children of God, we spend our time analyzing and demanding of God, frustrated because we know he is often capable, but not willing.  Having said this, often is is God being willing to do what He is capable of, but us not being able to believe He will do what He says.

Momma used to say, when we questioned or expressed doubt, “Are you calling me a liar?”  Not that God speaks like our mothers, but I am sure He is challenged the same way by our doubt.  As One who has complete love and compassion for us, providing and protecting, restoring and reconciling, the small trivial things of life should be believed even more than the more challenging truths.

Maybe we just need to listen and believe?  We need to stop talking against what God has promised and accept them as truths that will happen not in our time, but in his time!  And in the mean time:

If you don’t have anything faith to say, don’t say anything at all! 



Arise and Lead Your Family


Now when they had departed, behold, and angel
of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream,
saying, “Arise and take the Child and His mother,
and flee to Egypt, and remain there until I tell
you; for Herod is going to search for the Child
to destroy Him.”  Matthew 2:13



In this passage, Joseph and Mary have given birth to Jesus, and are settling into their new reality.  Before they can get comfortable, Joseph has a dream in which he was warned by the Lord to flee Bethlehem into Egypt.  The instructions are clear, the reason is clear, but the distance is up for discussion.  There are 429.14 miles in between Bethlehem and Egypt. 

Don’t Focus on the Distance

This is not 430 miles by motorcycle, car, truck, bus, train or plane!  This is foot and camel (most likely), not horse with chariot!  This would not be a 30 minute ride.  This would be a journey, and not a safe journey.  They were fleeing the actions of Herod, which would result in wide spread killing of young baby boys under the age of 2.  They knew that Herod would continue searching for the Child, using every resource possible to get his hands on this King that would lay claim to his throne.

discouragedSome of us get distracted by what it will take to protect what we have, and our desire for convenience and comfort cause us to sacrifice that which is meant to save us.  Joseph didn’t focus on how long it would take to get there, or how inconvenient or uncomfortable it would be.  He focused on the instruction from God, and the purpose God was carrying out with him.

We like Joseph, must choose to focus on God’s instructions.  They might be challenging, cause us hardship, make us travel, drain our resources, but we must understand God is moving us to protect something that will elevate us and bring us peace in the future.

Lead Your Family Man of God

I love this verse!  We do know that God speaks to Mary.  The angel appeared to her first and gave her the news about the Messiah.  We know Mary was favored by God, in that the Angel appeared to her and declared God’s love and admiration of her.  We know God was with her, and that the Holy Spirit descended on  her and impregnated her with the Messiah.

But God speaks to Joseph.



God speaks to Joseph, and directs him to “…take the child and his mother…”.  “Arise…”he tells him.  Get up from your rest.  Shake off that sleep.  Stand firm on your feet.  Gather yourself.


What has God spoken to you about your family?  What has God revealed to you about your family?  Are you watching and waiting for His instructions?  Could it be that your family is in danger, despite your protection and provision?  Here they were, fresh from the Birth of the Messiah, not aware that Herod had already put a plan into action to destroy their child.  While Joseph was working and providing and attending to their daily needs, the adversary was pulling together every resource he had to go after his child.  And he is doing the same today!

I’m not sure what state you are in, but I do know the responsibility you have.  I don’t know what mistakes or fears you have, but I do know the God you serve.  It’s time for you to arise.  We all go through season in life.  Times when we are moving and times when we are waiting. In both, we need to be listening for the next move of God.

Get Your family together

followI love that God said, “take the child and his mother.”  It’s time for us to get our families together.   I look at “take” as an assertive term.  This is not a vote.  The direction is not up for discussion.  God tells Joseph to pack up their belonging, and to move.  Here we see God dealing with the head of the family, instructing him to lead his family, and Commanding Him to follow Him.  We are told that we should be the priest of our homes.  We are to be connected to the Divine and fully submitted to Him. 

We are experiencing now the results of broken homes.  I know you might think I’m referring to single parent homes, but I am not.  I see a larger problem!  We have homes with men who are not leaders.  We are surviving through homes that have men that have no vision, and no Spiritual fortitude.  We have men who are in the home, and are detached from the struggles of the people in their homes that they have been given the responsibility to cover.

It’s time for us to carry out the full function of a father,
and not just pieces of the position.

It is out purpose to provide,
but also our purpose to protect and position. 


Protect your Family Man of God!


worship-fastProtecting in that we provide the necessary covering for our wife and kids to feel spiritually, emotionally and physically safe.  We also have to place our family in a position to prosper and bring about the possibility and fulfill their potential.  God is calling us to do more not just for ourselves to feel accomplished, but so that the next generation can fulfill its calling as we find fulfillment in completing ours!


No member left behind.


Be firm on what God has spoken and lead your family to safety.   Emphasis on lead, because some of us are sending our families.  Yep, its not just enough to advise your family on where its safe, we must be willing to grab their hands, postpone our meetings, use our resources to make sure our family makes it to a place that will allow them to prosper.  We must demonstrate and model to those who are entrusted to us what it is to follow God and to trust Him.  To lead the next generation, we must do more than talk the talk; we must walk the walk!


Are you Listening to God?

God spoke to Mary and Joseph to start their marriage, so why stop listening now?  He affirmed their location and purpose.  He pronounced a blessing over their marriage, and an anointing and calling on their Child.  They believed Him.  Why stop believing Him now?  Though God had not spoken to them since His initial instructions, Joseph had to have known that God would speak to him and to guide him in the future.  He, like we should make moves as God speaks, and settle down when God instructs, fight when God says to arm ourselves, and flee when God says to take cover.

And I hear God speaking to us men!  I was inspired by this to challenge men to get in touch with God. Seek His will for your life, and for the life of your family, and then follow his commands.





Don’t Do it! Reconsider!


“But when he had considered this, behold,
an angle of the Lord appeared to him in a dream,
saying, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid
to take Mary as your wife; for that which has
been conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 1:22

The Bible is kind enough to recounts a moment of Joseph’s whereas his character was put on full display.  He had been described as a righteous man, and this verse is adequate in presenting and proving the description and label given to him.

friendringJoseph leaves to honor his end of the covenant.  He secures the dowry, prepares the home to receive his new bride, and returns to find her with child.  He’s been gone the entire time, and they were not formerly intimate with each other.  There is no way that this child is from his loins.  Furthermore, the woman of virtue he chose to build his family, and extend his lineage and legacy through, is with child from someone else.

We can imagine the range of emotions he had.  Of course we know Mary was having her own challenges, but for this, we will focus on Joseph.

Thank God Joseph is not Johnny!

Now, I do consider myself a righteous man, but this is way beyond my status.  Compared to Joseph, I am a 3 of 10!  I am sure many of you would measure up the same.  Joseph is hours away from being on the front page of the local paper.  He’s moments away from being the latest hashtag, tweet meme.  Soon, His face will be on every social media site with Michael Jordan’s Cry face imposed in place of his!  He will have have too change his social media status, and remove all tags that include her, and give a full explanation as to why they will not move from betrothed to married.  This is a social, spiritual and emotional nightmare!!!  Worse, he will have to read all the hashtags: #wholetRKellyGuardher #sheready #shecouldntwaith #whybythecow #ihavethedowryhegotthedraws #seemslikeyourready #theresomethingaboutmary .  This is going to get out of hand!  The cat meme’s!!!!

Measure Twice; Cut Once!

Joseph grabs a moment to himself!  He goes for a walk (not literally) and goes through his options.  The Bible says, “…he had considered…”.  Most of the time, we would spend our time on the “But when…” of the test, but the “…he had considered…” bears so much weight.  Joseph had an important decision to make; one that he would make once.  The old adage is “Measure twice, cut once”.  He loved Mary, and had respect for Mary, and desired to see no harm come to her.  He wanted her to have a long life and an opportunity at happiness beyond this one moment (lapse in judgement).  How many of us want those who have hurt us or betrayed us to breath one more breath?

Gotta Fight that Feeling!

Decision-MakingFighting with each thought that entered his mind ( Well, maybe not Joseph, but Johnny! ), Joseph carefully chose which thoughts to latch onto, and what to reject.  Joseph fought through the emotions of the situations, and as a righteous man, was able to focus on what was important; the lives or Mary and her child.  I wonder how many of us do the same?  I am sure Joseph desired justice.  He had honored his part of the contract, and she had broken her part of the contract. He wanted to void the agreement, and had just reason to do so.  No one would think less of him.  This would not count against him as righteous, rather it would add to be counted as just and fair.

Are you able to take evil thoughts Captive?

I can not attribute and evil thought to Joseph, but will rather say his will did not align with God’s will.  I will however, (assuming I’m not the only one that has evil thoughts) talk about how challenging it is to capture thoughts when emotions are high.  Its like playing the Atari version of Asteroid.  One by one, trying to destroy each thought, knowing that the next will come either from your own imagination, or from the mouths of others.  Like a Cowboy looking to gain control of a loose calf, we must be aggressive and strategic in roping each though, taking away their legs so they cant roam free and take a seat in our heart. 

Just Move On!

Even though he had the right to destroy her, he was willing to do something we should do more often: “Move on!”  Joseph counted his losses (mainly time and effort), packed his bags, and prepared to move on.  Have you ever asked yourself how much energy, time, and resources you put into “getting justice”?  The time and effort you put into evening the score, and destroying those who have wronged you.  Not Joseph!  He kicked dirt on the smoldering pain and frustration he had, and made sure his passion would not get the best of him.  Most of us would have waged a campaign to insure Mary felt the same, if not more, pain than we felt in that moment! 

You have to Coordinate!

Though Joseph made a righteous decision as a righteous man, he was asked to make a righteous decision as though he was divine.  Joseph was not only asked to do right by Mary and her baby, but was asked to take her as his wife and raise the baby as his son.  He was asked to reflect God both inside and out.  Yes, Cooorrrrdinate!coordinat

I am sure many of you, like me, are thankful that God does not discard us because of one decision.  He is willing to marry us in the state that we are in.  He unites with us as we are found, and loves us until the point of change!  Thank God that in this moment, Joseph was asked and was willing to do the same.  It’s my prayer that those reading will be inspired to do the same!

Sometimes You have to Sleep on It!

The Bible says the Angel came to Joseph in a dream.  This was after he made up his mind about what should be done, but God sent word to him before he could act on what he planned.  Thank God he did!  Sometimes you have to Sleep on It!  We have to give ourselves time to rest and distance ourselves from the immediate pain and emotions.  We need a moment to back up, and to dismiss all that are present, giving us advice, and stirring the emotions and adding fuel to our fears.  Joseph went to sleep!  While resting, I am so glad that his first thought wasn’t his last; and neither does ours.

Don’t Make a Decision Too Soon!

Andre' 3000 & Big BoiThe Angel of the Lord yelled (figuratively), “…Too Soon! Don’t Do It!  Reconsider…”, as though he was Big Boi talking to Andre’ 3000!   I am inspired by this passage to take my time with decisions.   We often go with our first mind, not seeking or listening to God’s will in our circumstance.  We must understand that justice stems far beyond what the law dictates.  There is an aspect of being just that is saturated in mercy and fortified with grace.  It’s the same justice that is afforded to us by the Lord, who is long-suffering with us, and willing to give us an opportunity to change and align our wills and lives with His to get the glory.





The Lord and The Prophet


Now all this took place that what was spoken
by the Lord through the prophet might
be fulfilled, saying, Matthew 1:22

Reading this highlighted one of the truths of the life of God’s Prophet.    The Prophet is merely a mouth piece, a spokesman/woman, a representative if you will, who spends time with the Lord, and is submitted and committed to the Lord to aid Him in guiding His people.

The Word is Spoken before it Manifested

discouragedThe Prophet is privileged in that He/She often hears the Word first, Understands the Word First, can interpret what has been seen or being experienced, but he/she is not guaranteed to see the fulfillment of what was spoken to him or shown to him in a dream or vision.  Because its spoken before it occurs, the Prophet will always face doubt and critique from the hearer.  They must have faith both in the Prophet and the God that He serves.  His Words must be received as believable to the hearer! truth, even thought they lack proof.

Believable Is Relative to a Proven Track Record 

So I was inspired by this passage because of the amount of faith it takes for the Prophet to declare Publicly what He/She sees/hears privately.  This knowledge that your words are received with doubt at best, sometimes shuts the mouth of those whom God calls, while others alter their message, watering it down to something that is more likely, or is more palatable to the listening audience.

A Prophet is Listener then Speaker!

Because effectiveness is tied to track record, one must be sure that what is spokendownload and or revealed by God is accurate.  Anything that is unsure or gray, suspicion or speculation can be shared as though, but not as prophecy or truth (an even this should be to a minimum).  The Prophet must spend time in prayer and worshiping the Lord, and must also walk along side others who are walking with the Lord too.  This will help them with efficiency and confidence.

Sadly, we are suffering in an age where there are a large volume of false prophets, and called Prophets whom have forgotten the above mentioned order.  We have many that are speaking first, and listening second.  This attributes things to God that were not to be, and cause people to have challenges with the Lord that should not exist.  There are many angry with the Lord for not fulfilling a promise that did not come from Him.  The buzz word of today is fake news, and our Kingdom buzz word should be “fake prophecy!”  Lying on the Spirit of God was an eternal sin, that was beyond pardon.  So a warning to those who speak untruths of the Spirit, and lead mankind astray.

A Prophet is Listener then Doer!

Sometimes what is articulated and revealed to the Prophet, is not a verbal assignment, but a physical one.  Furthermore, the verbal signs, are sometimes difficult and sensitive in nature, making them unpopular.  These messages can place the life of the speaker in danger, and thus we have some that sit on the Revelation or alter and Edit it.  This is not only not right by God, but is unfair to the hearer of the Word who needs full understanding of the expectations placed on them, so their decision can be one that is not made with part of the information.  When the revelation is clearly communicated, the breaker of covenant is fully aware of the punishment that comes with the rebellion they carry out.

Though Isaiah saw with his own eyes, the revelation of the Lord, and heard clearly God’s plan for mankind.  He documented God’s Word, giving it to the people with full disclosure to insure they knew God’s heart and thoughts towards them.  He did His job!  Though He did not live to see the Prophecy fulfilled, He trusted God not only to seek Him, but that God will speak truth to Him, validating him by honoring His word as He always did!

God Hits the Script Markers!

Guaranteed-imageIsaiah, long gone, is quoted by Matthew,  years after the Lord has spoken through Isaiah, and the many other laborers that followed him.  God did not forget His word, nor had He changed His mind about the extent He would go through to show His love for them.  Thus we read, “Now all this took place….”  God, in His own timing, developed the needed character, scripted out the supporting cast.  He reviewed His earlier writings, making sure everything prophesied or foreshadowed was done, leaving no doubt to those searching for truth.  He made sure every “i” was dotted, and every “t” crossed.

Prophet Must Speak the Future as the Past

When God speaks of the future, He is discussing the past.  It has already occurred and is being revealed for an intended purpose.  God speaks with assured, because His character is a guarantor of anything spoken.   He is filled with truth, so He doesn’t mince Words, nor does He have to edit what will transpire because He misspoke.  He is honorable and consistent, and it is His character and His truth that the Prophet speaks from, not his/her own.  Because of this, the Prophet chosen must be one that has and exhibits great character, not only for believability, but for reliability of what he/she transposes.    A Prophet thus must trust what was spoken, and speak with confidence what he/she heard.   Though He might have doubts himself, He must stand firm and read the minutes from his/her time with the Lord. confused person

Though God is honoring His word, bringing it to past also brought honor to the reputation of the Prophet.  While some in his/her time might have laughed and sneered, in the end, the Word shared by the Prophet that laid before the Lord,  holding on to each Word spoken, and being bold enough to declare God’s truth, results in an outstanding track record. God is always dotting “i”s and crossing “t”s!  Because of this, the Prophet can feel comfortable declaring God’s Word.  They must hold fast, knowing that the Prophetic Word given to them, is shared in a unique covenant.  This covenant showers honor to the Prophet from heaven, and within the earth.  And while the validation of God’s Word identifies a unique connection to God to the hearer, the Prophet must remember that God honors His Word, not because of the Prophet, but because He is God.  There must remain humility in the sharing, and a monitoring of ego, remaining focused on the giver of the word, not the praise of those listening.  Stay humble Prophets!  Your connection is unique, but it can be broken.  You are only as strong as the connection you have to the Creator.