Wrote this thinking about a son in ministry going through medical challenges:

I talked to God about you this morning.

I started to ask Him why His children experience hardship, but in frustration, I dropped the “p” and a used a “t”.

I’m not sure He was pleased, but I’m sure He understood.

Why we are allowed to encounter challenges?
And yes the scripture comes to mind.
I believe it,
But some of us love you and live for you,
Read of you
Depend on you,
Desire to be like you,
And point others to you!

Are we that hard headed, that we have to experience pain?

Are we that stubborn that we must face struggles?

Are we that unfaithful that we must feel hopeless?

It’s still quiet!

I guess I’m talking to myself?

Even amidst my thoughts,
I know He’s there and listening,
Compassionate and not just Concerned.

He is God!

And while we understand in part,
He understand in total.

I prayed that God would speak to you in a flow
Like you displayed (he was an excellent freestyle rapper).

I saw Him taking memories and holding them up one by one,
Just like you used to freestyle,
Displaying random things,
And sticking together verse after verse,


Creating a hook by accident,
Making verses out of nothing,
Adjusting His cadence to life’s beat,
While we sit eyes and ears open
Waiting for what’s next,
Knowing that the verse that had been spoken,
He’s not spitting off the dome,
But recounting pages of lines in one breath.

I breath in
And asked Him to not only fill your lungs,
But to fill you with the hope
And the faith that allowed you to pursue your passion to inspire others!

Love you!


I Can’t Stand the Pain


I Can’t Stand the Pain

You have been given an advantage.
In this world where people lack the ability to feel,
You are sensitive to the world around you,
Seeing it for what it is,
Aware of what it has become,
Knowledgeable of what it was to be,

Now, just one big confrontation,
of good and evil,
Of light and darkness,
Of pain and pleasure,
A distorted of reality,
A dissertation of fools,
Instructions leading to dead ends,

Yet many seek to numb its presence,
By sedating themselves with life’s medicine,
Poison rather,
Killing themselves slowly,
Taking Calgon like escapes from what exist,

Relaxing in a hot bath of sin,
Unaware that flesh living,
Is a death sentence,
With judgement at the end,
And the manifestations of the flesh on earth,

A punishment to all that reject the Spirit,
Ignoring Her voice,
As she bares witness to our existence,
A compass, pointing North,
As we wander South,
At best East or West,

Having directions,
But walking without them,
But not lacking,
Our hearts and minds pricked,
Adding value,
Allowing your very thoughts,
To be renewed,
Expressing to someone,
The sacrifice made for their benefit,
The original pay it forward,
Made long ago,
The sheet of paper,
Like the cross,
Bears the burden of our sins and worries,
Relieving us from the pain ,
Of carrying that which we are not suited to carry.
We truly are not camels,
Or pack mules,
Truth is,
It’s a long channel to swim across,
Our fears and desires are accompany us,
Making life like swimming across an ocean,
With a life jacket with weights attached to it.

That life jacket is Christ.
He will keep you afloat,
But if you don’t lighten the load,
Even the best life jacket will fail,
Not because it doesn’t work,
But because it was placed at a disadvantage.
By one who wouldn’t release that which was pulling them under.

#Spiritual Sunglasses

Give me Legs, or Give me Life……


Today, I had the pleasure of ministering at a Senior Complex. It was a simple message (Matthew 28:20) encouraging the residents and ensuring them that the Lord was with them. Though I was there to minister, a resident ministered to me.  There was a gentleman, 72, who had both of his legs amputated. He shared with me his story and confirmed the message that was shared.  He shared 2 nuggets with me:

1. He said when he was on the operating table, having his legs removed to stop the spread of Gangrene, he saw standing beside the doctor an angel of the Lord.  He said he was overcome with peace because he knew that things would go well and that he would make it through.  He was encouraged by the presence of the Lord because it confirmed that the Lord was confirming His Word to “Keep Him.”  I thought about how my grannies and grandpa’s would speak that same language.  We throw things away these days as they loose value and effectiveness and are quick to replace and cast aside, but our forefathers knew what it was to “Keep” something, thus their understanding of “Keep” far surpasses our understanding.   Lord, give us this same understanding so that we can appreciate things, life and you all the more!!!!
2.  He said that he considered the importance of his legs in his life, but knew that as long as he had God with him, he could function without his legs.   His faith was active before the surgery, during the surgery and after the surgery.  His faith enabled him to see past the hardship, and to see himself continuing to prosper in a different circumstance.  He learned how to walk once, and through God, he would be able to walk again.  The power of God is evident in His ability to adapt us, not just to “Keep” us.  We don’t just have to be content in a situation!  As long as God is with us, we can excel in a situation.
3.  He said that he watched a man slightly after him die from Gangrene because he could not see his life without his legs, despite his attempt to share with him.  He said he watched a man perish holding on to his legs which were facilitating his death!   This man mistakenly equated life with legs.  His declaration, give me legs, or give me death!  I wondered how many of us are facilitating our death by holding on to the very thing that is killing us?  He realized that even in having his legs removed, God was adding, and renovating his body to face the next phase of his journey.He said the truth is that he misses his legs, but he was right in that he knew that life was possible without the things that once gave him a sense of comfort and normalcy!

Why Am I Fighting You?


Ezekiel 7:14 They have blown the trumpet, even to make all ready; but none goeth to the battle: for my wrath [is] upon all the multitude thereof. Ezekiel 7:19 They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumbling block of their iniquity.

 When we rebel against the will and commandments of God, we find ourselves involved in combat with the divine. Combat you say.  Going against Gods will for our lives and the commandments He has put in place, we are involved in ourselves in a war with Him.  Upon reading this text, I asked myself, “Why am I fighting You?”  In all of our pasts, we have seen God’s victories, both on paper and in person. We have born witness to the many last place finishers in the ring. We have watched in amazement as we have seen the fall from grace of the willing combatants that have dared to spare with you, become disillusioned, and then step into the ring with you.  We have seen the medics attending to them, watched the referee counting them out, watched them shake in fiend-like conditions, watched them walk the streets in search for the next conquest, finding themselves on a bed sick with a disease, seen them hauled off to jail merchandise still in the bag, watched the marriage fall apart from the lovers they have had, watched their prosperity divided in half.  We have seen the results of those who fight against your law and will, but yet I ask myself “Why am I fighting You?”

Picture from Google Images

Picture from Google Images

We know that you have not lost a battle. We know that you are all powerful.  We know that you are the conqueror.  We know that vengeance is yours. We know that you have all resources and that wisdom comes from you.  We know all of this, and yet we have to ask ourselves, “Why are we fighting You?”

Is it somehow that we are still believe somehow that the fruit from the trees that we sample are better for us than the fruit that you provide?  Is it that we feel like we are missing out on the adventure or some lesson or wisdom that comes along with the experience?  Is it that we still have doubt as to whether righteousness is truly the way?  The truth is that foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, and we are your children, thus, from time to time, foolishness floats to the surface, and the rod of correction must beat it out of us.  Painful as it is, its just reality. Even us grown folks experience our own rod, and honestly, its very much deserved. All the things that we have and cherish are yours.  All the things we have acquired are yours. All the things we have been given are yours.  Please forgive us.  All the training that we have is useless against you.  All the money we have is useless against you.  All the degrees we have acquired are useless against you.  All the friends we have in our corner are useless against you.

Truly the blessings of the Lord bringeth no sorrow, but if we loose sight of the one that has provided the blessings, they can bring wrath.  I desire not your wrath.  I need not experience your hand against me.  I need not see your face turned from me.  I need you, and more of you than I already have.  You are the one resource that I can never get enough of.  “Why ye fightest Thee?” the old writers might have blogged.  I’m really not sure.  I guess we are all glutens for punishment.

Posted 9/8/07


Have You Crucified Christ ?


Hebrews 6:6 if they fall away, to be renewed again unto repentance, seeing they crucify to themselves, the Son of God afresh, and put Him to an open shame.images (3)

Have you crucified Christ?  It has occurred to me that many public displays are taking affect each days.  One of the most noted ones is the PDA (public display of affection).  Although this one is most discussed and tends to stick out greatly, there are other displays that occur on a daily basis.  One is the PDD (public display of disobedience).  This occurs when a believer hears the Word of God, and decides to be disobedient to the Word they have received.  These displays can go un-spotted, because of the private revelation received by the person by God.  I asked myself how many displays I see like this on a daily basis, even at times in my own life?  These are tough to recognize, but the believer knows when they are having a PDD moment.

Second is the PDR (public display of rejection).  This occurs when a believer makes a decision to not walk the path of the straight and narrow.  In this predicament, there is normally a crowd or gallery present that is aware of the believers’ stance and faith.  These are more obvious then the PDDs.

Then there is the PDC (public display of crucifixion).  This occurs when a person is serving two masters openly in the public.  In this situation, it normally involves someone that is a pillar or strong representative of the faith, falling from grace in a series or an incident that is far from pure and distant from holy.  These cases are the most obvious, because of the length of the encounter, and the boldness of the one carrying out the sin.  These, just like the crucifixion of Christ, serve as long standing humiliation ceremonies, issued by the devil, trapping one of Gods children in sin.  What one might notice is that these PD’s occur in a pattern.  First one starts off as disobedient, then they become rebellious, and then the have a crucifixion.

What stage are you in?  Are you publicly being disobedient and ruining the faith of others (even though they should not be putting their faith in man)?  Are you speaking verbally or showing outward displays of rebellion against the faith that you speak of?  Are you embarrassing the Christ in public all over again?  Crucifying Him, and making mockery of His death!  We have all fallen short.

We have all carried out one of the other.  Let’s make is our goal to cut out these public displays, knowing that we are the Christ that the unbeliever is seeing, and that the immature believer is watching and patterning themselves after.  We must continue to strive towards righteousness for His name sake. Let’s stop the PDCs today!!!!

Public Crucifixions?   Original posting 9/18/07