Have You Crucified Christ ?


Hebrews 6:6 if they fall away, to be renewed again unto repentance, seeing they crucify to themselves, the Son of God afresh, and put Him to an open shame.images (3)

Have you crucified Christ?  It has occurred to me that many public displays are taking affect each days.  One of the most noted ones is the PDA (public display of affection).  Although this one is most discussed and tends to stick out greatly, there are other displays that occur on a daily basis.  One is the PDD (public display of disobedience).  This occurs when a believer hears the Word of God, and decides to be disobedient to the Word they have received.  These displays can go un-spotted, because of the private revelation received by the person by God.  I asked myself how many displays I see like this on a daily basis, even at times in my own life?  These are tough to recognize, but the believer knows when they are having a PDD moment.

Second is the PDR (public display of rejection).  This occurs when a believer makes a decision to not walk the path of the straight and narrow.  In this predicament, there is normally a crowd or gallery present that is aware of the believers’ stance and faith.  These are more obvious then the PDDs.

Then there is the PDC (public display of crucifixion).  This occurs when a person is serving two masters openly in the public.  In this situation, it normally involves someone that is a pillar or strong representative of the faith, falling from grace in a series or an incident that is far from pure and distant from holy.  These cases are the most obvious, because of the length of the encounter, and the boldness of the one carrying out the sin.  These, just like the crucifixion of Christ, serve as long standing humiliation ceremonies, issued by the devil, trapping one of Gods children in sin.  What one might notice is that these PD’s occur in a pattern.  First one starts off as disobedient, then they become rebellious, and then the have a crucifixion.

What stage are you in?  Are you publicly being disobedient and ruining the faith of others (even though they should not be putting their faith in man)?  Are you speaking verbally or showing outward displays of rebellion against the faith that you speak of?  Are you embarrassing the Christ in public all over again?  Crucifying Him, and making mockery of His death!  We have all fallen short.

We have all carried out one of the other.  Let’s make is our goal to cut out these public displays, knowing that we are the Christ that the unbeliever is seeing, and that the immature believer is watching and patterning themselves after.  We must continue to strive towards righteousness for His name sake. Let’s stop the PDCs today!!!!

Public Crucifixions?   Original posting 9/18/07