Compassionate Actions Judges 8:19


He said, “They were my brothers,
the sons of my mother.
I swear, as surely as the Lord
is alive, if you had let them live,
I would not kill you.”
Judges 8:19

Finished fulfilling his promises, Gideon stands toe to toe with captured Kings.  He questions them about their actions, that prompted his reaction.  Their response throws unneeded fuel on his fire, prompting him to passionately respond, “They were my brothers…”

loudvoiceWhile Cain responded, “Am I my brothers keeper” to God, Gideon responds, “They were my brothers….”  I love that Gideon responds with such passion, and that Gideon is not detached from those whom were slain by these kings.  He calls them brother.  He is and will be forever connected with them because they are of same community and kingdom!

If only we had a similar view towards our brothers!  This passionate view towards his view aided in driving him to defend and to take revenge for their death. Most of us don’t feel a sense of responsibility towards our neighbors.  This disconnect presses against an important Kingdom principle in that we laugh together, and morn together….   We are bound together by the Love of our Lord, the Grace of our God and the Mercy we receive that ties us together.

confused personAs we look at the interaction and reactions today, we see such a disconnect.  Even as a church, people seem to be in their own bunkers, hunkered down, and protecting their own interest.  Everyone clinging to their rations, unwilling to share with others, and or caring for those who are without.  We watch the suffering of others, as though we are scrolling through Instagram pictures, and invest in the struggles of others like we Subscribe to YouTube channels.  This is a major challenge for the church, in that the God we serve and model, is invested in the community.  We see Jesus caring for children, blind, deceased, hungry……. and so are we to genuinely care for others.

Caring for others is relative to how we see others.  While it might be second nature to some, sole nature for others, the remaining people must choose to place the needs and concerns of others.  Society, more specifically, American Society, does not promote or caring for others.  Sadly, the noted and recognized Evangelical Church communicates a similar message with its political affiliations and worse, Sunday morning sermon content.

validateAs we continue striving to get closer to our Lord and Savior, we accept more than salvation and love for us, but follow Him in showing the love given to us to others.