Confidence to Ask Again! Judges 8:8


From there he went up to Peniel
and made the same request of them,
but they answered as the men of
Succoth had.
Judges 8:8

We just leave Gideons encounter with the leaders of Succoth, and now find him facing the leadership of Peniel.  His troop already hungry at Succoth, has journeyed farther, finding themselves hungrier and even more worn out than they were before.


Gideon “…made the same request of them…”  There is so much to draw from this.  The initial discussion was about Gideon’s concern for his troop as they followed him towards the completion of the vision.   Now we want to highlight the persistence Gideon had through his faith in God.


It’s not just that Gideon has faith, but he has a persistent faith.

This is displayed in him making “the same request of them…”  Though he was fresh from a discouraging moment; failure fresh on his mind, Gideon builds up the courage to ask again.  This is not the courage to pray again, where He can seek God in private and just face not being chosen or being rejected private, but he ask publicly, and faces public rejection. 

There is a difference between public rejection and private rejection. 


When one is rejected in public, their name and their authority are challenged.  The rejection serves as dishonor in front of all whom are presence, while private allows you to deal internally with the rejection.  Most of us would crater after this emotional transaction.  Gideon had to find the strength to continue on, but also had to build the confidence to ask again.

How many of you ask again?

How many of you will face no again?

Do you have the courage to ask again?

Can you face public rejection and failure?

shutterstock_89697898Gideon could!  Though rejected, he remained confidence that God would supply his need.  And though his anger towards Succoth seasoned this encounter, it does not discount the amount of faith he had in the fact that God has chosen him and would provide for him.

If Succoth wont, Peniel will!

We must have this type of faith when we press forward.  We must know that No’s will come, but Yes is inevitable.  We must believe that all things work for good.  God will instruct someone to help me!  And where a “No” is received, God will provide “strength to endure.”  Even though they were worn out in Succoth, they were able to make it to Peniel, and so will you.   You  have enough strength to get through the Peniels in your life, and to defeat Zumba and Zalmunna.

I ran into another issue while reading this text!  Gideon had enough faith to continue.  Gideon had enough faith to ask.  Gideon had enough faith to pursue!  And the scripture says, “but they answered as the men of  Succoth had.”    Even though he was operating in faith, He got the same answer as he did before.

Sometimes it not a lack of faith, but its not a part of Gods plan.

confidenceAgain Gideon heard a crushing response.  He was probably sure they would respond differently.  He probably believed that God has surely gone before him made provision for the troop, but they answered no.  Not only was their answer no, but it was the same as Succoth, which means they expressed doubt in the ability of Gideon to defeat the Midionites.

Once again, Gideon had to face another group
that had doubt in him, and no trust that
either in God, or that he was called by God.

You aren’t the only one who has been doubted.  You aren’t the only one that in unproven.  But you must press on.  You must know that the doubt will be removed when you complete the mission God has given you.  When God identifies your purpose, you walk in it, and the success that comes from your obedience and completion, removes doubt from those who watch.

God is the one that promotes.  While waiting for promotion, one must be obedient, because your obedience provides a track record not just for people to see the victory, but to see evidence that God guided you and gave it to you!    Your obedience will be the proof they need to shine light on the negatives, until the develop into frames that show forth God’s glory.




In Pursuit; Despite the Circumstances Judges 8:4


Gideon and his three hundred men,
exhausted yet keeping up the pursuit,
came to the Jordan and crossed it.
Judges 8:4


In the 8th Chapter of Judges, we find the Man of God in pursuit of enemies from the east.  Their numbers, according to the passage are upwards of 15 thousand men; soldiers to be more specific, yet Gideon is leading a band of men to capture them and destroy them. soldiearmor

Here we take our first pause.  Gideon displays the power and position those of us who walk in Spiritual authority should have.   He trims the fat (as God instructs), and takes those with faith forward to battle the enemy.  Looking past the numbers and the past battle history, Gideon guides his men on their trail, determined to carry out the Lords directions in His life.

I wonder how many of us would have the courage to pursuit 15 thousand with 300?

They were outnumbered times 50, but at God’s Word, were willing to face whomever God placed in their path.  Numbers are not always reflective of power, nor do they always predict victory.  Normally numbers project fear upon the opposition, but Gideon projected faith on his fears.

What could we accomplish if we looked at the “lack of” in our life and “enough”?   What would happen if we changed our perspective on our situations and circumstances, and counted God’s Word enough, despite what is in our hands, or even the fear that is in our hearts?  How much could we accomplish if we focused on utilizing the tools in our hand as opposed to being paralyzed with fear as to the things we would like to have for the task.  With God Word and the power of His Spirit, we are conquerors!

outnumberedAs we find, they are not just outnumbered, but they are lacking resources.  As usual, the story for us all, life seems to have many layers, and the to be saturated with challenges!  They have already expended their resources on the journey, but pressed on through their faith and with strong dedicated leadership.    The text lets us know that the men were exhausted from the journey, and their bodies ached, craving fuel to continue.  One could imagine further that they were struggling to stay focused.  Now the question is not whether they can beat the Midionites once they face them, but whether they will survive to even take up the task!

Exhausted and Focused don’t go together!

One of the first things to go when one is exhausted is their focus on the task at hand.  One can find themselves moving from faith to doubt, as they begin questioning not just God, but the leader as to when and where the next provision was coming from.  This issue plagued Moses as he lead God’s people. The hunger brought questions, causing them to loose sight of God’s Word, and doubt the Man of God because of the present lack of provisions.  They wanted to turn back.  They started questioning Moses as a leader.  They questioned God’s plan for their lives, and decided that bondage would be better than freedom.

Lack will make Suffering seem like Serenity!

Never the less, the text says they remained in pursuit.  As opposed to coming a part at the seams, they remembered the Word of God, and stayed focused on the leadership of Gideon and approached the Jordan.

matrix-revolutions-43This is important, because they are not just tasked with crossing the Jordan, they are tasked with crossing the Jordan, and fighting the Midionites who number 15 thousand.  I imagine that many doubted they could overcome this number with a full night of rest and a hearty breakfast, let alone, use their remaining energy to cross a river and then take on their numbers times 50.

But something amazing happens when you are on a mission for the Lord.  God had spoken through the man of God, revealing himself in miracles, letting the people know that God was with Gideon, and in that, was leading them.  Because they knew this, they were not only counting on their strength, and obviously were finding safety in their numbers, but were solely leaning upon God do bring them to and through they battle.  Truly they believed that the battle was not theirs, but that it was the Lords.

What would happen if we truly believed?

Neo_stops_bulletsHow many times have you stood at the bank of the river, and determined that crossing it was more than you could handle?  How many victories? How much stronger?  What would be accomplished?  What has been left un-done?

I have determined in my life, Jordan wont be an issue!  Exhaustion wont be an issue!  Soldiers won’t be an issue!  Midionites won’t be an issue!  Truly if God be for me!  I can do all things through Christ!  It is never more than I can bare!  I will remain in pursuit!  I will capture!  I will conquer!  I will have dominion!  It’s inevitable!



Lessons from the Breast: Where are the Signs?


People have come to our ministry and stayed, not because of what was said, but because of what was seen. I paraphrased a statement made by a mighty woman of God who spoke to us as young children hungry for the breast. She looked at us as though we were clawing through her clothes, needing nutrient that we could only get from her. In public, she shamelessly fed us all, no blanket, not towel or cloth. We latched on unashamed, as she told us the secret to life in ministry.

Her words rang in my ear as I got in the car to drive off. I chewed on if the entire ride. What did she say? “The crowed followed Jesus based upon what they saw, not for what they heard.” She continued, “Not only did they see signs and wonders, they saw him, and what he lived, matched what he spoke. This made Him different!” healingfaith

So; “What are they seeing I asked myself?” “Signs and wonders?” or are people “wondering where the signs are?” As she spoke, she said the issue with our churches are void of signs. (summary of conversation) If people don’t see signs and wonders, experience no life change then how are they to believe?

The signs and wonders were to accompany the man and woman of God as they continued doing the work of the Lord as a visible sign that the Lords presence and power is with them. But a problem exist! Miracles require Faith!

I thought to my self asked myself, Do you Believe in Miracles? And if so, where is the evidence?  Is it possible to believe in miracles and not to perform them? Could one believe the potential for miracles are there and never act upon what they know is available? I concluded yes! So where are the miracles?

I thought about Jesus, looking around thinking, I know its not me! Who stands among me that does not believe? Looking within, pointing out those that didn’t belong. He excused them beyond the doors and closed himself in with those who believed and put faith to work!

getoutI started looking around. Mentally thumbing through my surroundings. Maybe I believe, but I am surrounded by doubt and doubters? Maybe having a list of friend and associates is the problem?   Remove my friends?  Perish the thought you might think!  They are all I have.  They have my back!  They are with me!  And maybe that’s the problem.  You can’t perform miracles because they are with you!  Maybe to achieve, we need to clean out our surroundings, removing doubt like we periodically clean out our friends list on Facebook? Maybe we need to highlight names of those who tag along and block them like we are on Twitter? Maybe, we must un-follow them as though we are on Instagram because the images and example of faithlessness is influencing our existence?  Maybe all of them have a “feed”, because what they display feed us?  How appropriate!  

Jesus said, I would that you would do greater works than I, as though what He performed wasn’t enough to sway the hearts and minds of mankind. Maybe Jesus knew that the worlds increasing level of wickedness would require us to do miracles and show signs to those far beyond what He performed to leave with the viewer no doubt?  

Maybe there is some crazy formula to Conversions?
Confession of Faith = (Preached Word + Signs and Wonders) x Conviction

Yep, you see the problem too.  Conviction is a work of the Holy Spirit, which critiques have deemed absent from many equations.  Furthermore, maybe its’ absence along with the restraints placed on the her has rendered an environment Miracle less?  Maybe just maybe, the Holy Spirits job is more than dancing and tongues? Maybe the signs displayed by being under its control lead us towards a life of discipline that builds a faith worthy not just to stand though adversity, but that can stand with authority and declare God’s will upon earth?

Whatever the answer might be, one thing is for sure, Miracles require Faith. Faith require Belief. Believe requires Relationship. Relationship require Trust. Trust requires Prayer. Yes, Prayer!  The Y to the X of the Holy Spirit that form the parameters to move in the will of Christ.  worship-fast

All this to ask, again, “Where are the Signs and Wonders?”  According to the Word, they are supposed to be a regular occurrence.  They are to be a part of the fabric of our existence to aide in proclaiming to a dying world that He is Lord.  Like Moses, we stand before our relatives in faith declaring to the enemy to release our friends and family.  Equipped with His Word and our faith, we stand before the prince of the air, declaring freedom to the captive.  We cry out not just for justice, but for the liberation of those who are under the yoke of bondage.  We stand on the Blood Provision of the Messiah, and proclaim in His name, Jesus the Christ, that all that read this, including those that are bold enough to type and declare Freedom and Healing through His Stripes; DONE!



Let’s Grow Together (1 Peter 2:2)


“Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation,” 1 Peter 2:2

This passage, familiar to the believer, has been the source of many sermons. In it, we find Peter writing to other leaders who have experienced the unspoken or un-highlighted side notes of ministry.

We find in Chapter 1, Peter addressing the group, noting that they are chosen and favored even in a states of exile. They have accepted their call to preach and teach, and by default have accepted the company growth plan which includes some hardship. He writes in verse 6, “In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.” Peter writes in verse 7, “These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith…may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.” TheBodyChurchLogo

With 2015 nearing the rear view, we move forward to 2016 with hope; believing that the sufferings of yesterday are gone and that peace in our purpose will be found ahead. Peter’s words aide us in dealing with our past and facing our future! The happenings of 2015 and prior were things allowed to prove the “genuineness of your faith”; but to who? Surely not to God. For God knows the heart; thus we deduce that the focal point is man. It is imperative that those watching and following see our faith active through each point, knowing that we like many sports fans are not “fair-weather”.

Our faith has been watered down by those who have praise on their lips when times are prosperous, and are silent during hardship. Peter encourages his fellow leaders by informing them that their time and hardship came to season them and to serve as a testimony to others not just to the Goodness and power of the Lord, but the resilience of His servants and the commitment to their faith!

Peter leads into our focal verse saying “Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind.” Subdue your flesh, and rid yourself of all distractions and detractions. Shun and walk away from those things that poison your soul and serve as repellant to those seeking the truth. Fight against the enemies fruit, but building up your faith and your discipline displaying the fruits of the Spirit. Don’t allow the enemy to pull you into his games of the flesh; causing your personal witness to be tainted!

Peter advises them to “grow up!” While we often look at moving from milk to meat, Peter is directing the readers, who are leaders, to lean upon “milk”. But this is not just any old milk. By his words, one can see that the perverting of the Gospel had began to affect the pulpit and leadership.

He described the milk as “pure” and “spiritual”. “Pure” is a call to us all to stay true to the basic doctrines of our faith! We must insure, especially today as our world is inundated with “advancements” and interpretations, that we are not drawn away from the pure truth of the Word which is our foundation.

I also love that He uses the word “Spiritual”, for there are some truths that have been delivered through those vessels whom God has chosen to speak through which coincide with the tenants of His Word. Even still, we are charged to try the Spirit by the Spirit (1 John 4:1), ensuring that every professed Prophet is a Prophet and not speaking for Profit.

We must know God’s Word for ourselves, and be lead by His Spirit. Not just hearers, but doers of His Word. We must press towards the mark set for us, and be cognoscente that God has assigned others to follow us as we follow Christ. Our commitment to learning and living out His truth has eternal ramifications for others, thus in 2016, our Theme will be “Let’s Grow Together!”
Growing together places a firm focus on Discipleship. Yes, we believe that Membership is Discipleship! We are not encouraging each member to join a group, but requiring each member to be a part of a group. We are not just requiring each member to be a part of a group, but to participate actively in the group they have been assigned to. Each member will become a stronger disciple by spending time in God’s Word and with God’s children.
Johnny Ogletree, III
The Body Church of Texas

Look Again! (I Kings 18:43-45)


“Go and look toward the sea,” he told his servant. And he went up and looked. “There is nothing there,” he said. Seven times Elijah said, “Go back.” The seventh time the servant reported, “A cloud as small as a man’s hand is rising from the sea.” So Elijah said, “Go and tell Ahab, ‘Hitch up your chariot and go down before the rain stops you.’ ”

I Kings 18:43-44

While reading, I was captivated by the story of Elijah’s faith in God, and the servants faithfulness to Elijah. Much was at stake. God’s name was on the line, and so was Elijah reputation as a prophet. He had claimed to be God’s vessel. One that heard from God, and had favor from God. Even speaking that it would not rain until He determined that it would. What would happen? Baal’s prophets were unsuccessful, but the lack of rain from Elijah’s prayers would leave them in the same spot they were in before the showdown began.

Elijah in verse 42 falls to his face and begins to pray for rain. Now; I have never prayed for rain, but I have Believed for a Flow. Elijah wanted greatly for the rain to fall from heaven to both validate that God was God and that he truly was His servant. He understood the need for God’s people and the King to see the error of their ways, and the need to stop worshiping a false God and disobeying and disrespecting the Lord. Elijah wanted to heal the relationship between the people before further punishment came. Well in this, the showdown has us looking at many different elements.

1st, the Confidence to Speak the Word. Elijah had the utmost confidence not just in God, but in his relationship with God. He was convinced that the Lord would not fail him, concerning His name. He knew in his heart, that He could stand firm and that he would be both validated and vindicated in this moment. Elijah fell to his face. He got prostrate on the ground. He humbled himself before the Lord, and he would not leave until the Lord moved.

I thought about my own relationship with God, and my prayer life, for these were the things that allowed Elijah to tell his servant, “Go and look”. Look Again! He saw nothing the first time; Look Again! Saw nothing the second time; Look Again! Saw nothing the sixth time; Look Again! I smiled! It takes confidence to speak the Word! I remember when I owned Creative Tutors (a tutoring franchise), and a friend asked me what it was like owning a franchise. My reply, “There is a difference between having faith to write the check and having faith that the check is coming.” The confidence that the owner has is different that that of the worker. He or she must send people to work, knowing that there trust is not only in their ability to carry out the assignment, but that you will pay them the wage they are due. Each day they went out, my name was at stake, and the Lords name was on the line. There were moments where the Lord had to tell me to Look Again! There were moments where I had to say to the Tutor; Look Again! There were times where I had to tell myself Look Again! Though I didn’t have the personal cash flow at times to float the entire months payroll, I had to speak to tutors with confidence! I had to assure them that the rain would come. I had to breath words of life into their drought situation so that the would know that the rain would come. 30 days never felt so long for either of us. They were eager to receive pay, and I was eager to collect and write their check! Thus, I had to fall to my face and seek the Lord! They wouldn’t give me a small business loan to help float my payroll when the economy got shaky, so I had to lean upon the one with unlimited resources.

2nd, I had to Believe the Word I has Spoken! I knew knew that I could both loose their respect and ruin my name, and that as a man of God, His name too was being placed up for discussion. I had to trust that He wouldn’t allow me to die from thirst on my face in the mountain! I had to believe that this venture in faith together would bring honor to His name and wouldn’t ruin my own. I can attest, God will come through! Though I am no longer an owner, God taught me a lot while on my face in the mountain. He showed me much about Him, and even more about myself! God will come through, but we have to be willing to wait for Him and believe His Word to be true!

I can imagine, like in my own mountain experience, that God was telling Elijah that it would rain. It was this word and confidence that allowed Elijah to send the servant back 7 different times. Mind you, the scripture said the servant “went up and looked”, meaning he was traveling to verify what had been spoken. They were in a mountain, so I imagine he might have done a little climbing. I’m sure at some point, even Elijah felt guilt and compassion for his servants, even grateful for his obedience and service. He might have even thought to relieve the servant by sending him home like he had done with Ahab, but He kept telling him to Look Again! The more times you have to say Look Again, the more Belief and Faith it takes.BodyLogo

In my own life, I have had to speak from the depths of my faith and relationship with God. How challenging it is to speak life to dead situations! To look in the face of despair and still declare! Though the glamor comes on trip 7th, the clamor come on trips 1 through 6. As men and women of faith, we have to face the 6 trips! We have to endure the doubts of others, and the look of being a fool, fraud or forgotten. We must be steadfast and unmovable, knowing what God has said, and being confident because we know who God is! We must continue to believe what he said, as not to stop the flow of what he is doing. Yes, we must Believe and Flow! Trip number 7 is coming, and the funny looks you get while speaking what has yet to manifest, will come; if you faint not and continue to believe!

3rd, I am fascinated with this passage because I too have been Waiting on the Prophet’s Word to Manifest. Man, how powerful it is to receive a Word of confirmation. When you know God has spoken into your life and then He sends a vessel to validate what you already know to be true. I have been in the servants shoes, standing on the vision, standing on the Word, and depending on both the relationship with God and belief in the Man of God that I am assigned too. I have had the light of revelation declared and walked forth towards that which yet to exist, not on my word, but on the Word of one I know to be a called man of God. I can attest, each trip to look at the sea gets challenging. For the Prophet is not the only one acting in faith! The Prophet is not the only one exposed! The Prophet is not the only one that could look foolish! The Prophet is not the only one who’s name it as stake.  All of us have fallen to our knees and declared, “God; You said…..”

As servants and members, we put confidence in the fact that our Shepherd are tied in to the Lord’s will for our lives. We are often asked to do that which looks foolish to man and sometimes that which goes against our own measure of faith. We are asked to move in our doubt, through our doubt, and to speak to our faith until it matches our current situation. It is challenging to wait on manifestation! Muhammed Ali said in an interview, He knew his fights sold out not only because his fans came to see him, but because his haters wanted to be there if he lost! I can imagine what the first 6 trip were like. The first and second ones, He was eager to validate while after the third he was hoping they wouldn’t replicate the times before. With each empty sky, I can imagine His faith Skyline changing. That which was once filled with beauty, was not met with an overcast of doubt! Yet, he continued to go and Look Again! Many of us make the first two trips, and make the third trip down the mountain and to our homes. If we are to Believe and Flow, we must be willing to Look Again!

Your situation will change! The rain is coming! I see a cloud in the distance! It’s the size of a hand! It’s going to rain! And because you were closest to the sea, I am believing that the Lord will reward you not only to see the cloud, but to feel the first drops before it pours! Look Again! Don’t give up! Keep the Faith! Continue to Believe and Flow!


Believe & Flow John 7:38


“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”  John 7:38

waterfaucet2Jesus speaks powerful words to the Disciples.  He shares with them the true source of strength and power.  They have the teachings, they have the teacher, but they lack the power to accomplish the super natural.  Their circumstances had improved!  They were closer to the promise!  They were empowered by the Word Himself!  And yet, they were only informed and led.  The watched in awe as Jesus performed miracles, learning from His walk, privy to insider information, wiser than most, because they were chosen by the source the receive revelation beyond the general teaching, yet still, they lacked.

The reality, they were still not completely aware of the how close they were, and just who they had been chosen to follow and receive.  Jesus sets the backdrop for the fullness of the covenant that God was in the process of completing.  God’s plan was not only to restore relationship with His creation, but to empower His creation to not only look like Him in regards to character, but in relationship to His power.  God, the unselfish, generous God, not only would give mankind access to Him, and the authority accomplish through the name of Jesus, but would supply them with the same power to do even greater works than He himself did during His time on earth. waterfaucet

This power would give us the potential to do the extraordinary on earth!  That power, The Holy Spirit.

Upon reading this passage, I saw the disciples as faucets, able to bring forth living water to any situation.  The stood before me as vessels of potential, housing a power that could both erode and break through any situation.  We too are faucets!  We have this same power, but we are off!  Our handles are set to block the flow of the Spirit.  We harness its power, grieving it by locking it, and restricting it, causing that which is alive and active to sit in a dormant state.  Our power is “standby”.  Standby power means that it is connected to the power source, ready to be used, but not being drawn.  Situation after situation can be handled by cutting on its power, but they remain unresolved because we will not open up and allow the Spirit to flow.

In my head, I saw a new bar of soap in the sink under a constant drip.  I could see the physical change the next morning because of the drip.  I imagined leaving the soap there not just under a drip, but under a constant flow.  I could see the dent in the soap!  Then I imagined standing back and opening up the faucet for maximum flow.  I could see the not only the soap being impacted, but the sink being filled and the things on the sinks edge being saturated by the contact of the waters flow.  

If only we would open up!  If only our lives were just one constant flow.  If only we could see ourselves walking in the Spirit, yielding to its power and to its lead in our lives.  If only we could see ourselves, not on standby, cutting the flow on and or, or not drawing from its power at all! We could change not only our lives and circumstances, but we could change the world! There is a world waiting for you to connect and to utilize your power. Will you remain dormant?  Will you keep your mouth closed?  Will you stay in the confines of your home?  Will you watch injustice?  Will you walk in power and authority?  Will you believe and will you flow?

We have too many people that believe and will not flow!  Unlike the disciples in this text, we are not lacking!  We are filled, but not willing!  We need an army of believers that understand that they are armed with the greatest power ever given. More powerful than any nuclear device, our temples are filled with that which can cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, restore families…. We need people that will flow!

The month of November for The Body Church will be the opportunity to flow! In faith, we are walking firm towards our destiny and God’s unfolding promise.  For the first 21 days of the month, members of each Discipleship Group (DG) are begin asked to fast, drinking water on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as well as denying themselves one item of their choosing.  During this time, each Disciple is asked to fast, seeking God about whom they are to witness too, and how they can best serve in the community service projects.  We know God will give you strength and the focus needed to get closer to him, as well as further discipline yourself to strengthen your faith walk.  We also believe God will reveal to you the people whom the Holy Sprit has prepared for you to bare witness too.  Be prayerful, and may the Lord continue to be your strength!


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Luke 11:17
Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them “Any kingdom divied againts itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fail.”

“Any house divided against itself will fail” How is your house? The house we are discussing is our fleshly encasing. Our bodies serve as a house for our souls, and because we are saved, it now, because of the provision of God, houses the Holy Spirit. Thus the question, How is your house?

The reality is that many of our houses are divided against itself. We have an internal battle and conflict waring inside of us.
A kingdom has rules, jurisdiction and a clearly defined leader. Who is your leader? Which or whos rules do you follow? The reality is not very pretty.

Most of us ignore the Holy Spirit, and make up the rules and boundaries as we go, thus we grieve the Holy Spirit, and cause ourselves much confusionand heartache.

Confusion always exist in a kingdom where there is no clear leader or rules. We can live simple, pure and holy lives, if we will lookinside be honest enough to admit the failing of our house, and take responsibility for the calamity.
What we must to is to unite the kingdom by submitting to the rulership and of the Holy Spirit. We must give the Holy Spirit jurisdiction in our lives and submit our entire house to leadership and guidance. God want us to live lives of power and to walk in confidence. This confidence can and will be achieved when we walk and have live with a lack of assurance as to who we are and what we will do.
A warning. Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined. If we are no careful, we will find ourselves in a state of ruine. Lets make the decision to submit ourselves to the Holy Spirit. Lets not walk around confused anymore. Let us make the commitment to stop the internal conflict,and to trust the one that God has assigned to walk with us and guide us in all our decisions and ways.
Posted 9/4/07