The Kingdoms’ Electoral College


I find it interesting that the voice provided by social media has transformed our first culture and now our faith. A medium that could be used for good, has once again been used to divide and conquer our faith. Now Pastors and Parishioners are calling each other out; questioning a persons sincerity, calling and even salvation because of disagreements that should be settled in private and would take all of 30 minutes of discussion a hug and a handshake.

How did we get here? There have always been disagreements in the church and people have and will often find themselves offended at the actions of their brother or sister. Thus Paul advised in 1 Corinthians 6:6 If any of you has a dispute with another, do you dare to take it before the ungodly for judgment instead of before the Lord’s people? Why, public arguments just aren’t cute, neither are they beneficial to the faith.

Fast forward through the jargon!!!!

In the grand scheme of things, we have God’s Word to guide our lives by. It speaks truth to us, and gives us boundaries and correction. It gives us the rules by which He will abide, in that He holds to His Word and does not break His covenant! He decided what was sinful. It informs us that we all have a date set to stand before the throne, where we will be divided sheep and goat! Having stated this, none of us need to pronounce judgement on anyone.

electoralcollegesmallFurthermore, I pronounce myself as deserving of a spot among the goats. Yes, I deserve a spot! In sin, I am truly the Greatest of All Times! Yep; The GOAT! And because of this, I haven’t the time to make calls upon what I believe the results of another man or womans’ walk will be. I like Paul am just trying to keep from getting disqualified, and if I am going to use an example of a wretch or someone who is deserving of hell, it should be me!!!!
Paul didn’t spend his time roasting Peter nor did he waste time judging the Super Apostle! He didn’t even waste time speaking ill of those who persecuted him and rejected him. He stayed focused on the prize and stayed true to His call. He stood on truth as opposed to warring with those who refused to recognize it or even fought against him. He stood by this truth until even those who disagreed found themselves in agreement. And the recount of his time with Peter reminded us to confront our brothers face to face.

Now the title of this post 🙂 I am searching through the scriptures looking for God’s Electoral College. Though Revelations is interesting, I couldn’t put my hand on the list of Electoral College Members or even how to become one. Yet it seems that there are many Electoral College Members in the world, casting their votes for Sheep and condemning the goats! I created what I believe the ballot would look like. Vote-PNG-HD.pngI am assuming that Dez Bryant is a member, thus he keeps throwing up the “X” after every touch down. Maybe Malcolm X was one, hence the name change (I know he was Muslim). I just hope its not most of the people that have Facebook and Twitter accounts. If so, we are all doomed!

And if you have a vote, please tell us! You will never buy another meal or pay another bill as long as you live! You can live the good life!

Hmm, I wonder what happens if the Electoral College doesn’t agree with the Lord?


Integrity: 50 Shades of Grey


This year, we have faced controversy after controversy.  Though our opinions may sway to one side or the other, there are somethings that are modern day variables, that used to be constants.  Our definitions and values of words and concepts, once stagnant, have been placed on a sliding scale that have clouded the judgment and confused participants.

One of the words that have been served to us, once as a stiff strong drink, is now a watered down beverage offered with the same power and potency as a half price drink served before 10 o’clock at a club with no cover charge; “Integrity.”


Recently, I was caught in a conversation that questioned the “Integrity” of the Republican Electoral College Member from Texas who decided he would not vote for President Elect Donald Trump.  Immediately, his Integrity was brought into question.   One Facebook poster stated, “this is why Donald Trump didn’t want the Mexican judge on his case.”  Others insisted that this was the shameful act of a man who lacked the integrity needed to perform his job.

In a country that has openly prided deemed Christianity (as though its the official beverage of our favorite sports franchise) as the religion of the United States, we find both the country and our faith struggling.   In the founding of the faith, we saw a line drawn between evil and good, darkness and light, flesh and spirit, crooked and straight, but now, we have suffered in a “Trickle Down Faith” build on truth, but saturated with compromise.  A few Super Apostles have leveraged the power of the gospel for earthly comforts, leaving those following either in pits or on the edge of a cliff holding to the harness of grandmothers faith and grandpas wisdom.

This just in; there is Black and White!  There are no shades of Grey!  Of course there are you say (thinking of your coloring box), but we are not referring to a palette of colors, rather the palate of the tongues of men that speak lies while God desires and requires us to speak truth.   


Truth is not relative to audience, neither is integrity relative to goals.  The criticism of the Electoral College member was based on the fact that he could not bring himself to vote for a person he felt was not right for the elected position.  His own morals and ethics prevented him from making the vote, thus he chose to remove himself from the position rather than compromise.  Any one heard of Daniel (assuming most readers know the Biblical Stories)?  Was he too one that lacked Integrity?  He refused to eat the Kings meat and drink, and then refused to bow and kneel!  He was in a position of authority and influence in the Government, but he would not compromise what he knew to be true and or betray his God for position, promotion or prosperity.

Not to exalt this Electoral College member, but to highlight this moment in reference to what was witnessed in this last election.  We witnessed members who referred to a candidate as a pathological liar, a pervert, ignorant, clueless……(its a long list), swore they would not cast a vote for this candidate or support the candidate, and then do the opposite of what they stated (Both Major Parties I might add!!!!).  If these people are considered to be people of Integrity, then I am starting the hashtag “#SaintChrisSuprun.”  This man should be considered a patron saint in light of what we just witnessed up close and personal from both Parties!  50shadesofgrey

For everyone who grew tired of reading through a variety of fact checking websites after every speech or debate!  Show some integrity!  Stop choosing a Party of Kingdom!  Truth is not owned by a Media Outlet, nor is our Faith directed by who holds Presidential Office.  Integrity is not a byproduct of policy, it is a foundation of values that reveal the truth substance of the person who not only espouses but lives out its essence.

What I am asking?  Crack that spine for yourself!  Do your own studies.  Jesus came and made several stops to deal with the effects of “Trickle Down Faith!”  He stood toe to toe with those claiming to have integrity and to be representatives of truth, and debunked each one.  His time with them was like binge watching mythbustersMythbusters!

Just so you know, this will trim down your friends and followers, and will leave you with a number so small that it would be considered a residue.  But celebrate!  This is not residue, it is remnant!

The Kingdom of God needs more Disciples nor more Members!  Our congregations are in need of people who love God so much that they live their lives geared to please God and not man.  Our congregations need to be filled with people who see righteousness as a means to obtaining riches, and not obtains riches and then deems itself righteous.  We need people who understand the black and white of life, and who wont exist as a lukewarm Grey.  We must discipline ourselves not to be controlled by our vices, but to have our vices controlled by our commitment to our King!