That Was so 5 minutes ago!


36 “And behold, even your relative Elizabeth
has also conceived a son in her old age;
and she who was called barren is now
in her sixth month. 37 For nothing will
be impossible with God.” 38 And Mary said,
“Behold the bondslave of the Lord; be it done
to me according to me your word.”  And the
angel departed from her.  Luke 1:36-38


This story is so powerful.  We looked first at how God restored the public reputation/perception of Elizabeth.  Her barren state was well documented in the community.  It started as a diagnosis, became a association, and then became a label.

writingAs she ages, the community learns more about her.  God  reveals His power through her barrenness, and shows His compassion in her conception with Zechariah.  We all learn as a community and as readers of her story, that God had saved her womb to deliver to the world a gift named John.

Your Label is given by from Man;
Your Purpose is revealed by God.

Like his mother, he would be known to the community, labeled and suffer from association, while finding power and freedom in serving God and living in his reality.  The word assigned to Elizabeth is barren, which is defined by Google as: “too poor to produce much or any vegetation”.  Her label of not able to produce, is changed in an instance, when she emerges from her home 5 month pregnant, baby bump emerging.

This bump hit the reset button in the minds of the community members, but would also serve a larger purpose than displaying that she was pregnant.  The age of both she and her husband, would confirm to those who labeled her, that a miracle was taken place.  Furthermore, the pregnancy would serve as confirmation to her relative Mary that God was getting ready to do something great in the earth.  It shows us that God has a purpose for every situation.

confused person

That was Yesterday!

Her barrenness was now 6 months in her past, her fertile state was her present, and her fruitfulness was only 4 months away.  I celebrate, much like Mary and Elizabeth did.  Your past is simply moments way, and your future is a breath away.  Your present is only a moment, and as walk with God, we learn that the present is the now that connect yesterday and tomorrow.   I hope you will stand up with me and say, that was yesterday.  May kids used to say, “That was so 5 minutes ago!” And what happened 5 minutes ago, does not dictate what will happen 5 minutes from now.

God Can Peel Off Labels!

I’m not fighting yesterdays label, I’m just walking forward to tomorrows purpose.  The label of man is temporary.  It is based on what they see, and believe.  Remember, man sees in part.  They see a moment, and make judgements on the past, but only God sees past, present and future at once.  It is God’s thoughts and words over your live that matter, not the word understanding and thoughts about you!   Go ahead with your label, God can peel it off with ONE Word!

I love that both Mary and Elizabeth were enjoying today.  Though giving thought about tomorrow, they walked with God daily, cherishing each moment of the journey.  They waited for His direction, lived on every word, and protected the gift He had given them, ensuring that both they and their gifts would bring honor to God.

Don’t let your Past Experience with God,
Discourage your Future Experiences with God.

wisdomThough they had lived for God, they hadn’t experienced the powerful move of God in their lives.  God, though for them, had previously not revealed His purpose for their lives, and they now walked in the moment of His revelation.  They served him publicly by carrying his revelation, but worshiped Him privately for allowing them to carry and bring forth his creation.  Others only saw part of what God was doing through them.  They saw they were blessed with child, but didn’t know the true gift they carried, and the true significance of them being chosen to birth forth Prophet and Messiah that would be for them and all mankind.

I am excited meditating on this text, because I know that both my and your futures are just a breath away.  Some of us have had to live down the shame of our past, while others have lived for God, but have yet to feel the joy of walking in purpose.  May of us have worked our best to find favor with God, eager to receive our unique calling, and passionate about building for Him.

Imagine, how quickly life changed for Mary and Elizabeth.  One word from the angle, and what was once prophecy became reality.  I am excited because God has spoken a word over each of us.  We wake each day with expectation, and sometimes sleep in disappointment or frustration; but God.  You can not outrun His Word.  Can not overlook His promise.  God will bring it to past!

chesskingMary and Elizabeth, found as we will, that walking with God is its own reward.  Reserving your self and preparing yourself  will result in the freedom to walk in favor, and to bring forth the miraculous!  The less we have to shed, the quicker we can align our will with His will and flourish in purpose.  I love that Mary was able to say, “…be it done to me…”  She didn’t ask for time, she asked for his will to be done.  She had lived for him before, and would continue to live for Him.   So too was Elizabeth.  Learning from Sarah, she didn’t seek to make provision for herself, she waited on God, and walked with God.

We can learn a lot from them both.  It is my prayer that we will continue living each day for the Lord, anticipating what He will say and do tomorrow.  Not living in the past, but hungry and thirsty for the outpouring of tomorrow.  This moment for some of us has been uneventful, while others are coasting from the success of the past, but we should all be aware that God is constantly doing new and greater things.  And it is our dedication and discipline to day that allow us to find favor and and deliver to the World the gift that will change the face of  our community and the world.


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