A Faithful man; Not Likely (Cries of a 7th Grader)


Group time, my heart was broken.  A 7th grade youth when asked, “What are you looking for in a husband?” replied “I want a faithful man, but that is not likely!”  As I stood monitoring the group, I was moved to a seat.  The weight of her statement settled in and changed my entire disposition.  It wasn’t sarcasm, but dispare; the hopelessness found in her observations, investigations, and teachings.

This young lady has lost hope!  I thought of my sister and the many little girls that dream about their wedding day, having thoughts and visions of their husband; Prince Charming, no doubt! They envisioned the perfect day and seen, topped of with a kiss that will begin an eternity of bliss!  But now, many youth might have a different vision.  One of compromise, not in love, but out of settling for that which they assume to be the norm.  A sad reality.

Knowing that this hopelessness woul lead to her settlIMG_1065ing for anything.  Because of her fears, she will be succeptable to preditors and undeveloped works.  The preditors is the one looking for vulnerability and a lack of maturity.  Her fears will identify him as an option because her belief is that all others will be the same.  He will constantly add to his stable, making notch after notch, dreaming her more like a “Bottom B—-” than a Wife.  As long as he is cute, he will do.  She will also open the door to undevloped works. The undeveloped works challenge the bond in that they are absent of the maturity required and not ready for the responsibilities that come with the covenant.  Their eyes still wander, and their faithfulness is seasonal and situational.

Her dream is unhappiness.  She has mentally prepared herself for a life of dissastifaction.  She has marked in her journey, the pain of infidelity, and accepted that her marital bond will be absent of trust and filled with heartache.  Her dreams are that of extra marital affairs and outside children and child support, and living with the pressure of having a covenant that is only as binding as being chosen to a team in a pick up game at the park.   She know that her night will be spent capturing her tears in her hand, as her husband roams the streets and hangs out with the boys.

I cried inside for her dream!  But I cried also for my craft,  As ministers of the Gospel, we have been challenged by the lack of Fathers.  Their absence and failure to sustain their creation, abandoning responsibility, has left a mark on our teachings, as we speak of God as our Father.  Their experience in the natural mares the spiritual parrallel, thus making acceptance harder and building a relationship challenging.  And now, we must present Jesus as the Bridegroom, in an environment of husbands who have not honored their covenants.  Attacking the significance away from the bond that was too mirror our eternal bond with the father.  Our natural bond is to bare witness not just to thr relational connection, but to model the spiritual characteristics of the Lord.  I’m angry that the devil is removing our Natural to Spiritual parallels.

I was about speak up, but my voice was preceded by the group leader, who assured her that God would provide her with the man of her dreams and prayers!  She assured her that God answers prayers and that in waiting, God was not just sending her a Boaz, but a Joseph, who would honor her and protect her virtue dispute any circumstances.  She assured her that he would partner with her, and support her not just as she raises a family, but as she carries out the assignment that God had given her!  I couldn’t wait to speak to my two girls at camp, and my three at home!  I know now even more the importance of the example we set before them!  Our marriage no only honors God, sets an tone for their expectations for the future. I pray that their dreams will be filled with hope, and that their expectation of marriage will be the same I expected.


Just Have Faith…


A powerful campaign swept the country years ago by one of the nations largest companies called Nike called Just do it! This campaign had people pumped up about working out. This campaign had people believing that they could run faster and jump higher all because of the power of a brand and a company’s track record with successful athletes.nike-just-do-it

Well, I present to you today no brand, no stellar athletes, no formulas, no secrets, just the truth presented by a spokesman who has tried, tested, and found to be true a product, if you will, that we all have access too, and which cost us nothing; FAITH!!!

Yes, Faith!!! Gods’ Word informs us that this element of our thinking and approach to life and towards His thrown will determine how much and how little we can do and accomplish in life. The shame is that many of us have a faith that stops right after the confession of Jesus as Lord and Savior, but Jesus himself informs us that our faith is to move us far beyond a decision to walk with Him. Our faith should be the vehicle that, like the shoe campaign of Nike, encourages all of us to attack life with an entirely new vigor, understanding that what was impossible, what was out of reach, what was unobtainable, is now conquerable, doable, completeable, (are those words?)

There are some things that we are all currently facing, and I hear God screaming, not “Just do it”, but “Just have Faith”. “Just have Faith” and you will be victorious. “Just have faith” and you will be successful. “Just have Faith” and you will be healed. “Just have Faith” and you will be delivered. “Just have Faith” and you will overcome. “Just have Faith”!!!

One of the beautiful things about this passage is that God lets us know that our confidence in Him will allow us to do things without the stress and without the headache. God says to us, don’t let your current situation get you down, “Just have Faith”, and I will bring you out. God only gives us one responsibility in this process, and that’s to speak.
First, speak to yourself. Then, Speak to your situation, Then Speak praises to God. “Just have Faith”!!!!!


Talk Your Way Out of It…

While reading this morning, I reflected upon a childhood feeling.  As a child, and being a conversationalist and talker, I was confident (more like foolish enough to believe) that I could talk my way out of any trouble I got myself into.
As I walked, I thought of Proverbs 18:21 (Who knew as a child I was somewhat living out a Biblical principle 🙂 ); and upon reading it, tweeted,  “Feelings of despair and desperation are dismissed with divine dialogue.  Proverbs 18:21” 
With each step, I became keenly aware that my thoughts can be countered and directed with my conversation; both verbal and non-verbal.  I wondered how many situations have lasted beyond their time because of my thoughts and words.  Could it be that our current situation could have ended years ago with one confession?  Our words have the ability to shed light in the midst of darkness and despair, thus, our confession must be monitored and specifically directed to shed light through the darkness, dispelling the darkness of our situation.  My High School student speaks of a day at schooled called “opposite day”.
What if we were to take this approach towards our situations?  What if we committed to confess the opposite of what we feel, fear or think? 
I am convinced today; much like the feeling I had as a child, that we can “Talk Your Way Out of it!”  You are only trapped by your thoughts and belief.  You are cornered by your faith or lack there of.  You are pinned down by your confession, and the key to unlocking your cell is found in your mouth.
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The Decent into Possibility


I stand on the cliff edge called despair, looking to a sky requesting repair, gazing over circumstances stamped with lack, turning my passport to a page anticipating provision; I inch closer to the edge, and gaze down into a narrow space, revealing a cavern of possibility, and pray for the patience to began and complete my descent,  As I secure my climbing gear,  I hold my breath, I hear “on Belay” from above, reaching down, I search for footing, unaware of each step approaching, gripping the mountain, determined to reach the place shown to me, my feet my eyes, being used like a cane, searching for the next step, determined to guide me to the place that is now unseen by my eyes, blind to what’s below, eager for what’s ahead, I lower myself into possibility, trusting that the vision given was accurate, squeezing through the narrow path, feet flailing, searching for the next step, overcome with pain, my grip loosens, my body yields, eyes close, at peace with my personal efforts, the tension from the full weight of my body, cargo unite with gravity and tug, until I am pulled towards my end, halted by the tension in the line, that emerged once the slack was used, I now hang helpless in the air, lowered by the might of another, unseen to my eye, watching my every step, waiting for me to stumble or falter, supporting me as I am placed into my own Eden.