The Hunger Pains…of Mismanagement


(4 year old couldn’t find shoes)
4 Year Old: Daddy, where are my shoes?
My reply: I’m responsible for you, not your shoes! You have keep up with what I give you.

As I got into the car, I thought the shoes to be out finances/resources myself to be God and my child to be us.

I began to wonder how many times we have mismanaged, misplaced, squandered, given away, torn can’t find the match to what God has provided to cover is not just for that day but for weeks to come.

In truth, like children, we often find ourselves with our hands and heads up with put voices raised asking God “Where are my shoe?” We grow frustrated looking for them and other times don’t bother to search because we know our careless ways towards his provisions will render search unfruitful or laborious.

Are you careful cursing your resources? Some of us take care of them, but have them spread so thin that when its time to place them together, or departure is delayed. Are your working a plan and structuring your resources? Are they stored in a safe place? Are they being monitored? Have your restricted access to your resources? Where are your shoes?20140307-164806.jpg

I hear God saying to us, I have supplied all of your needs according toy riches in glory, but you are always short and in a tight because you are spending August provisions in May because you didn’t manage well in February.

We must get a handle I. Our resources. Though God had a cattle on a thousand hills, his process of the. Release of said resources are His and His alone. Though there are times when the rain s at our cry, there will be days where out voices are parched. Manage your resources tonnage the crying that your days of praise for what has been provided will not out number the cries from the days of your created lack from your poor management.