Time for a Change


For the last few months we have listened to the argument that the African American Community has been fooled for voting for the Democratic Party which has failed to represent them properly and advance their cause.

democrat-republican-partyNow, I will not argue balls and strikes, because our world is too politicized to make a clear argument, but I will address this concern by posting a concern that I have seen myself.  I asked an Anglo Friend of mines:

“What has the Republican Party done to advance your cause?” 

As I look at the mass volume of those who seem aligned with Donald Trump, I wonder if the same argument posed to the African American Community could be posed to the Anglo Community which continues to struggle and are statistically not advancing along with the identified African American Community.

When you consider the dis-appearing Middle Class and the widening Wealth Gap, one must not think in black and white, but in Charts and Graphs.  People!!!!  We just left the worst recession ever!!!!   We were all suffering greatly!!!!!  Not just African Americans, but Anglo Americans and Mexican Americans……  We must see that the division in class is what is at stake, and the racial dialogue being spewed is a distraction to keep the masses from seeing the invisible hand of the Wealth Party (The Elite 1% who own the Majority of the Wealth)  who continue to distract all voters into voting for that which does not represent them and continue to aide them in protecting their wealth with the illusion of distributing it to others.

Americans have become very lazy in their voting habits.  american-flag-wallpaperWe are clueless, in part, because of the media, which has stopped reporting facts, and generate stories around partial truths and sometimes, speculate what truth is on non truths!  Our candidates are known in part for their commercials and are under-girded by the powerful winds of “Liberal Media” and “Conservative Media.”

Having said this, Americans are further loyal to the news outlet that supports the delusions of their party, and the candidate they are backing.  It is totally ignorant that truth can come out about a candidate and be spun 50 million ways or not addressed at all.  Candidates are less likely to face their failures, because they are aware that the viewing public shifts when the Media changes the story line.  Their favorite anchor changes the dialogue with the change of the teleprompter, choosing to highlight insignificant items rather than sticking with the issues.  How can one believe they have truth when they know the station they tune into is owned by a Specific party?

Worse, how can we believe our congressmen and congresswomen are representing us properly when we know they all get money from Super-Pacs (which are really the people controlling our Congress).

The dominance and loyalty to the original parties have placed a monopoly on the White House.  The chances of a Non-Republican or Non-Democrat being in office are slim to none, mainly due to loyalty to brand and furthermore, the money needed to campaign in an era where marketing is more important than the message.  This election has shown that any Press is good Press!  This is shameful and must change!

In this, I believe that we all must be open to switching parties.  The ignorance of declaring yourself to be a Republican or Democrat has been highlighted in this race, where Donald Trump, a man who has been identified as a Democrat has one the party nomination and despite his stances and embarrassing ways has been backed by those who despise him, all while telling the American Public to vote for him because he is a Republican and you are a Republican!  

It’s time for a change people!!!!  Our democracy has become Reality TV.  What was once respected is now a joke!  



The Mighty River Racism


This year, we have possessed front row seats to Hatred, Disguised as Love. Passionate individuals and groups, have taken shelter in their causes, and used Gorilla War like tactics to inflict pain and terror on innocent people.

Each time, we take a breath, caught in the emotional storm on display. The sirens blare in concert with the cries and screams of those who have been injured and have lost loved ones, while lens of the camera paints vivid scenes in HD.  US-flag-at-half-mast

The incidents in San Bernadino have again struck a chord in the hearts of America, but sadly, the chord while be a measure as opposed to a sustained chord. We will find ourselves watching the next media’s presentation, as though watching a series of movies at a film festival.

Yet, what I am writing about is not the loss of life or the hatred displayed by individuals and groups, but the hatred is discussed but not addressed. The shootings in Paris, that fell on the heels of the shootings in Africa, again placed a microscope on a continued reality which serves as our national anthem, Racism.

The racism we experience is not your typical brand of hatred, it is on that is fueled by greed, and propped up on every side by selfish behavior and intentions.  It serves as the blanket that tucks us in at night, and the espresso that gets us going each morning.  It’s the finely tuned Beats headphones that allow us to make it through the day and the deposit slip stamped federally insured that gives us confidence and security.

It is not the foundation or the building blocks that make up our country, but rather the load bearing walls and support beam that can not be moved without tearing down what exist.

Racism is a mighty river that has flowed through generation after generation, eroding shores, and forming new streams.  It has slowly become the infrastructure and source of entire systems, blurring words, and marring interpretations.  These streams have risen up, to become rivers. These rivers are seen as separate from the original, but are from the same source, just taking on different directions and spanning different territory.

Why are we eager to build a wall, but not willing to build a dam to stop the flow of a stream that has created a culture that is simply un-american?

As my wife and I watched the trailer to the coming attraction Race (the story of Jesse Owens), I asked my wife how a man can carry America on his back, stand beside Ralph Metcalf and make a statement for the country a declaration not of independence but of American superiority, bring home medals and return to a place where he was considered second place; possibly third?

We have moments that should bring us together as a people, but they are just moments.  Moments that are enduring on photo and video, but leave no lasting impact.  Much like Sunday morning for the masses, the message of truth is loud and clear, but the ears of the hearer are stopped up due to their hand in the sin that continues under-gird what we believe to be happiness.




Two Thumbs Down!!!!! (Ferguson 2….’14)


1994;  Virginia Union University; Introduction to Journalism was the class.  It was fascinating.  The structure of the organizations!  The sacrifice made by those who not only dedicated their lives, but lost their lives!  The emphasis was on truth and ones ability to paint images in words in the minds of the reader that would place them at the scene.  Integrity was the star of the show and the driving force with all enjoined; committed to being the eyes and ears for those unable to be on the scene.

It has become apparent that the question of what was defined as a reliable source is no longer an unnamed witness or u identified informant, but the journalist and news outlets themselves; who are now competing for ratings and fighting to develop a brand and t heir own celebrity.  Integrity now takes a backseat to Entertainment and takes directions from its Co-pilot Advertisements  (who have the control over stations like the Super PACs that make the decisions in our Congress).  Our media gives us direction much like a conductor, the create harmony and disharmony as they use their pens like the wave of a baton.  The gather us together and break us apart, shifting and hiding facts to address the angle of their supporters and constituents.

Joe Friday, "Just the Facts ..."

Joe Friday, “Just the Facts …”

Thus with my head down, I lift both of my hands to give our media Two Thumbs Down!   Its a sad day when Privately owned websites, Amateurs with Blogs, a YouTube page or Podcast have become more credible that our media outlets!  It should be embarrassing to have websites that exist to fact check and reveal the ignorant spins of professionals who were once are paid to report with integrity!

We are now forced to watch 24 hour coverage (of course my television is off) of the anger and foolishness of those who are lashing out because they a lack a voice that can lead to change.  Hmm maybe if we could get all the looters to pool together financial resources, we could not only change a flawed system, but could either station or outlet that will report to the public court of opinions, facts that would allow us all to make a decision for ourselves as opposed to being stuffed like a Thanksgiving Turkey with Propaganda and and basted with the juices of sensationalism!

There was  a time where news equaled facts and not the product of “x” and “y”.  If only we could return to the days where our journalist approached each scene like Joe Friday, “just the facts…just the facts!”