Productivity = (Ability + Resources) /Offense


As I looked at these doors yet again , I realized that the door labeled “yes” was labeled “no” on the other side, and the door labeled “no” was labeled “yes” from the other side. .

This brought a smile in that, the same door that was an enterance was an exit and vice verse.  The labels placed on them insures that those entering had rules to abide by like those leaving. 

I thought about this key aspect of relationships!  Many relationships are ruined from the start because of the way a person entered or how the person was brought in.

Having proper boundaries and structure in our relationships and ministries is key to maintaining healthy relationship and to infusing life and energy into our environments that spur productivity.  

If only we could measure uproductivity!  I am sure we would discover that offense in our relationships  serves as a defense to our work.  


Productivity = (Ability + Resources) /Offense

In this, I believe we will find that Non-Working relationships produce Unproductive people.  Despite the talents or ability of an individual, relationships determine the attitude and affect desire of the person so serve at maximum ability.  A toxic environment works against ability and potential with such force, that it can make it seem that those working lack even the baseline of their own ability.  Best case, a toxic environment keeps people working on the baseline of ability, but locks away potential because motivation and desire are low.  Ability measured is what has been untapped today, where are potential is relative to what is developed.  Many of our environments are coasting on ability, and circling because the power of potential has been taken away by unhealthy relationships. 

How one enters is also affected by how one leaves.  While it may be one thing to make a grand enterance, making a grand exit could burn some bridges.  Much trepidation has been experienced because of the actions and attitude of the one leaving or the treatment of the one leaving.  

This remaining hurt causes us to enter new relationships with guards that hinder and blur future relationships.  The hurt or betrayal in one relationship often poisons future relationship, as the slow and steady travel of poison works it’s way, shutting down organs one at a time. 

Yep, you guessed it!  The first organ affected is the heart!  This takes us back to our formula! The heart wounded and unhealed will slowly decrease productivity beneath one ability. 

Again I wonder how many people have been wounded upon exit and experienced diminished productivity in an new environment?  Thought this occurs, productivity can be restored when a person is intorduced properly into a healthy environment.  The love, support and structure of a driven few can restore and refuel an empty tank.  The new environment can remove the poison from an infected heart and heal to the point of health and reintroduce the growth from untapped potential.

Though relationship experience separation, We must accept this truth; relationships are forever!  Long after a person leaves our presence, the bond, be it positive or negative, forgiven or unforgiven continue to impact is forever!  

Count it no coincidence that God stress not only forgivenes, but how we treat one another.  Without counting, I am confident that there are twice as many scriptures that deal with how to treat people as there are forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the biproduct of transgressions from mishandled relationship.  Though not thought. It is easier to treat people as they should be treated than to restore a wounded heart. 

How will you handle relationships?  Is the environment you provide stifeling productibity? Is the mishandling of the entrance and exit of a person keeping you on the baseline of ability?  


Choose Peace on Earth


“Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace among people
with whom he is pleased.”
Luke 2:14

The 14th verse of Luke says in the 2nd chapter, “…peace among people with whom he is pleased.”  Peace from the Messiah is a progressive peace received by those who choose to follow Him.  Seeking righteousness and choosing love over hate is the fertile soil that allows us to breath and breed peace in our lives.Peace of Mind wooden sign with a beach on background

This is made possible by our commitment to make peace with the world.  We must choose not to live in conflict with one another and must show respect also to all of Gods’ creation.  Think it not odd that God was even concerned with how man treated the animals which he was to consume and the plants which gave him life.  He taught man to respect life by making him a farmer and also a creator himself through womb birth.

Jesus brings us life to the full not just through eternal life, but through the gift of His Word and Walk, which instruct an model for believers how to live among creation and not collapse.  We are now able to encounter people through the lens of Christ, which we inherit through His Holy Spirit anointing our eyes and ears with the balm of compassion.  It is our outlook on life, which now shaped by our faith in God, that should allow us to paz_mundialencounter each set of circumstances with the measure of faith given to us that we might obtain peace through believing which then shapes our choices.

This is best summed up by our Lord who stated that the Love of God as the greatest commandment, followed closely by Love Your NeighborHow is your relationship with both God and man?  Are we applying God’s Word to our lives in respect to interaction with His creation or are we extracting the portions that allow us to gain wealth and prominence?   If you are not in a right relationship with God and man, chances are, He is not pleased with you, and neither are you experiencing peace on earth.



My Sunrise


This morning

I looked into the sunrise and thought of you
It reminded me of how I felt when I first held you
It was an honor, one not deserved 
One I wasn’t sure I was prepared for 
But one reserved for me
Thus I gave praise
Tears vacated by ducts
As love courses through my veins 
Your presence connected my existence with purpose My Sunrise
And like the aqueducts of Rome brought life 
My love flowed to you

My Princess

and became a prosperous Land 
With pride I see you as developed field 
Filled with vegetation
A plentiful harvest 
With plush trees that offer shade
To those overwhelmed by life
As the sun retreats behind the clouds
I think on this time you are away
And smile because I know it will emerge
And when it does, it will again provide light to all open to receive it 
Spiritual Sunglasses ’16

We know Who’s behind it! Now Who will get in Front of It?


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities,
against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, 
against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:12 

Another shooting!  As we worshiped, someone we missed hatched a plan to further  carry out their anger, frustration and displeasure by attacking Police Officers in Baton Rouge.  As our praise made a sweet smell in the nostrils of our God, the powerful aroma from the spark of gun powder rested upon a community.  As our cries for mercy, deliverance and favor reached the ears of our Lord, civilians and family members of officers wailed as their greatest fears manifested.   Our hands waiving, as tears crawled down our face, mirrored the tears of spouses, children, parents and siblings, as God counted each one.  His heart broken, as He watched His creation commit a sin against its own kind. 32495_all_007_13-sharing

We are ministered to by Media Ministries (divided into two denominations {Democratic & Republican}), one of the most powerful ministries, supported by a full cast of preachers and prophets, whom encourage confusion, support and repeat ignorance, placing before us calls towards unholy action, then standing while hiding its hand as un-moral acts are committed.  Our frustration further stirred by its members, Public Perception, who are armed only with the twisted messages from Media Ministries pulpit.    Gossiping in the Facebook parking lots, and spreading distorted messages of hate and intolerance as learned from its teachers.

Now we stand, suffering from the poisoning and perversion of modern day super apostles, who have taken once again what was given to bring peace, leveraged to breed hate and bigotry.

So now what?

Either we will listen and follow the Gospel of Jesus, or continue to soak in the Gospel of Media!

And right now, I’m afraid of what the masses have developed a taste for.

What is scary?  The world and believers seem to have a taste for the same thing!  A friend spoke of his disappointment of society, to which I responded, “There’s nothing wrong with the world!  They are supposed to behave like this!”  We are the disappointment!  

witnessesI began stating, “As we worshiped, someone we missed hatched a plan!”  Yes, we missed! This was someone’s neighbor!  Blindly, I would guess that a believer stayed within 4 doors of Him, with the message of Love, Peace, Justice and Forgiveness that could have prevented today’s tragedy.  Shamefully, that person probably attended worship (hence the beginning dialogue) as this man and possibly others armed themselves with the wrong weapon and took lives of those serving the public.

Our focus scripture gives us a truth.  One that must remain our focus as we fight and to remain; rather fight to come together as one body.  There is a spiritual battle going on, not a battle of races, or of citizen verses Police Officers.  This battle is good verses evil.  It pits the will of the prince of the air, verses the will of the LORD!   Soldiers are a masses to bring about the desires of their kingdoms King, and by visual, it seems that we have (believers) lost our focus.  We are expanding the Kingdom with acquisitions, and not with salvation, shifting members like manipulated corporate numbers, and being satisfied with smiling fooled investors! 

There you have it!  This is an earthly battle, fought between two Kingdoms.  And many of us are Prisoners of War, either unable to fight or unwilling to advance, ignoring direct orders.  Worthy of a dishonorable discharge, we remain enlisted through His covenant of love, trained and retrained by His long suffering! baptism

He beacons to us, via His true Prophets, Bishops, Apostles, Teachers and Pastors to face the adversary, knowing that we are victorious and able to do all things through the power works within us, leaving us void of fear, and organized via a sound mind, and temple that has been set aside to give him glory with our existence.  We are called not to stand for something, but to stand for Him!

Church, it’s time!  We know who’s behind this!  Now we must ask, Who will get in front of this?

Private Question Shared Pt. 2


I was told I would have to write a part two to Private Question Shared, and this was correct.

To make the point of the question clearer,

1. How can one identify with an owner who has lost a dog, and not identify with a person that has lost their loved one?

In the recent case of Mr. Castille, both the girlfriend and the daughter watched their loved one, not only shot, but die in their presence, while still being addressed with the same weapon that took his life.   Why is it difficult for one to have sympathy for them, as they would the dog owner? 

In the case of Mr. Sterling, a mother and children faced their worst fears.  Breaking down after seeing video footage played over and over again as he too was shot and bled to death (for those keeping score, he had a gun in his pocket).   Why is it possible to make comments about her statements that he was a good man, husband and father by posting his criminal record; basically calling her a liar and or poking fun of her situation and circumstances?

And honestly, don’t we all have a relative or friend who we would describe the same with all their flaws?  Haven’t we all sat at funerals and listened to people describe the best of a human being and not mention a flaw or dwell upon their mistakes?  And don’t we listen and shed tears and even agree with them?

In the case of Mr. Braziel, whos family stood feet away from his lifeless body after he was shot.  Filled with pain and disbelief, they stood trying to make sense of the situation and dealing with the knowledge that their loved one was gone.  How is it possible to not identify and feel remorse for his family, despite your thoughts on his actions? 

2.  How can one not be outraged when watching a
video of a human being bleeding to death
(innocent or guilty) and be ready to protest when a dog is killed?

As an animal lover, I get it.  We love our pets.  They become a part of the family and bring lots of love and purpose to our lives.  Having said this, we are human beings.  Our lives are all valuable.  We are all a part of the same world, and if you don’t care for that specific human, much like a fellow owner, you still have remorse and sympathy for the person that is grieving their loss.

3.  If saying I felt threatened wasn’t a good enough
excuse when the officer shot the dog, why was it
good enough after shooting a human being?

When reading the comments, people were able to identify with the dog.  This is most likely because they have spent time with dogs and thus felt they understand them (which is another but good conversation).  Those commenting understood why the dog was angry and became hostile, and though showing aggression, was still seen as harmless and with good intentions.  Why was this not possible when watching a video of a man selling cds or a man who was a licensed carrier who reached for his identification?

And in this video story, the department actually apologized, even though no wrong was committed, by sending a representative out to the family.  Why aren’t people outraged when there is no apology or sympathy to these families, but justification of the actions of the perpetrator?

I know all the facts aren’t in on the cases, so innocence or guilt can not be determined.

What I am asking is about your views and thoughts on the sanctity of life in general.

Are there some that believe that a dogs life is more valuable than a black life?
or are we: Are we void of compassion?
Blinded by Racist teachings?
Entrenched in Politics to deep?
Void of respect for Human Life?
Measuring the value of ones life by their past?