No Lives Matter


What is a life worth?

Nothing by the response it seems.

I cringed at how many plays videos have received and cried at the comments they received.  Watching the blood of humans (both citizen and officers) spilled as people justified and found agreement with the offender.  Be it innocent or guilty, lives were taken, and the audience seems to cry out for more.

Comments like:
He was a Criminal!
Obey the officer and this wont happen!
This was bound to happen!
It’s not fun when the rabbit has the fun!
….have flooded our screen, causing further anger and frustration.

Its as though they have taken one of my child hood shows to the next level.  Yes, American Gladiators.  We have the Red Team and the Blue Team; but this time, they have real weapons, and lives are lost.  Each side is racking up points and in the end, the only winner is the ones benefiting from the ratings, and maybe those at home smiling as lucid individuals carry out their anger and hatred which mirrors their viewing public sitting at home.  AmGladiators_BattleBgns

Soon the show went off the air because people stopped watching it.  The story line was the same, and the competition was bland.  People needed more.

And we have more.  Facebook Live and Periscope serve as Go-Cams, giving blood thirsty fans a front row seat to violence.  This allows them to live out their frustrations through a screen, satisfying their hunger, finding peace in the midst of what should cause outrage.

As though we are back in Rome!  Watching Ancient Gladiators fight.  Taking Criminals and pitting them against the Warriors  and Animals.  People watched, many cheering for the Criminal and others Rooting for the Warrior as the fought to the death for the amusement of the wealthy elite who could care less which made it out of the arena alive.

After a grueling battle, the with life on the line, the Gladiator with the upper hand would wait for a signal from above to either take the life or to spare it.  He would listen to the demands of the crowd, and upon crescendo, give the signal.  For years now, we have been watching the signal.  The signal has been a thumbs down!

black_ops_by_thyrring-d325v1uYes, we have crescendo people!  And our viewership have lead to ratings, and for that, we will continue seeing the justification of the taking of life of both Civilian and Officer.  Our culture views videos as though they are watching a Black Ops Battle, critiquing the techniques of those in battle, oblivious to the blood that has been spilled, and def to the last breaths of a human beings life.  Media has served as an Anesthesiologist.  We are sleep.  We are unaware.  We justify evil.  We okay law breakers.  We support wickedness.  We are entertained by foolishness.

We can only imagine what’s next. Soon we will have virtual tours of crime scenes. Able to put on our Virtual Glasses and our IPhone or Samsung Devices and download the Crime Scene Investigator App to get a closer look at the carnage. Maybe if we could touch the blood, and not mute the sounds of the mother, wife of child crying?  Maybe kicking a stiff body like an old tire laying on the street will jump start us?

Nah, No Lives Matter!    People would simply wait for the next upload and tour it.  Maybe even take selfies on the set standing next to the deceased and post it as their Profile Picture.  We would make songs from the last breaths of the victim.  Poke fun at the clothes they are wearing.  Further tarnish their reputation by casting judgment from what is exposed from their life.