The Dialogue Pt. 1


I am blessed to be connected to some very powerful and true men of God.  Not perfect men, but true men, whom God has strategically placed to change the hearts of men, and to turn over the course of mankind.

I thought it beneficial to share exerts from a conversation, not identifying the speaker or speakers, but the pure sincerity and truth of the prophets God has waiting in the hills to rise up and take the stance for the Kingdom of God.  Come Holy Spirit on me

The original context of the dialogue steamed from a keen awareness that the community, not just the African American Community, but the Kingdom needing a developing and emerging wave of generals to pick up the mantle and also affect change in the course of our existence!

Speaker 1:  “We need a Prophet!”
Speaker 2:  “One that understand His call is to God first and the people second.”
Speaker 3:  “God has already sent a prophet, and a savior. We need to embrace the power  of what He’s already sent”
Speaker 1: “Yes!”
Speaker 3: “GOD said we have EVERYTHING we need to be successful in life and religion. He already gave it to us, we have to activate it.
Speaker 2: “In that, we must walk in the power of the Holy Spirit to defeat the establishment like Jesus”
Speaker 1:  “But the Holy Spirit is taboo, “mystical” at best!”
Speaker 3:  “By increasing our faith and an understanding of agape love the way God demonstrates it
Speaker 1: “activate” I say “surrender to” The Holy Spirit hasn’t been our guide for ages! We have the backpack and never call for the map (Dora)
Speaker 3: The Holy Spirit is fact. We are just scared to embrace it’s power
Speaker 1: “We want it’s power, but don’t have an appetite for righteousness!
Speaker 2: But the power lies in our faith and righteousness
Speaker 1: The Holy Spirit will give us wisdom, power and confidence to defeat the enemy, but it will also cause us to defeat and deny our flesh.
Speaker 3: We’re powerless without it
Speaker 1: It’s the combination of being selected through faith and seeking righteousness that will shine a light that is different and attractive.
Speaker 2: If the woman with the issue of blood was healed by her faith, why can’t a community with an issue of shedding blood be healed by our faith?
Speaker 1:  We have sunk into is masking and medicating problems.
Our country is not build on finding solutions, just dealing with the symptoms, and this has flowed over into our faith. We mask the problem by prescribing and taking things that make us seem healed as opposed to working to become well
Speaker 2: The symptoms cause the problems in our life but the cause (sin) is the only real cure.
Speaker 1: Wellness is faith, but it is also a decision to trust and to work towards what you believe to be true, applying the power and walking in discipline while you wait upon manifestation to occur!

(Discussion Continued)…

Join the discussion!  What are your thoughts and perceptions?  How can we Heal and Avoid Medicating?  Even more, when we will start taking what the Word prescribes, and not Self Medicating and Using Home Remedies?




Just Doing Our Part!

This evening, the youngest girlies were traipse artist, pushing the mattress to its limits. Their leaps amazed the crowd, as they fell mesmerized by their death-defying routines.
As girlie #5 catapulted towards the ceiling, a voice screamed, “are you jumping on the couch?” “No,” she said, knowing this was a partial truth. For it wasn’t the couch but the bed. She wouldn’t volunteer the information. Big sister #2 remarked, “Uh huh! Told you Y’all were going to get caught!”, as sister #4 quietly sat, not to admit involvement in the routine.   jumpingbed.png
I said to mommy, as the door closed, “should we take away the joys of jumping on the bed from the kids?” Knowing that all who were privileged to experience a mattress in the home had used its power to bring to life fantasy after fantasy.
Our mattress as children caught our final tumble in the Olympics as well as the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. It was the backdrop our attempts to fly like Superman and caught the Suplex and DDT before our dolls heard the three count of the referee and gave us the championship belt!
“No”, mommy replied. “We shouldn’t. But, we have to do our jobs! We’re parents and its part of the gig.”
I replied, “Your right! Besides, half of the fun of jumping is knowing that mom and dad said not too! The danger adds to the fun!” I finished.
“You’re right” mommy said, “we’re just adding to the fun.” This said, knowing that the fun of the jump always overruled the consequences. As we smiled, we knew the jumping would continue. Maybe not today, but surely tomorrow.
The mattress might be one of the greater imagination supporters ever!   Maybe we should teach mattress safety as opposed to restricting the leaps?
Until then, “are you jumping on the bed again?  Don’t make me come up there.”



See, I got into this bad roommate situation,
I invited someone into my home to share my space,
Thus making my place our place,
And now my place has become more his space,
Now I am out of place like MySpace,
Trying to retrieve what was once mine,
Fighting to gain control over what I once had dominion over, Moving-into-Your-First-Apartment-450x253
Or so it seemed,
My lack of a simple background check,
Has me paired with the devil himself,
Wrapped in my own flesh,
Barking out commands,
Rearranging my home,
Redefining purpose,
And Overriding functions,
Removing the remains of what was taught,
Or so he thought,
I was trained in a way,
That I might not depart,
And though you have rented space in my heart,
Your lease is up for renewal,
And my tomorrow,
Looks better with you in my past,
Looking towards the hills,
My ears tuned to His station,
His digital signal warms my ears,
Coating my heart,
Restoring like a polish,
Removing the stain,
Breaking through the tarnish,
Waxing on,
Wiping off,
Leaving its protective coat over me,
I begin to shine again,
I review my resident application,
Tightening the security,
That the next roommate would be great,
Then I removed the vacant sign,
Tore up the applications,
And decided to live at peace.

#Spiritual Sunglasses

Your Old Men will Dream Dreams….


Tonight I had a dream,

I was a little boy,

Called to preach the Gospel…

My older brother had been matred

In a community shooting

My mom,

A single parent doing the best she could

Woke me up for breakfast

Then stood proudly at the door,

She sent me off

Believing I was going to school

But I was on assignment

My head high,





Walking so fast my chest broke the sound barrier

Glancing down

The side walk read as a script

Part markings,

And tags,

Many proud,

Others sad,

The side walk was hood engraved

My brothers name listed too

Cement etched with his name

His sunrise and sunset too

I skipped along

Careful not to step on any crack

Leaping from side to side

Knowing the importance of her back

Though she seemed healed

I could see her wounds

Scab removed from the last sunrise

I remember each tear that fell

Wanting to catch them

But knowing their escape was the route of escape

She found some semblance of peace

In the Word given to me

The power and its simple delivery

Helped her see

She had packed my lunch

While I packed my kit

She fed my belly

As my voice fed her soul

Down the steps I went

Physically filled

Spiritually bursting at the seams

My lips mouthed the message

My heart had recorded in my studies

My mind an amplifier

My mouth a speaker

My heart where He wrote

My life where He kept His notes

My first assignment

Was here,

I dragging my kit

Into the establishment,

A new eating spot,

Soul food no doubt,

Tables filled with patrines

The host and hostesses scurrying’s like Christmas eve.

My kit was too big to lift,

Filled with items to help me preach the good news

My voice was ready

My mind fresh

My heart beating through my chest

The one greeted me

Welcome to Allen’s

I’ll get you up to speak

He Cut off the radio feed

Proud to introduce me

Turns out my brother was a talented musician

And I,

Inherited the gene and was continuing the family legacy

Carrying it further than before

The Gospel my focus

His gift,

My talent would now be the vehicle

Through which God would change the world

I stepped up to the urinal,

Smiling ear to ear

Hearing Gods voice softly in my ear

Go to the restroom he said

Your going to wet yourself!


Stupid water pill!!!!!

I really have to get off this medication!!!

Love Illustrated


Love Illustrated
Spiritual Sunglasses

None of us were perfect,
Without flaw,
Merely broken pieces,
Held together by the hope,
That someone will take us off the shelf,
And drink from a cup,
That is cracked and missing a handle.
Because of our brokenness,
People have to drink from us with care,
And we have to trust,
That they will not drop,
Or destroy,
What we are entrusting them with,
Believing that we all contain a sweet nectar,
Worth more than tasting,
Deserving of consuming,
And beneficial for any one,
That allows us to satisfy their hunger pains,
Their desire to partake,
Of something that can cure the ills of one who sits in lack,
Waiting for the provision to be given,
Like freeze dried food,
Package for the journey,
Lowering our barriers,
We give hydration,
And that hydration turns what seems incapable of fulfilling us,
Into a meal that would satisfy any hunger,
Learning to appreciate the satisfaction found in us is difficult,
Because alone we can not satisfy ourselves,
Because there are only something’s and places,
That can be touched by someone that is not us,
Until the barrier is lowered,
We remain islands to ourselves,
Waiting to be inhabited not by a civilian,
Not a civilization,
Truly desiring for someone to inhabit our garden,
Nourish its life and vegetation,
Not just preserving it,
But causing it flourish,
Leaving for the world to see,
All the beauty that was there all the time,
But was under developed,
And un-cared for by a caretaker who saw all the flaws,
Thus could not focus on the fullness of the creation,
Finally, we receive someone,
Someone who is able to see the full potential,
And beauty of the landscape, called Me.
Who new that letting down the barrier would allow such beauty to arise from mere dust and water?


I Can’t Stand the Pain


I Can’t Stand the Pain

You have been given an advantage.
In this world where people lack the ability to feel,
You are sensitive to the world around you,
Seeing it for what it is,
Aware of what it has become,
Knowledgeable of what it was to be,

Now, just one big confrontation,
of good and evil,
Of light and darkness,
Of pain and pleasure,
A distorted of reality,
A dissertation of fools,
Instructions leading to dead ends,

Yet many seek to numb its presence,
By sedating themselves with life’s medicine,
Poison rather,
Killing themselves slowly,
Taking Calgon like escapes from what exist,

Relaxing in a hot bath of sin,
Unaware that flesh living,
Is a death sentence,
With judgement at the end,
And the manifestations of the flesh on earth,

A punishment to all that reject the Spirit,
Ignoring Her voice,
As she bares witness to our existence,
A compass, pointing North,
As we wander South,
At best East or West,

Having directions,
But walking without them,
But not lacking,
Our hearts and minds pricked,
Adding value,
Allowing your very thoughts,
To be renewed,
Expressing to someone,
The sacrifice made for their benefit,
The original pay it forward,
Made long ago,
The sheet of paper,
Like the cross,
Bears the burden of our sins and worries,
Relieving us from the pain ,
Of carrying that which we are not suited to carry.
We truly are not camels,
Or pack mules,
Truth is,
It’s a long channel to swim across,
Our fears and desires are accompany us,
Making life like swimming across an ocean,
With a life jacket with weights attached to it.

That life jacket is Christ.
He will keep you afloat,
But if you don’t lighten the load,
Even the best life jacket will fail,
Not because it doesn’t work,
But because it was placed at a disadvantage.
By one who wouldn’t release that which was pulling them under.

#Spiritual Sunglasses