Dialogue with a Seventh Day Adventist.


I just finished a great conversation with a Seventh Day Adventist brother about the history or the Sabbath.

According to him, Constantine aligned the Sabbath with His Calendar which made Sunday the day of rest for all workers and professionals. I think he thought I would enter into a discourse about the Sabbath, but I redirected his attention to how the example of Constantine caused a long term shift in the faith.

While the leadership at the time might have thought
it an easy answer to stop persecution
and to make the faith popular,
it led to a change in the practice of the faith.

I then took the time to talk to our brother about the dangerous game our evangelical leaders are playing with our president and his companions. While they are working their way into power by renting out their pulpits, they are allowing a man who considers capitalism righteousness, and considers the Bible leverage to manipulate people to serve as an example to all as a standard of righteousness.

While this seems innocent and harmless, like Constantine, this can  lead the practice and understanding of the the faith and Christ long beyond an up and coming election.



Don’t be a Jezebel! (1 Kings 21:25)


(There has never been anyone like Ahab, who was firmly
committed to doing evil before the Lord, urged on by his
wife Jezebel…) 1 Kings 21:25

There are many titles attached to Jezebel.  A woman noted for her seductive and manipulative ways.  She waived her fist in the face of God, talked trash to His prophets, lead a campaign against the Lord, encouraged idolatry and disgusted the Lord.  No better is the picture of the Lords long suffering and patience as seen with those who have hardened hearts against Him.  jezebelSending prophets and signs, He works to reach and transform the life of those who are darkened, yet some are just hardheaded.  Such is Jezebel.  No matter what she hears or sees, Jezebel will not change her ways, and invest her time in getting others to do likewise.

In the 20th chapter of 1st Kings, Jezebel finds herself encountering her husband Ahab who has been rejected by Naboth on the sale of his vineyard.  Ahab, downcast, has his head lifted by Jezebel, his wife who encourages him.  Yes, Jezebel supports her man.  She encourages him to go after what he desires.  She encourages him to take control of the circumstances, and to use his power to gain what he needs.  And yes, this is a problem!

An encouraging wife is normally thought to be a good thing, but in this case, Jezebel encourages her husband to abuse his power and to commit and offense against a child of God.  Jezebel takes the pen and paper and drafts up a letter and puts into action a plot to accuse Naboth of cursing God.  Worse, Ahab, realizing what Jezebel has done, becomes a partaker in the evil by taking possession of that which did not belong to him.

Her encouragement to Ahab was a stirrer, that stirred up Ahab to commit more and greater atrocities against the Lord.  She took a man who already found himself not in favor with the Lord, and moved him up the chart to enemy number one.  This is so key.  REALITY!  Your Spouse will be or is FLAWED and has a SIN NATURE!  So what will you cultivate.

So What are You Cultivating?

Jezebel Encouraged her man to abuse his power!  stirrer-2She drafted up a note and plan to kill an innocent man all for convenience.  In this, she modeled and encouraged him to set aside all principles and care for the people he led and the God he served, and to do what best fit him.

As we watch life play out before us, I wonder how many Jezebels there are?  Not speaking just of the nation or world, but of our local congregations.

I remembered speaking to a woman on a Saturday witnessing day  that said she was propositioned by her Pastor.  She recalled him approaching her upon graduating High School and asking her to go to a training to run a new program at the church.  Upon arriving, he checked them into the hotel.

First, she didn’t realize they would be the only two traveling.
Second, she didn’t think they would share the same room.
Third, even after contacting her parents, they spoke up for
the man of God and encouraged her to stay.

After dinner, The Pastor decided to have a special laying on hands ceremony, substituting the sacred oil with anointed lotion.  Replaced the Easter Palms for Rose Petals.  Replace the Altar for a Bed and was told she was the Sacrifice!  She refused, and thankfully, the Pastor returned her home.

But it doesn’t end!  It gets worse!  The following Sunday, the First Lady scolded the young lady for dressing in a manner that tempted her husband (who confessed what happened, but directed the blame to the young ladies night clothes).

She hasn’t returned to church since!

I am not sure if this story is even true, but I thought she was being very genuine.  Even if true, its important to note this isn’t everyone’s story, nor is it the norm.  But we would be foolish to pretend that there aren’t some cases of abuse.  And worse, some cases with spouses who support the Abuse of Power taking places in some of our local churches.

And no, I will not call this First Lady a Jezebel, not will I get on a soap box about a Mom and Dad that allowed their Daughter to travel alone with a man, but I will say that we must be clear about our roles and spouse and saints.

queen-jezebelAnd no, covering the man/woman of God does not mean us being modern day politician apologist.  We must cover the man/woman of God in prayer, supporting them as God works with them, not by lying and with deceit, but not being quick to judge and or exposing their flaws that they might be susceptible to future sin and or sudden destruction.  Covering the man/woman of God involves the support not only of prayer, but protecting their anointing and making sure they can stay before the Lord and serve the people unhindered.

And for that matter, touch not thine anointed does not mean we as clergy get a free pass to carry out foolishness, with the understanding that God is our judge or will carry out justice.  Or that there is no accountability for those who wear the cloth.  The word says that a claim against an Elder should only be received if it can be verified by two or three witnesses.  Then continues to say that no favoritism will be shown, and that they must be rebuked before all!  In other words, God’s has no favorites, and neither should we.  He will punish and judge us all, regardless of title, position or works!

Encouraging ungodly behavior and pursuits of Greed, Selfishness, Covetousness, Gluttony and the like are not the types of stirring that is needed among those chosen to support and serve the man/woman of God, rather those who continue pointing towards the path set for us all.  Don’t be a Jezebel!




Integrity: 50 Shades of Grey


This year, we have faced controversy after controversy.  Though our opinions may sway to one side or the other, there are somethings that are modern day variables, that used to be constants.  Our definitions and values of words and concepts, once stagnant, have been placed on a sliding scale that have clouded the judgment and confused participants.

One of the words that have been served to us, once as a stiff strong drink, is now a watered down beverage offered with the same power and potency as a half price drink served before 10 o’clock at a club with no cover charge; “Integrity.”


Recently, I was caught in a conversation that questioned the “Integrity” of the Republican Electoral College Member from Texas who decided he would not vote for President Elect Donald Trump.  Immediately, his Integrity was brought into question.   One Facebook poster stated, “this is why Donald Trump didn’t want the Mexican judge on his case.”  Others insisted that this was the shameful act of a man who lacked the integrity needed to perform his job.

In a country that has openly prided deemed Christianity (as though its the official beverage of our favorite sports franchise) as the religion of the United States, we find both the country and our faith struggling.   In the founding of the faith, we saw a line drawn between evil and good, darkness and light, flesh and spirit, crooked and straight, but now, we have suffered in a “Trickle Down Faith” build on truth, but saturated with compromise.  A few Super Apostles have leveraged the power of the gospel for earthly comforts, leaving those following either in pits or on the edge of a cliff holding to the harness of grandmothers faith and grandpas wisdom.

This just in; there is Black and White!  There are no shades of Grey!  Of course there are you say (thinking of your coloring box), but we are not referring to a palette of colors, rather the palate of the tongues of men that speak lies while God desires and requires us to speak truth.   


Truth is not relative to audience, neither is integrity relative to goals.  The criticism of the Electoral College member was based on the fact that he could not bring himself to vote for a person he felt was not right for the elected position.  His own morals and ethics prevented him from making the vote, thus he chose to remove himself from the position rather than compromise.  Any one heard of Daniel (assuming most readers know the Biblical Stories)?  Was he too one that lacked Integrity?  He refused to eat the Kings meat and drink, and then refused to bow and kneel!  He was in a position of authority and influence in the Government, but he would not compromise what he knew to be true and or betray his God for position, promotion or prosperity.

Not to exalt this Electoral College member, but to highlight this moment in reference to what was witnessed in this last election.  We witnessed members who referred to a candidate as a pathological liar, a pervert, ignorant, clueless……(its a long list), swore they would not cast a vote for this candidate or support the candidate, and then do the opposite of what they stated (Both Major Parties I might add!!!!).  If these people are considered to be people of Integrity, then I am starting the hashtag “#SaintChrisSuprun.”  This man should be considered a patron saint in light of what we just witnessed up close and personal from both Parties!  50shadesofgrey

For everyone who grew tired of reading through a variety of fact checking websites after every speech or debate!  Show some integrity!  Stop choosing a Party of Kingdom!  Truth is not owned by a Media Outlet, nor is our Faith directed by who holds Presidential Office.  Integrity is not a byproduct of policy, it is a foundation of values that reveal the truth substance of the person who not only espouses but lives out its essence.

What I am asking?  Crack that spine for yourself!  Do your own studies.  Jesus came and made several stops to deal with the effects of “Trickle Down Faith!”  He stood toe to toe with those claiming to have integrity and to be representatives of truth, and debunked each one.  His time with them was like binge watching mythbustersMythbusters!

Just so you know, this will trim down your friends and followers, and will leave you with a number so small that it would be considered a residue.  But celebrate!  This is not residue, it is remnant!

The Kingdom of God needs more Disciples nor more Members!  Our congregations are in need of people who love God so much that they live their lives geared to please God and not man.  Our congregations need to be filled with people who see righteousness as a means to obtaining riches, and not obtains riches and then deems itself righteous.  We need people who understand the black and white of life, and who wont exist as a lukewarm Grey.  We must discipline ourselves not to be controlled by our vices, but to have our vices controlled by our commitment to our King!




Divided we Stand…


Today, the United States stands as a divided nation.  No, these are not our worst times or darkest days, but we are a democracy with a stewing plethora of opinions all of whom have been fueled by an accelerate that has lead us to the pathway of destruction.  That accelerate has been identified by most as racism; but as I complete discussions, I believe the accelerate is actually FEAR.

Not that racism doesn’t exist!  I believe it is alive and well.  While I do not believe that it is the ruling majority, I do believe it still plays a roll in every decision, every position and most assuredly played a roll in this past election. Can't we all just get along?

As I spoke to a few conservative Anglo friends, their assessment was that race had won the last two elections.  Somehow, President Obama was chosen because he was black, not because he was the most qualified candidate.  Of course, this could open up a long dissertation about racist views and stereotypes, I will leave this be.  In summation, I should not to be bothered by the election of an unqualified, inarticulate Anglo man, even if he were chosen because of race, because of the past 8 years (summing of about 8 conversations).   Statement after statement could be boiled down to FEAR!

While most gave the appearance of security and power, the voices and dialogue that was spoken and written was that of fear.  The media characters, both liberal and conservative, painted broad pictures to rally the emotions and fears of those who fear the worst.   Our country, though stable and recovering, was now in complete disarray, and an once honest and just government, had become corrupt and greedy in less than 8 years.

Drastic times call for Desperate Measures

Yep; hear ye, hear ye!  When people are Desperate!  When the circumstances are categorically drastic, the response is always extreme.

divided-we-fallOur FEARS and our Ignorance were found in that the American People bought into the need to clean up Washington, made a bold statement by voting against ONE member of Washington, and then proceeded to Re-Elect those whom deemed corrupt!  Then America elected a partner and contributor to those who were corrupt, and then gave them the assignment to clean house.  Interestingly enough, the President can’t clean up Washington, only the People can, assuming Washington will not wash itself!

FEAR causes Unsound Decisions, Delays Progress, and Destroys Productivity!

They are here to steal our jobs!  Yes, the very jobs many reading this blog would not work!   During the 2008, I spoke with a unemployed worker, who would not take interviews or jobs that payed under $100,000 because his value had been established at $100,000.  Other jobs he was over qualified for, and the others, he was uninterested in.   He like many of you have lived off reserve/savings and unemployment (which is one of many socialist program) until he was rehired .

But like him, many of you bought the idea that our jobs had been taken by illegal aliens.  This would mean that companies were choosing to hire illegal aliens as opposed to citizens.  Is that legal?  Are we saying that companies in America are choosing to give money to illegal aliens and not to citizens to prosper itself?  Truly, the only thing worse would be that company taking our jobs to another country!

I know what you are thinking, YES!  I see illegals working in my office every day!  I see illegals filling out applications.  I see them sitting with the HR rep.  I saw them going through the training.  They are sitting at my old desk, living in my neighborhood, going to my school…… FEAR!

Know this, Capitalism is not equal to Righteousness!

This has been a long standing Ignorant Premise of our country!  Profit at any cost!  Manipulate to gain Advantage!  Corner a market, then allow traffic with rules the further prosper you, and cause others to work harder, and while handicapped.

Yes, even our faith (Christian) have suffered from this premise!  Anglo Christians enslaved African’s and used the Word of God to justify the cruel and inhuman treatment of God’s creation!  Many followed blindly as they were convinced that African people were not people, but were property, thus the actions taken towards them was not shameful or wrong to God, but acceptable.

Sadly, we are watching the same behavior!  Our Gospel is being manipulated by political bugs, and many of our pulpits have been rented to own, at best leased out.  We are manipulated by policies to gain our vote, not because this is a Christian nation, but because the people at the top determine the direction of the nation, and are able to prosper as it advances; and even when it is in decline!

Our congregants faced the same presentations from 2 elections past.  A vote for this candidate is a vote for the Anti-Christ!  How you ask, because they approved a policy that was un-biblical an a practice that was ungodly!  And they are right!  These are un-biblical and ungodly practices, but they aren’t the only policies that are ungodly, just the ones that are being highlighted.   Furthermore, to label someone the Anti-Christ?  Especially after the current President was labeled the Anti-Christ!  It would seem that the incorrect claim/prophecy would alert those that future claims and prophecies were just as inaccurate, but they didn’t!  It is one thing to not like a person or a their policies, but this label and what it represents in Biblical narrative is as though these irresponsible Pastors are saying that voting for this candidate would signify the end of the world!  This is clearly manipulation and abuse!!!!together

 So what now?

Divided we fall has always been a truth played out before us all.  Though it still remains true, our hope is to maximize the moments while standing to recover well enough to pull it together before division fulfills is prophecy.

We stand reeling from the barrage of punches thrown in our last recession, which featured greed and mismanagement that sent us to the canvas.  We stand, woozy, struggling to hold our hands steady for the referee, leaning against the ropes, using every bit of the standing eight count.  The world waits, as we attempt to prove that we are stable and able to fight.  Only time will tell!





I’ll Show You!


As I listened to the words of my friend and expert Saquan Jones,  I was saddened but empowered by the passion displayed.  As he spoke eloquently to African American voters who vowed not to vote and did not vote, I was reminded of a lesson I learned we all learned as a child:

Pouting Punishes You!


Having 5 children, I have the honor of watching this play out.  On any given outing, we could have to watch a child restrict themselves from fun because they are unhappy about something that has occurred or is planned.  While the others continue to have fun, we plead with the child to join the others and not punish themselves because things are going their way.  We point out the happy faces and jovial voices of those who have accepted what is, and have learned how to enjoy what has or will transpire.

Sometimes, Pouting is Pointless

As a child, we didn’t have a choice.  Nope!  No vote!  Our opinion didn’t matter!  We were relegated to the back seat!  No Poll was taken, no suggestion was solicited.  We heard the dialogue (sometimes)!  Prayed for the decision we preferred!  And braced for the results!  They would round up the family and give us the plan for the day or evening, and we were forced to go along.

As kids, we couldn’t wait to grow up!  One day, we would have a voice!  We would have a say so!  We could influence the outcome, and argue for our position.  One day we dreamed, that not only would our voice be heard, but our opinions would carry weight with the matriarch and patriarch.  As Kids, we realized:

Pouting without Power just Expends Energy

We knew we needed not only to be able to voice our opinion, but we needed to be at the table to participate in the decision making!  We need a vote!  Without this vote, our Pouting, we realized, was just Pouting!  It lacked leverage.  It lacked influence.  Without this vote, we were dependent on the mercy of the voting class to throw us a bone.  little-girl-pout-pouting-furrowed-brow-tantrum

As an older sibling, we have all watched a younger sibling literally whine and cry themselves to sleep; missing the entire outing!  Now as adults, we watch our peers wine and cry themselves to sleep; waking to complain about the outcome!  The energy that could have been used to have fun was expended in a temper tantrum, and in the end, nothing was accomplished, and the moment was gone.

As Saquan poured out his wisdom, I thought, There is no way that little child in the back seat or breakfast table would imagine a circumstance where they would have a voice and a vote and not use it! 


Then I smiled!  I thought to myself, why criticize those who Pouted!  Maybe they were just mimicking what they were watching?

ace3ae106922867c5b0c7b7dc4311e71Yep, for the last 8 years, these new voters and young voters watched as a corrupt group of pouting old men sat on their hands for 8 years because the people placed in power one they didn’t choose

Because they pouted; we all lost!  We lost their voice and wisdom which could have aided product and policy that could have “Made America Great.”  But much like the 2 year old in the back seat, they only wanted “America Great” on their terms with their ideas.

Sometimes Your Pouting Affects Others!

Pouting does not punish the one you are upset with, but it often ruins it for the others along for the journey!  One of the worst things that could happen to an outing was the pouting of one, leading to the canceling of an outing causing us all to suffer!  Get it together!!!!!!

The truth is, many of us sat this one out, thinking, “I’ll show you!”  We kept our power in our pockets, choosing to use only our voices to speak to the ruling power.  And yes, there will be some riots and protest, but they will make little change and will last only a short time.  And while many of us sat at home, the ruling glass watched with glee.  I bet they were thinking,


And after the results, they were thinking,


In conclusion,

Just because you have a vote, doesn’t mean you will always win!

There will be times when you vote that you will be outvoted.  Times that you will not get your way.  Times you will not be represented.  Times you will have to be strategic.  Times when your options will be ones you would prefer not to choose.  Even in these cases, your vote still counts towards something.

Voting is not about winning!  It’s about voicing your opinion to affect the outcome and direction of the whole.

It is Power to Change, not just the Freedom to Speak.








Time for a Change


For the last few months we have listened to the argument that the African American Community has been fooled for voting for the Democratic Party which has failed to represent them properly and advance their cause.

democrat-republican-partyNow, I will not argue balls and strikes, because our world is too politicized to make a clear argument, but I will address this concern by posting a concern that I have seen myself.  I asked an Anglo Friend of mines:

“What has the Republican Party done to advance your cause?” 

As I look at the mass volume of those who seem aligned with Donald Trump, I wonder if the same argument posed to the African American Community could be posed to the Anglo Community which continues to struggle and are statistically not advancing along with the identified African American Community.

When you consider the dis-appearing Middle Class and the widening Wealth Gap, one must not think in black and white, but in Charts and Graphs.  People!!!!  We just left the worst recession ever!!!!   We were all suffering greatly!!!!!  Not just African Americans, but Anglo Americans and Mexican Americans……  We must see that the division in class is what is at stake, and the racial dialogue being spewed is a distraction to keep the masses from seeing the invisible hand of the Wealth Party (The Elite 1% who own the Majority of the Wealth)  who continue to distract all voters into voting for that which does not represent them and continue to aide them in protecting their wealth with the illusion of distributing it to others.

Americans have become very lazy in their voting habits.  american-flag-wallpaperWe are clueless, in part, because of the media, which has stopped reporting facts, and generate stories around partial truths and sometimes, speculate what truth is on non truths!  Our candidates are known in part for their commercials and are under-girded by the powerful winds of “Liberal Media” and “Conservative Media.”

Having said this, Americans are further loyal to the news outlet that supports the delusions of their party, and the candidate they are backing.  It is totally ignorant that truth can come out about a candidate and be spun 50 million ways or not addressed at all.  Candidates are less likely to face their failures, because they are aware that the viewing public shifts when the Media changes the story line.  Their favorite anchor changes the dialogue with the change of the teleprompter, choosing to highlight insignificant items rather than sticking with the issues.  How can one believe they have truth when they know the station they tune into is owned by a Specific party?

Worse, how can we believe our congressmen and congresswomen are representing us properly when we know they all get money from Super-Pacs (which are really the people controlling our Congress).

The dominance and loyalty to the original parties have placed a monopoly on the White House.  The chances of a Non-Republican or Non-Democrat being in office are slim to none, mainly due to loyalty to brand and furthermore, the money needed to campaign in an era where marketing is more important than the message.  This election has shown that any Press is good Press!  This is shameful and must change!

In this, I believe that we all must be open to switching parties.  The ignorance of declaring yourself to be a Republican or Democrat has been highlighted in this race, where Donald Trump, a man who has been identified as a Democrat has one the party nomination and despite his stances and embarrassing ways has been backed by those who despise him, all while telling the American Public to vote for him because he is a Republican and you are a Republican!  

It’s time for a change people!!!!  Our democracy has become Reality TV.  What was once respected is now a joke!  



It’s Not Pronounced (Just-Us)


In a recent conversation, I was captured by the pronunciation of the word “Justice”.  The word, pronounced Jus-tis, spoken swiftly reveals the definition of the word by many human beings; (Just-us).  Reaching across racial and economic lines, the preservation and advancement of self has taken the reins of most lives such so that those who place others above themselves are rewarded and celebrated.

As the voice continued, I continued to hear Just Us.  As I matched this with the argument given, I realized that the actions being judged were being seen through the eyes of one who was unaffected by the circumstances at hand.  It became clear that as long as one’s civil rights, safety and well being weren’t threatened, one is likely to feel comfortable in the system that is administrating Justice, leading them to believe that Justice was being served.  And there is truth to this!  Justice is served everyday.justice

I Posed this Question: “Is Justice distributed and served equally?”

The answer, a resounding no!  Honestly, Justice is distributed amidst us on a credit scale.  Ones value to society is run through a rubric of sort, and the value of a life is determined by a formula that is distributed from a society that holds Capitalism as Justification.  Yes believers, in Christ, we are Justified by His Sacrifice, and in America, we are Justified by Capitalism.  Ones ability to earn, is placed above basic humanity, and ones right to prosper, trumps the civil rights or liberties of those economically beneath them.  Our Capitalistic mindset serves as the hot toddy that gives us sweet rest at night.

It has become more apparent that Justice is a’ la carte!  And yes, if you have to ask how much it cost, you can’t afford it!  Things that should accompany the meal, are now offered on the side.  It is distributed in small serving sizes, listed in fine print with fancy language on a contract that was written to benefit authors and investors, not readers and partakers.

It gives the illusion of full coverage, providing confidence, while defining limitations that shortchange satisfaction. 

It encourages all to invest, changing the rules as rights are distributed to insure that ones obtaining rights can’t fully benefit the same way as those that have profited from its promises.  What keeps all protecting her secrets is the illusion that what has been obtained by others, will be redistributed to those that follow.

When in reality, we are all dogs on a track, chasing a fake rabbit around in hopes that we will be declared winner, when in truth, the real winners are in the sky box taking bets on which one of us will chase the dream the hardest.

justice1What was promoted for all, was only promised to some.  And from those to whom the promise was extended, most have not received and have only pretended to have taken hold of.  As I talk and read chats and blogs, I wonder if most realize that the dream is still a dream?  That this promised distribution is not intended, just impending!

All this to say, we are in a matrix (no I’m not going there!).  There are things that we are privy to, and all other things are just rumors of war.  We are revealed the hand as it is played, and we are unsure who is dealing the cards, and are only sure of one thing; the deck is stacked, and the slight of hand ensures that only a select few the power.

Having said all this, one of the greatest illusions is that Justice is for all.  If this were true, our freedoms and liberty would not depend on the amount of legal representation one can afford.  Having the right amount of resources gives one confidence in a system offers Justice to those who can afford it.  Those who lack resources, lack access to what was promised to all.