Disqualified Before the Start


“You Pharisees clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside you are full of greed and wickedness.  You foolish people!  Did not the one who made the outside make the inside also?” Luke 11:39-40

This encounter between the Pharisees and Jesus is powerful.  He finds himself reclining at the table of a Pharisees.   Via personal invitation, Jesus prepares to eat dinner with a local, no doubt to teach further about what was presented.  Though there to eat, the teaching began long before the meal was served.

The Pharisee, like many, watched Jesus closely.  He was measuring each action and word by the strict laws of the land, hoping to disqualify Jesus, and to dismiss His actions and purpose as not divine, and demonic in nature.  discouraged

Not that I am Jesus, cause I am not, but I have found myself in this position many times.  As a Youth Pastor, the teens were always measuring each action, word and deed, hoping to disqualify the message taught even before it went forth.

Is this you?  Are you the Pharisee? 
I wonder how many people are like this?
How many worshipers are like this?
How many people are watching to disqualify?

This watching is both good and bad.

It’s good in the sense that our actions and deeds should match the message that we preach.  We should all know this and be keenly aware of this while interacting with people.  This is a healthy action for most, that helps them to discern who they should trust and whom they can follow.

On the other hand, its bad.  It’s bad when the person is looking and analyzing the smallest of details to disqualify a person.  It’s bad when one uses one small action to over ride all the good and positive qualities and teachings of an individual.  It’s not that we should make room and accept the sin in ones life, rather that it is foolish to dismiss all truth because of one mistake.

This present age has taken on the character of the prince of the air, in that it has been raised to be an accuser generation.  As a Youth Pastor, I knew all of the teachings and moments spent with the teens could be tainted by one event (be it truth or a lie).  This means we must do our best to live out before man the truths of God, and also must be diligent in protecting our reputation in the community.  Though we can’t spend our days in defense, we must defend greatest by our commitment to righteousness.  It’s this commitment what will testify for us, causing others to fight for us, and our reputation and lifestyle to testify against any attack.

shockedThough the Pharisee had heard great things about Jesus, their concern was not to learn and confirm, but to disarm and disable the ministry that would pull people away from their structure that was making money and yielding them power.  Jesus, after teaching and healing, reclines at the table and finds himself disqualified for not washing his hands before he ate.  Because of this, it was thought that He was unsanitary and thus unclean.  Thus Jesus, knowing what disturbed them replied,

“You Pharisees clean the outside of the cup and dish,
but inside you are full of greed and wickedness.”

The Pharisee was measuring the righteousness of God in the way the measured their righteousness, and the righteousness of others.  They were not concerned about their soul, but were concerned about their public persona.  They left their homes each morning, and were meticulous about their outward presentation before other people.  This was done not to please the Father, but more to give them a platform to judge and condemn others.  They used this bit of obedience to elevate themselves above others, and not to elevate them in the sight of God.

People respected their commitment to God, and were impressed by their diligence to learn the law and master all of its tenets, but God was able to see the insides of the Pharisees.  He could see their heart, and thought the outside was impressive, He saw their thoughts, and knew their motives.   He knew they were not out to please the Father, but they were positioning themselves and leveraging their position to gain favor and wealth with Rome.

You foolish people! Did not the one who made the outside make the inside also?

Jesus continues, by pointing to the Father.  He says, the one that made the outside, made the inside also.  In other words, these things stem from the same source.  God is the maker and creator of all things.  It is not the washing of your hands or the blessing over your meal that sanctifies, but it is your acknowledgement of God as the provider and protector that is required and measured by God.confused person

Honestly, I have had food poison before, and been sick; and yes, I prayed over that meal, and thanked God for providing it.  I have had my blood pressure spike after eating things that are high in sodium, and yep, I asked God to bless the meal, and asked it to nourish my body.  Likewise, I have eaten without blessing my food, caught up in conversation, or just plain hungry, and have not bee poisoned by the food and gained strength and energy from consuming it.  I have also eaten meals without washing my hands, and eaten some after a good scrubbing and even using alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer, and found that they were not enough to protect me from unsanitary cooks, kitchens, in-properly stored food and the like.

I’m sure you too have found the same.  Jesus does not speak against us washing our hands, but lets us know that other factors are at work, and certain truths must be acknowledged.    God is the creator of all things.  It is how we handle things, and how we live that make them impure.

So how are you living?  Are you washing the outside and leaving the inside dirty.  The same piece of chicken properly prepared, must be properly stored or it will prove possibly fatal for the one that dines next.  In this, we must be aware that more than a blessing or hand-washing is needed to be considered clean before the Lord.




Vengeance is Mine! Judges 8:18


He said to Zebah and Zalmunna,
“Describe for me the men you killed
at Tabor.”  They said, “They were like you.
Each one looked like a king’s son.”
Judges 8:18

The two kings now stand before Gideon, humbled, broken and defeated.  They once chased he and his men, and now stand captured and powerless.  The have watched him persecute the Elders of Succoth, and tear down the tower and kill the men of Penuel.   Now they stand face to face with the man who’s life they sought to take, after watching him take out his anger and vengeance on a group that feared them we enough not to help them. shame on you

Gideon questioned them about the encounter that placed them on his list.  He asks them a question to confront them about their decision and their awareness of what they had done.  “Describe for me the men you killed at Tabor”, he said.  Tabor, a place at the foot of the mountain, housed the bodies of slain brothers of Gideon and the troop.  Zebah and Zalmunna led their two armies as one to take the lives of those who believed in God.

The importance of them describing the men to Gideon, was their acknowledgement that they were aware of the lives they had taken.  The significance is found in them verbalizing their choice to end these lives.  Much like Gideon, they had looked the men at Tabor in the eyes, and placed sword to action, spilling the blood of these men to further their cause.  They did this, not considering the families and communities that would suffer because of their loss.

shame on you1They looked at Gideon, they one who had their lives in his hand, and spoke “They were like you….”  They looked just like you, telling Gideon that they had taken the lives of people that bore his image.  What a disrespect this was.  Had Gideon been present at the foot of the mountain, Zebah and Zalmunna would have taken his life without a second thought.   This had to have fueled Gideon even more.  Pouring un-needed fuel on the fire of a man that was consumed in the moment by the pain.

They conclude their statement, “Each one looked like a king’s son” they continued.  This statement continue to pour fuel on the fire.  Zebah and Zalmunna say, “Each one looked like a kings son”The words “each one” informed Gideon that they both looked at each person and took consideration before taking each life.

shame2Furthermore, from the “each one”, the equated them to the likeness of “king’s son.”  It is as though they were acknowledging they considered the very potential and future of each soldier, and erased their potential.    A kings son is one that is valued in the community as one that carries the gene, future, image, substance of his predecessor.  He will continue the legacy of the father, protecting and expanding the kingdom into future generations.  As a child of God, he will make sure the image of God is replicated in those that are born and those they encounter.  They were people who were cared for, pillars of their community, bridges to future endeavors, and they looked each one in the eye and individually removed them from their communities.

In addition, they acknowledged that they were aware these were God’s people.  In all this, Gideons information was confirmed.  These people deserved the worst because of their willing participation of the destruction of God’s people.   Gideon would reach deep and avenge the death of each soldier, speaking loudly for each family that shed a tear, and making a statement for the God that they served as to his care for them.  The ground of Tabor contained the blood of the innocent, and now the town of Penuel will hold the blood of the guilty.

surprised--120What is interesting as I read the passage is that Gideon is going to take the lives of Zebah and Zalmunna for doing a similar act that he just performed.   He placed himself in the position as judge and jury, and sentences them to eternity.    Gideon took to heart what and Eye for an Eye meant.  He, like many of us are able to feel completely justified in our actions, while finding complete disgust for those who carry out the same actions we commit.  Gideon had slain innocent men in two cities because they refused to help him, and is punishing two men who fought nobly to expand their kingdoms (did I say nobly?).

Nobility is found in the cause.  I know, I know;  their cause was against the children of God!  There cause is still deemed noble because they were fighting for their own cause.  Much like our forefathers felt noble on the crusades, and locals felt noble bombing abortion clinics, modern day extremist and disillusioned participants perform their acts as righteous. 

Though we all have feelings about what is right and wrong, we approach said topics knowing that God is the judge.  Vengeance must belong to the Lord!  Only He is filled with mercy, grace and truth, while man lack the fortitude to remain without checks and balances. Mankind is not able to be fully unbiased in its effort to carry out judgement and justice.

Where are You? Genesis 3:9


Yesterday, we found ourselves searching Gods Word and then our hearts, asking ourselves questions In an effort to get closer in our relationship with God.

Our focus,
But the LORD God called to the man, “Where are you?”
He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”
And he said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?” Genesis 3:9-11

Here we find Adam literally waiting for judgment and punishment. Though instructed and warned, Adam allowed himself to be influenced by someone other than the one who created him and was shaping Him.  Sound familiar?garden

Adam, fresh from his mistake, attempted to hide from God. I can imagine him kneeling in the bushes, shielded by shrubs, leaning on the backside of a tree hid in an attempt to avoid or delay facing God. Gods voice calls out, “Adam, where are you?”


Thus we began our discussion with the question “Where are you?”

Where are you intellectually, emotionally, spiritually? Where are you on your journey towards being in the image of Christ? Is righteousness within your view? Are you eating from the right tree? Or gathering fruit from each available branch?worship-fast

Much like Adam, many of us have taken bites of fruit only to face the regrets of opening doors that should’ve remained shut. Though warned of the death it would bring, he chose to consume what seemed to be both edible and nutritious. Shamefully, so do we!

How many closed doors have you opened that should have remained closed? Now you sit as Adam, filled with regret, knowing that the day of reckoning will come. We looked at our worship time. A time to be set aside for God, and how many times we find ourselves in Gods presence, while He calls out to us. “Where are you?” God is saying. Your worship used to be so pure, so sincere! You used to hear my voice so clear! Now distortion! Static is in the line. We now exists on different frequencies, interrupted by other voices and conversations.

“Where are You?” God calls out.

Adam opened the door to the adversaries will for his life, and now His encounter with God has changed. Once knowing Him as creator and teacher, he experiences now fear, waiting to experience Him as Judge.lockeddoor

You do know He’s going to return, don’t you?

He’s approaching! And while we walk through the garden, aware of His return, distracted with items, we bare the knowledge that He will return.  He returned to the garden and upon hearing Him, Adam hid and was afraid. Adam braced himself for the reward of his disobedience. Not having the covenant of the blood of Christ, Adam would have to stand without a covenant, solely dependent on God’s love and mercy.

What is challenging about the question God asked was that he was required to do a personal assessment as to his standing. He was asked to look in the mirror and to be truthful with himself about his present state. No progress can be made in our relationship with God without

So, “Where are you?” Are you growing in intellectually, emotionally and spiritually?

Adam didn’t fair so well.  When confronted, he blamed it quickly on the woman God gave to him, and so do we.



The Kingdoms’ Electoral College


I find it interesting that the voice provided by social media has transformed our first culture and now our faith. A medium that could be used for good, has once again been used to divide and conquer our faith. Now Pastors and Parishioners are calling each other out; questioning a persons sincerity, calling and even salvation because of disagreements that should be settled in private and would take all of 30 minutes of discussion a hug and a handshake.

How did we get here? There have always been disagreements in the church and people have and will often find themselves offended at the actions of their brother or sister. Thus Paul advised in 1 Corinthians 6:6 If any of you has a dispute with another, do you dare to take it before the ungodly for judgment instead of before the Lord’s people? Why, public arguments just aren’t cute, neither are they beneficial to the faith.

Fast forward through the jargon!!!!

In the grand scheme of things, we have God’s Word to guide our lives by. It speaks truth to us, and gives us boundaries and correction. It gives us the rules by which He will abide, in that He holds to His Word and does not break His covenant! He decided what was sinful. It informs us that we all have a date set to stand before the throne, where we will be divided sheep and goat! Having stated this, none of us need to pronounce judgement on anyone.

electoralcollegesmallFurthermore, I pronounce myself as deserving of a spot among the goats. Yes, I deserve a spot! In sin, I am truly the Greatest of All Times! Yep; The GOAT! And because of this, I haven’t the time to make calls upon what I believe the results of another man or womans’ walk will be. I like Paul am just trying to keep from getting disqualified, and if I am going to use an example of a wretch or someone who is deserving of hell, it should be me!!!!
Paul didn’t spend his time roasting Peter nor did he waste time judging the Super Apostle! He didn’t even waste time speaking ill of those who persecuted him and rejected him. He stayed focused on the prize and stayed true to His call. He stood on truth as opposed to warring with those who refused to recognize it or even fought against him. He stood by this truth until even those who disagreed found themselves in agreement. And the recount of his time with Peter reminded us to confront our brothers face to face.

Now the title of this post 🙂 I am searching through the scriptures looking for God’s Electoral College. Though Revelations is interesting, I couldn’t put my hand on the list of Electoral College Members or even how to become one. Yet it seems that there are many Electoral College Members in the world, casting their votes for Sheep and condemning the goats! I created what I believe the ballot would look like. Vote-PNG-HD.pngI am assuming that Dez Bryant is a member, thus he keeps throwing up the “X” after every touch down. Maybe Malcolm X was one, hence the name change (I know he was Muslim). I just hope its not most of the people that have Facebook and Twitter accounts. If so, we are all doomed!

And if you have a vote, please tell us! You will never buy another meal or pay another bill as long as you live! You can live the good life!

Hmm, I wonder what happens if the Electoral College doesn’t agree with the Lord?


Life by The Bee (Flawless)


Tuesday, we continued the Life by The Bee Series. Last week, we looked at her song “Hold Up” which challenged each member in our Discipleship Group to reconsider the depth of Love God has for us. This week we looked further into the Lemonade Album of 2016 with “Flawless!”

beyonce16Flawless was a powerful song that captured a bold confidence from Beyonce. Her declaration in the chorus of “flawless” presented a bliss and level of satisfaction and peace far above the standard that many before her had been able to articulate or capture.

She listed her many acquisitions that support her claim, leading us to ask the question?

Are we flawless too?
What makes us flawless?
Is it tangible things?
Are our possessions our confidence?

Is flawless simply being satisfied, proud or having the best of something? It is taking care of the things you possess? Is it carefully selecting and purchasing or being gifted things that are beyond the financial reach of others?

We looked at Philippians 1:6 for our lesson:

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hatch begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Christ. Philippians 1:6

While Beyonce focused on outward beauty, God desires to develop an inner beauty. As discussed, one of the dangers of the song is that it encourages us to place much attention on things, displaying wealth, or meeting and or surpassing the worlds standard of beauty. We have long defined beauty by accessories and feature, as opposed to character and behavior. Jesus became our mark, and His Word stood as our instruction manual. Helping us to live life to the full on this earth, accomplishing things through Him whom is our strength.

One thing is for sure:


Growth Takes Time


Paul said as he looked upon his brothers and sisters. even after hearing about struggles and failures. Even having experienced them himself, he reaffirmed that he was confident in the ability of Christ to change them as he too had been changed. He realized that growth took time! Paul said, “…he (God) which hath begun…” The patience that God has shown with him, had taught him by modeling that we are all unfinished and imperfect. Upon saving us, God begins the work of cleaning us, determined to present us before God without spot or wrinkle.

Don’t Get Discouraged!

Facing failure and stumbling is not only humbling, but it can be debilitating! One can question their progress or even the start from a failure of a struggle, but Paul wrote as a big brother and boldly stated he is “confident!” Confident not in yourself, but confident in Him! He begun the work. It’s His job to complete, but our job to comply!

As exciting as it is to know that God will complete the work He begun, it was even more exciting to know, “….will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ!” Yes, Beyonce has one thing right! One day, we will all be able to say, “I woke up like this!”

You will Be Flawless!

Though we are the process of being made perfect, we live with the knowledge that perfection will only be achieved on the day of Christ. When He returns for us, we will be removed from these jars of clay and live in our new bodies with will be Flawless! We will live eternity with him, singing His praise, and standing beside Him in victory. Though perfection is close to some and far away for others, we must all be on the same plan of growth, becoming better disciples or soldiers in the army. We must continue to submit our will to Him, that we might be able to meet His approval and bring about His Kingdom on earth.


Joseph; Righteous above Right (Matthew 1:19)


 Because Joseph her husband was faithful to the law, and yet did not want to expose her to public disgrace, he had in mind to divorce her quietly.
Matthew 1:19

This just in; God knows what He is doing!  God chooses Joseph to be the husband of Mary.  She is picked out, as was the custom, and leaves her in her fathers home to prepare a place as well as to possibly carry out his dowry agreement.  While working in service or bringing the agreed dowry price, Joseph returns and finds that his bride to be is with child.  Knowing the law, Joseph knew what could be done about the situation, as well as what would happen to Mary because of her decision and actions.

Though she had made a mistake he thought, Joseph decided to deal with her in private, and not to destroy her.  Joseph knew that she would be stoned if she was exposed, so he sought a way to deal with her sin that didn’t end in death.  Isn’t this just like our heavenly Father?  He caught her, in what he believed to be sin, and as opposed to destroying her, sought a way to forgive and deal with her sin.

Bethlehem Christmas. Star in night sky above Mary and JosephI praise God that he is compassionate towards us, and though the laws deemed for her to be punished, he had in mind to show mercy towards her.  In my life time, I have been found in some circumstances that are wrong, but praise be to God that God sought not to give me what I had earned from my own actions.

Joseph was a man that had mercy as a part of his character.  From this, we can summarize that he was not just merciful, but that he administered grace to those he dealt with.  Even when wronged, Joseph was willing to move on without having the full measure of the law taken towards a person whom was found to be flawed or in error.  Thank God, that He is just in every way!  That He is filled with grace and mercy, and that He considers the person as he considers the offense.

I thank God that He sought not to expose each of my flaws, and protected my name for Kingdom usage.  Joseph could have exposed Mary, much like God could completely expose us.  Truth be told, the world knows only 15% of our story, and the rest is on the editing room floor of the sea of forgetfulness.  Yes, He chose the Right man, a Righteous man.  A Righteous man is not about exposing sin, but exposing the sinner to grace that they might be restored through love and forgiveness.  

Joseph knew the penalty associated publicly with the sin, but also new the wages of the act she committed.  Without loosing her life, she would pay dearly for her decision.  She would be tied to her fathers house, not desired by others and un-marriable because she has been tainted.  Often, we might believe that the avoiding of stoning is getting away with the act, but the righteous know, the wages of sin pay off in many ways.  Joseph was satisfied with allowing her decisions to impact her life as opposed to longing for the release of hurt through casting the first stone.    He chose the right one!  Many of us long for the release through releasing the stone that inflicts pain on the one that has harmed us, but not Joseph.    What about you?

How are you with people that break covenant with you?  Joseph faced one that was joined to him in covenant, and now had to address the dishonoring of the agreement made between the two.  How are you with covenant breakers?  Are you still filled with mercy?  Are you still guided by peace?  Are you still filled with forgiveness?  Are you still fortified with love?  Chances are, most would have had a few harsh words with Mary for breaking the covenant.  But not Joseph.   Joseph understood that the disgrace is not on the one who has covenant broken, but on the one that breaks the covenant.  Because we are focused on self, we always consider the effect on our person hood first, and the feeling associated with the breaking of covenant cause us to feel disgraced.  We must understand that the offense to us is minimal than that of the one who breaks the covenant.  Their breaking of covenant does not change who we are, but demonstrates the character and integrity of the one breaking the agreement.  Thus, Joseph was willing to walk away, name and integrity in tact, not desiring to build or protect his name at the destroying of one of God’s children.  What about you?

Are you the Righteous Man?



It’s Hard to Turn a Hoe into a Housewife (Hosea 1:2-3)


Sunday, I was blessed with the opportunity to share the Word at my home church, First Met; The Place Where You Belong!  The message given to me was a follow up to a prior message, in which I heard God calling the Church to pursue righteousness.  Hearing the echo in my own life, I was lead to read the story of Hosea, and was challenged to clean up some areas in my own like. The following message was birthed, “It’s Hard to Turn a Hoe into a Housewife!”

First, we must address the text properly.  The tendency is to immediately identify with Hosea by most  believers, but I felt it necessary to make sure that the hearers understood like I understood while reading the text!  I’m not the Prophet, I’m the Prostitute.  It was important for those in attendance to realize their prior state and even their current state.  God literally pulled  up, rolled down the window, and kidnapped us.  He pulled us from our pimp, punched our clock, and canceled our evening appointments!  God took the pipe from our hand, the bottle from our palm, the taste from our tongue, and the desire fro our heart all in one powerful demonstration of love, restoring value and purpose to that which was lost!  God removed us from the street life, and introduced us to home life, retrained our minds, providing instructions for living, and for prosperity, gave us a bank account, shielding us from check cashing places and pay day loans; introduced us to interest baring accounts, and savings accounts that we might structure our lives to be free from sins grasp!housewife

Knowing this, it was still hard to say aloud, “I’m the Hoe” so i just confessed “I’m a Bad Housewife!”. God has been working on me for years, and I still neglect household duties.  I get caught up watching the soaps, neglecting the kids, forgetting to do the washing.  I have money, but forget send payments through online pay, clothes all over the couch, dinner never ready, and I’m always tired when He wants a little intimacy!  I’m not ready to go when he arrives, still washing up, haven’t picked out my outfit, don’t have on make up, hair still undone!  I’m the one complaining after His hard day at work, doing all the talking and none of the listening, producing a list of chores to do, though my own are yet undone.  What type of housewife are you?  If you will be honest, “You might not confess to being a Hoe, but you make a Bad Housewife!”  Go ahead and confess it!

After ruining the surprise, Hosea became the secondary focus.  I imagined his shock, surprise and disappointment when God spoke to him about his first assignment.  The word “first” haunted me.  The idea that God prepared Him, and that Hosea sat patiently waiting for His assignment, and then God gives him the assignment of assignments.  He finds something important, but something that is detestable.  Here Hosea is a Prophet,God’s servant, who is only as good as the name he has, being told to unite himself in marriage to one of the Communities servants and wears a name of ill repute.

Hosea was glad to be used.  The Word says after the instructions God gave him, “So Hosea married Gomer…”  His answer to God was Yes!  I thought to myself, had this been me, there would be some missing dialogue missing.  Though I would have been obedient, it would not have been with the same immediate response Hosea had.  Many of us miss out on being used by God because we don’t like the assignment God has given us.  We dream of having upper level assignments, positions and titles, and dread the idea of starting at the bottom or in a position of lack.

Upon closer look, he just didn’t marry a prostitute, he married one still practicing prostitution.  It’s important to note that Gomer wasn’t going to change.  God told Hosea that she was going to cheat on him!  He was going to marry a woman who would still walk the streets, and meet the unwholesome desires of the community.  Hosea would have to walk through the community knowing that some of the men he encountered had experience what should be his precious place.  He was destined to share his gift with the world.  This is how we treat the Lord.  He is faithful to us.  He honors His covenant with us.  He works hard for us, protecting us and building us in to the people he desires, and yet, despite having all He gives, we give our love and passion off to the swines!

Worse, Hosea had to knowledge of knowing that she just would not cheat, but that she would conceive!  Hosea wedded Gomer know that she would cheat on him with other men, and has to wrap his mind around having a wife bearing children from other men.  How does one prepare to enter marriage covenant with one would would show no respect for the vows and or the relationship?

Though bothered, God showed me my actions and the actions of millions around the world.  The reality is that we are cheats!  We are continually stepping out on the Lord.  We have relationships with others, and hold others above our own Lord in value and in commitment.  We have hopped from bed to bed, having unprotected encounters with any and everyone, pleasing our flesh highest capacity of needs, only to run home to our husband and asked to be covered.  Many of us conceive in these encounters, and are quick to write God’s names on the Birth Certificate.  We are quick to say, look at what God has blessed me with.  Holding up our latest purchase and acquisition, attributing it to the Lord, and all the while, the Lord knows that the item was conceived outside of His plan for our life.  Then we depend on the Lord to support the devils child, complaining because he won’t offer the support needed to take care of what we have conceived with him. We abuse the kindness of the Lord, dragging our covenant through the muck and mire, depending on grace and mercy to suit our case.

The shame of it all is that Gomer now has a covering.  Without a father or husband to provide for her, one can understand how she ended up in her present set of circumstance.  But the inexcusable action is created once Hosea takes her to be his bride.  He pulls her in; in what should be a restoring, ends up being a continuation of the same.  How is it that we can continue in our hoeish behavior while we are married to the prefect husband? 

I thank God that He is long suffering.  As stated, I have yet to become a good Housewife!  He has not only proposed, but continues to honor His covenant day after day.  We even see Him repurchasing Gomer in Chapter 3, reminding us of the pure foolishness of the Cross!  God literally repurchased what already belonged to Him.  How crazy that the owner of the patent would have to purchase his or her own creation.

We have a choice!  We get to choose!  We can either become “Hosea’s wife” or we can continue to be “Gomer the Prostitute!”  What will you do?  My prayer is that you won’t continue.  Continuing is for those who are luke warm.  They make the name of the Lord an eye sore.  Many of us shame God before mankind, being known as “Hosea’s wife The Prostitute”.